April 2, 2020
Tips for Running Your Blog on Your Ecommerce Site – Episode 7

Tips for Running Your Blog on Your Ecommerce Site – Episode 7

Hey guys, Nikki Purvy here the founder of Lidyr Creative and your host of the ecommerce success show and we filming episode 7. Yay episode 7. And I have to sit far away for all you podcast listeners, and im sure, or all you podcast listeners, I’m sure you guys know that I also record this as a show web series for Youtube but I’m sitting far away from the camera because I have a strapless dress on and if I didn’t sit far away it would look like I was naked and that’s really really creep, and I’m not about the creep life so um you guys can see my dress and know that I’m not naked recording this in our offices in Fishtown in Philadelphia. So episode 7 and today we are going to talk about tips for running your blog on your ecommerce site. We’re gonna talk about Google’s big announcement. A new twitter feature to help you predict sales. How awesome is that? And what small effortless thing you can do to get the most shares on your post. Just one small thing you can do to get the most shares on your post.
So, first thing were gonna talk about is this whole tips for running your blog on your ecommerce site. First tip you need to run a blog on your ecommerce site is you first need to understand why you’re maintaining a blog. So many people come into our offices and when we suggest they run a blog to boost their business and to help with SEO, they, they’re, they just completely clueless. So the first thing you need to understand – why. We all know in order for people to buy from you, they have to know, like, and trust you. So if you guys have never heard that, commit that to memory. Know, like, and trust. Know, like, and trust. The first thing is they need to know you. if you’re running a blog and you’re producing really great valuable content, other people wanna share it, so that gets people, more people to know you. So if you wrote a great article and Sally shares and she shares with her followers, there’s a good chance that someone who’s never heard of you can click on that link and read that article. And guess what they’ll learn about the other products that you sell as well. Like. How does your blog get to get people to like you? You can use your blog as a way to showcase your brands personality. What do i mean by that? Of course, every company has a brand or every company should have a defined brand customer profile. What is your, what is your brands voice. This way you can specifically express whatever that brands voice is. and guess what, it should be likable. now if you decide that you want to go with a negative tone, guess what its a negative tone and i don’t go that route but there are actually some brands that run on a negative tone and people like that. People actually like it so it’s a great way to get people to like you just make sure whatever your voice is, it’s a likable voice. The next thing is, it’s a great way to get people to trust you. This is probably the most important; this is gonna close the sale. Get people to trust you. It establishes you as an authority in your industry. Once you have a blog and you can write words and words and posts upon posts about that topic people know trust you. They say, oh this person actually knows that they’re talking about. This company actually knows what they’re talking about. So i wanna trust them with my money. The next tip for running a blog on your ecommerce site is to be sure to blog regularly and recently. So if you have no no which i do strongly suggest you run a blog, but if you have no intention on blogging regularly. I’m gonna say at least once a month. At least no less than that. Which that which it’s still too infrequent for me but at least once a month preferable once a week. If you can do two to three times that is amazing great. If you can do every day you are an amazing amazing company. But at least once a month the good warm soft spot is about once a week. What does that say, that says that relays to the customer that is on the fence. of course they’re gonna go to your site and they’re gonna want to learn about you. If they see that the last time you have blogged is 2014, that kinda says that you’re maybe a little irresponsible, maybe you’re not as attentive to the business and they’re already on the fence, so this does not work in your favor. Now, they may not even read a word on your blog except for the last date of the post that you had. That can close the sale for you. Oh, these people are serious because maintaining a blog is a commitment. It’s like being in a relationship. You have to have to nurture it. So when someone sees that your responsible about maintaining your blog, they’re gonna trust you and that can even close the sale for you. next tip is to mix it up. Mixing company news with reorgs, if you’re doing some reorganizations, making some new announcements, new hires, with informational or educational posts. Such as a top 10 whatever. Top 10 if your selling red chairs, top 10 best chairs of all time. Uh, the top 10 best iconic pictures with a chair in it of all time. how to wear an item, if you have a fashion or if you sell clothes or accessories or shoes or whatever. how to wear a wedge shoe. I’m only saying that because I have a wedge shoe on today. How to wear a wedge shoe, cause you can’t wear a wedge shoe with everything. Mix it up, with informational posts and company news. Don’t just keep it with company news, mix it up so that you’re kinda hitting on all sorts of people that will be coming to your blog. I say that 80% though even if you’re mixing it up, 80% of your posts should be 1500-2000 words. So based on the previous statement the only blog post that can really be 1500-2000 words is a how to or educational or informational. Something that establishes you as an authority in your industry. Someone made an announcement in your industry make a commentary on it. Whatever, but 1500-2000 words, why? because remember in the last episode when I said that we learned that Google’s ranking websites that have more wordy or content on it, higher than sites that dont. They want informational blog posts or they want, they prefer sites that are more informational. So 1500-2000 words seems like the soft spot. And I’m going to circle back and talk about this later about how if your posts are 1500 words or more, it will receive more tweets and more likes than posts under 1500 words. 