April 4, 2020
Tissue Culture Teak Plants-Suitable Weather and Procedure(A Profitable Business)

Tissue Culture Teak Plants-Suitable Weather and Procedure(A Profitable Business)

My Self Sharanayya Swami Welcome to kisan varthe While Growing Crops we
think about favourablr land,soil and required
climatic conditions Nowadays Farmers are cultivating forest plants The climatic condition of
karnataka and India is whether suitable for growth
of forest plants or not About this technical
information is given by the managing director
of Mother Agri Biotech Her thoughts and views are presented by kisanvarthe by these vedio Myself lakshmimadhvi. I am the managing director of Mother Agri Biotech. We have tissue culture unit near golratti of Bangalore. We are the world’s exclusive tissue culture teak
producers. What is your education, madam? I did MBA and post graduate in diploma in management. My husband is scientist. Madam, there are many opportunities in MBA. But why did you selected the field of agriculture? From initial days I was in the field of administration. To expand our own products and to commercialise it I
joined the hands of my husband. Now iam working in the field of administration and
monitoring. There are many species but why did you selected teak? To tell this I want to tell you the story of 25 years back. My Father-in-law was forest Range officer. He was looking Eucalyptus plants. My Father-in-law told
to my husband that it is not possible to do
tissue culture in teak. So he decided to do tissue culture in teak. After doing research in teak he came to know many positive points about teak. It has maximum carbon secretion. Teak production in tissue culture helps in enchacement of Indian economy. Teak is very good commercial crop. After 8 years we can cut the wood of it. If you keep on growing then there would be gradual
increase in income. If farmers cultivate 10-20
teak plants then it help to stabilise their
economic conditions. Then at the time of their
children marriage and education there would be no need of
getting loans from bank. It is like fixed deposits to farmers. Today there are lots of suicide attempts from farmers. There is no support to farmers. By growing teak it would be like ready cash in their
hands. Because of its lot many benefits we are promoting teak. How many farmers are your customers? We have customers from almost 23+ states. Even we are exporting teak. The prince and princess from Uganda are also visited our
tissue culture unit. We are not having any agents and marketing mediators. We will give support to our customers. How to maintain plants while growing?
And what should be it’s height and
girth at specific times? So all customers come by reference. How is the environmental conditions in Karnataka is
favour to grow teak? Teak is a tropical deciduous plant. In Asian countries like
India, Burma, Indonesia, phillipines and Afghanistan
teak can be grow naturally. Indian soils are naturally suitable for the growth of teak
plants. If there is water logging in land then we should not grow teak there. In calcium deposited land also we can guide them to grow teak plants. We can grow teak in any kind of soil of Indian climatic conditions. In Karnataka there is a great diversity of coastal and dry land area. In Karnataka which climate is more suitable for growing teak? There is different in diversity yet there are only 9 agro climatic conditions. For these 9 agro climatic conditions we have specific and suitable teak plants. The clone which is suitable for your land is suggested by us. So it would be helpful. How can we manage water?
Because Karnataka is second largest driest
land after Rajasthan. Teak palnt is not water demander. Teak is more dependent on light and temperature. It want more light and humid conditions for growth. Initially during the first month we need more water. After 2nd month we can give water once in 2 days. After a year we can give water once in 12 days. So teak is not a water demanding plant. What should be the gap between plants, madam? Teak is light and temperature demanding plant. Minimum 10 feet difference should be there between palnts. Per acre we can plant 440 plants. Or else by planting 12 by 12 feet distance we can get 308 plants. Minimum distance is 10 feet. In borders if we are planting then 5-6 feet distance is
enough. What are the crops can be grown as inter crops with
teak? We can grow fruits, vegetables and
flowers. Any seasonal crops can be grown with teak. So that farmers can get income rotationally. Only water logging plants like paddy should not be grown with teak. Upto how many years we can grow inter crops? We can grow throughout the period. Initially we can grow light
demanding plants followed by semi shaded plants for
a period of 1-2 years. After some years we can grow shady plants. Like this farmers can cultivate different crops. Which time is more suited for planting teak? Teak is a tropical deciduous and timber yielding palnts. So teak is not seasonal. So there is no rule for growing teak at specific time. These are plantable at any seasons. Farmers can plant during any time of 365 days. But in time of November-febraury if you planted teak then there would be less growth. Because at that time there will be more development of root then shoot. But usually public thinks that teak should be planted only in rainy season. But it is not correct. Teak is not water demanding. Teak requires more light,
temperature and humidity. Hence teak will grow more during
summer season then any other season. It is not a seasonal plant. It can be survive at any time of 365 days. So farmers can grow teak plants when they are having good facilities. Subscribe to our Channel

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  3. Thank u so much mam for your full information and we should be proud to say its doing in India only and also say thanks to sir who found tissue culture in teak.

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