March 30, 2020
Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) – Strathcom Media

Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) – Strathcom Media

Stuart: “Even with the growth of online marketing
and online sales, there is still somewhat of a reluctance in the automotive industry
to get on board and take advantage of this incredibly
cost effective marketing medium. I often find myself saying “I don’t know why that is?”,
but I do know why it is. It’s fear of the unknown, and it’s
metathesiophobia. Interestingly however, we’re not changing anything. Sales is sales, whichever
way you slice it. We still need to create, and cultivate a relationship
in order to sell a product or service, and that’s the same with any industry. Including
hospitality, and in retail where you’re selling shoes, clothes,
cellphones, and of course, cars. And there are not very many variables within
the automotive industry. It doesnt matter whether you’re selling affordable, economical
vehicles, or a not so affordable, not so economical vehicle.”
[pause] [music]
“Wow.” [pause]
“So what I’m really getting at, is that the principles of the automotive sale have not
changed at all, but the tools that we have to implement those principles and those
processes have changed quite dramatically. More importantly, consumers have changed how
they buy cars. When I travel around Canada, I often ask car guys and girls if
they agree that consumers have changed how they buy cars; and the answer is unanimous
that the buying process has completely changed. However, when I pose the question, “have you
changed how you sell cars?” The answer is quite different; and that doesn’t really add
up. The first step is to admit that you might
need some help.” Male 1: “Uh, hi. I’m Dougie McQuade, and um,
I have..I have limited knowledge of Adwords.” [applause]
Male 2: “I’m Jimmy Quan, a sales manager, and I spend all my budget on print ads.”
[applause] Stuart: “During TOAST, todays’ online automotive
sales technique, I’ll get straight into how to improve your online presence, improving
your website, and cultivating you e-mail leads. It really isn’t
rocket science, you’re not reinventing the wheel, but if we unanimously agree that people
buy cars differently, then why are we not selling them differently?
[pause] [music]

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