March 30, 2020
Tips for Ecommerce SEO in 2018 to Get More Traffic to an Online Store (Part-1)

Tips for Ecommerce SEO in 2018 to Get More Traffic to an Online Store (Part-1)

want to get more traffic to your
e-commerce site in this video we will share with you some of the most
important ecommerce SEO tips that will help you in achieving just that the most
critical factor is the page load time slow websites have a higher bounce rate
and they do not rank on top of search engines Google will replace them with
faster loading websites if your website takes a lot of time to load it also
means Google will take longer to crawl your website this means all your content
may not get indexed which ends up hurting your SEO even more but most
importantly it also impacts your conversions polishin one of the most
popular e-commerce platforms suggest that load times for a website should be
less than three seconds on a desktop and 1.5 seconds on a mobile just to drive
home the point we want to share with you what research says according to rate
we’re around 18 percent off shoppers abandon their cards if the page loads
too slowly google says that half a second delay
results in 20% less traffic to your website find roy says that reducing your
page load time by 100 milliseconds can increase your sales by one percent these
are very very significant numbers and so you should really be paying attention to
your page load time so you might ask what are the things one can do to
decrease page load time there are a number of things which can be done
without going into much detail we will give you a quick overview of the top
five tips for fixing the load time on your ecommerce site first off the
smaller your files the faster they will load there is a concept called gzip
compression so you zip your files to reduce their
size and once the size is reduced they load quicker second there is another
similar concept called minify you basically reduce the size of your CSS
and JavaScript files so again when you are downloading them it will take less
time to download and they will render faster on the browser third in an
e-commerce site you have thousands of product images you want to keep the
resolution high so that they can look good but there is a downside to it
because it impacts your performance in terms of download speeds so you have to
optimize images to the optimal size for e-commerce for many large e-commerce
stores have as many as 50,000 or 100,000 products in their database that’s a huge
database and the larger it becomes the more it degrades the performance of the
server so it is very important that you choose a service that has been designed
to host ecommerce stores we believe that not many people realize that you can get
hosting services tailored to your ecommerce platform so if you are using
Magento there are service providers who optimize their servers just for Magento
you can see significant performance improvement in load times by opting for
something like that fifth here we’ve tested the page load time for a site
with Google’s free PageSpeed tool this site scored 71 out of 100 ideally you
score should be above 80 to 85 this tool gives you a list of issues that you need
to fix and the solutions for fixing them so right after this video you should
check your score fix all the issues and check your score again if your score is
above 80 on the Google PageSpeed you’re good to go there’s another tool GT
metrics which gives more details on page speeds and we personally really like
using it once again the most important thing that
you should do for your ecommerce site in 2017 is to minimize page load times now
on to mobile searches and responsive websites we all know how important
mobile searches are not only are people searching on their mobile phones but
they are also actively transacting it goes without saying that in 2017 your
e-commerce website has to be mobile responsive you could get your desktop
site to render on the mobile and call it responsive but that isn’t good enough
you really need to optimize your mobile design so that the mobile traffic
converts into sales so study the conversion path in Google Analytics to
see where mobile users drop off and then hire the best UI UX designer you can
afford to fix any issues that might be affecting mobile conversions next we
talk about schema so back in late 2014 Google came up with a hummingbird update
this update meant that Google changed its search algorithm to look at the
context of the search and not just the search terms schema is basically a
markup language or a tagging system with which you can tag you content this
tagging helps Google understand what your content is about by giving it
context and therefore it can make a better match between the search terms
that the user is searching for and the content on your website on an e-commerce
website you can use schema markup to define products the offers you have
running on your products and even user reviews this snippet shows how you can
use schema to define the name of the product its price and availability with
this information Google can understand what the product is about and this gives
your product a better chance of showing up in organic search results in this
video we’ve shared three of the top six tips foreca merce SEO for the next three
watch part two of this video so if you have any questions then do let
us know in the comments down below also if you found this video useful then do
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more such videos in the future thanks for watching this video Ecommerce Seo | How To Get Insane Traffic To Your Online Store | Top Factors And Tips To Succeed.

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  1. Ecommerce SEO is becoming more and more important and challenging with the coming of digitalization in India. well, overall video was informative and helpful still quality and presentation could be more better.

  2. So Much Informative. I can give this type of On Page & also Off Page SEO Service. You can visit there for see my service description.

  3. E-commerce is difficult to rank let alone get traffic and sales from but thanks for explaining these tips really informative video.

  4. Amazing information that I can confirm is 100% accurate. From start to finish, this video pretty much explains all you really need to know about SEO..Thanks

  5. Good one. But the emphasis in any eCommerce has to be on the content. Mostly when the product descriptions in most online stores are too thin with just 2-3 sentences. Multiple pages with 95% similar content meant the page is probably stretched thin, and it also signals Google that those pages are less worthy.

    Sadly, these content cannibalization has some potentially disastrous consequences for the SEO.

    Many people suffering from content cannibalization aren’t even aware that anything’s wrong. Here is a case study I found interesting that can throw more light on how content can improve your eCommerce SEO efforts:

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