1500 words seems like its a lot, but after you get to be more comfortable with it, its not that much. Another thing you can do is, I would, you have to very very very careful about doing this, but you can always outsource, uh to companies like Lidyr Creative, um outsource your blog post writing. and i say you have to be comfortable is because you have to very much so trust the company because you’re trusting the company with your word you can’t just outsource it to your cousin who knows nothing about your industry. So you wanna make sure you outsource it who’s knowledgeable or has the capacity to become knowledgeable about your industry. the next tip is, blog posts don’t have to be about your particular item or service that you are selling. Um, it can, it should definitely be about something related though. So let’s say for instance, you run a, you have a accessories website. You don’t, your blog posts dont always have to be about accessories. It can be about new fall trends, clothing. You know that the people that are wearing your accessories, they’re also gonna be shopping for clothing. So, be sure that its related and it’s about something else that the customers will buy or something else that your customer will – your ideal customer will care about. So if you’re selling accessories, let’s keep it to that. Um, jewelry, necklaces or whatever, let’s keep it to that customer. You don’t want to start talking about – I don’t know – real estate. That, that makes no sense. But, create a customer profile in your mind and know exactly what does she like what else does she like outside of your product and you can write about that thing. And the other thing about it is it’s easy to tie in some information about your product. You don’t want to sound to salesy but it’s easy to tie in information about your product. So we can stick with the example of top trends clothing wise, and then you can list top 5 trends. Go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. and on your last one you can say this is my favorite trend. it is my favorite trend because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and plus because it looks really good with our style accessories that we sell. So you can always do that, you don’t have to do that but be sure to keep it related. The last tip for running your blog on your ecommerce site is always add call to action at the end and all throughout your posts. If it calls for it. Reminding people how you can help even further to solve their problem. Add your call to actions at the end. So, let’s stick with this example about writing about clothes, be sure to say at the end that these are some great tips but if you’re looking to accessorize these looks be sure to click here. Click the link back to your site – link it back to your shop page on your website. So it’s all about at the end of the day selling your product but you don’t want to seem to spammy. But it’s what you’re here for, you’re here to sell right?
So hopefully those tips helps you out, and I think it’s some really really good information in there. So let’s move onto the next topic.
News. Ecommerce news. Twitter on Tuesday announced a search api that will give business users instant and complete access to every historical public tweet about a subject of interest. Twitter is going to give people the ability – or they are – giving people the ability to search all tweets since it launched in 2006 about a topic, or any subjects. So one it can search all the way back to 2006, you can specify a date range down to the minute – down to the minute. So this is great because I guess they were thinking when things actually happened like um, tv shows or if someone’s watching a war show, or someone did something crazy, someone went up on stage and interrupted another person on their accepted speech. If you wanted to research what people were tweeting just before and then what they were tweeting about right after, you can always do that. Get it down to the minute, so you can even figure out at what minute that xyz happened. Um, how does this help you? It helps you because you can monitor for changes and perceptions regarding a variety of metrics and looking for – looking back historically in time those past efforts and results. So if you’re trying to figure out if there’s a trend, that you see on social media about if you’re making buying decisions about your product or service or whatever. I don’t know why I’m only sticking to fashion today. But if you see that bell bottoms are back – bell bottoms are coming back and you’re not sure you wanna buy bell bottoms, you can check and see how much people tweeted about bell bottoms a month ago vs how much they tweeted about them now. And that will help you to make your buying decisions. Um, it will also help you monitor perception about your brand, so if you have a really large brand, you can see, you can search over time and see what people were saying about you. or if you wanna – if you see a company that your trying to mimic, and words associated with that brand. you can see how people’s perceptions changed over time and see and correlate that with what they did and so you can mimic if they’re on the upper trend. you can mimic what they did vs people’s perception and say okay this is what happened, this is what people were saying and I’m going to try it and do it exactly that this brand did. Um, and then you can monitor trends, I already said that. It’s in my notes – so i said it again. And to see this and to get access to this, um just go to lidyr.com/twitterapi. so we just forwarded a URL there so it’s really easy because a URL is really super long. So lidyr.com/twitterapi. The next bit of news we are going to talk about is Google just announced that it is splitting itself into several different companies under one master brand called Alphabet.
Unless you’ve been under a rock, and some of you have because your so focused on your business and you’re not looking at the news – and it’s okay that’s why im here to tell you all about the news. But Google split itself up into – up into well Google formed a parent company and then Google itself is going to be under this parent company called Alphabet. Um, so let me refer to my notes. Google CEO Larry Page wants to focus more on ambitious products. Why are they doing this. Because Google Larry Google CEO Larry Paige wants to focus more on ambitious products. But, um they have lots of business in case you didn’t know , they have search, they have search that you know Google for, they have ask, they have Android phone, they have an investment fund, they have life sciences, they have a company that fights aging, they have uh calico company that researches diabetes, diabetes monitoring contact lens, they have something called fiber which is fast internet. They have all of these brands. And they need to spin them off so they can operate independently. Um, it helps – its – Google CEO Larry Paige says it’s going to help them become more innovated and take more risk. So each of these individual companies under Alphabet is going to have its own CEO. and this is good because they’ll be able to operate like smaller companies and again like he said they’re be able to take more risks and when you operate like a smaller company it reduces red tape and bureaucracy. So that’s always a good thing and as im doing this research I realize were a small company and how blessed we are to be a small company and were all in earshot of each other. It makes things run a lot more efficiently so I couldn’t imagine trying to get something done and Google is there an innovative company from day 1. So to .. innovation that may come from someone thats not at the top level or come from one of these brands because theres so much red tape it just goes against completely what their principles were. So if you want to learn more about them and read the letter that Larry Paige posted on Googles blog, um, you dont actually have to go on Googles blog, you can go to Alphabets page, domain name and I think it’s a really cool domain name – it’s called abc.xyz How cool is that? You gotta love them, and you also gotta hate them – they run the world. They are the most powerful company they run your life.
So let’s move into the top digital media post from our twitter account at Lidyr Creative. The top digital media post – digital media tip post on our social on our Instagram account of the day. So we have digital media tip of the day, so these are the top ones. Theres some really good stuff in here. Orange, red, green, and blue call to action buttons are most effective for boosting conversion rates. I typically make call to action buttons on our clients websites green but these primary colors red, orange isnt a primary color but red, blue and green they help. People’s minds go right to them. If a post – the next tip is if a post is more than 1500 words it will receive more tweets and more likes than posts under 1500 words. I mentioned that already. So get to writing you guys. Don’t just throw up a couple words, you’re wasting your time. Take some time, either hire someone, hire us, email that info to lidyr.com. Or you can hire someone, sit them down, teach them about your company or you can give that responsibility to someone else in your company to write some posts and 1500 words or more.
The last tip is the most shared post has a number in the title. The one small thing you can do to change your post. To Change the virality – how viral your post goes is to add a number to the title. So if i had to make this podcast episode, type it all out – take my notes and type it all out and put it into a blog post, i would say – I would say the 5 top tips on running your blog on your ecommerce site. Because I gave you guys 5 tips. 5 tips. I would actually take it a step further cause I know this to be true odd numbers in post titles and get even more shares. I would just write two more tips because I had trouble dwindling it down. I could probably write about this topic all day. So I would – the top 7 tips for running your blog on your ecommerce site. Now how much more interesting does that sound? Vs. tips for running your blog on your ecommerce site. So, that’s a great great tip and that concludes episode 7. Im so proud of us, 7 for our ecommerce success show, and it is Friday night, my good good good good girlfriend Markita, it’s her birthday today and were about to go celebrate and I gotta hurry this and export this and upload it because I’m going to be late and I’m always getting on her about being late. So Thats okay, because I love you guys and I want you guys to have the most success as possible. Hopefully these tips help you and if you are looking for ecommerce web design be sure to email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you – give you a quote. and Hopefully bring you on to the Lidyr team. Bye guys, have a great weekend!

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