April 2, 2020
Tim Barcz: Business Process | Rick Bodey: Category Page SEO | Matt Mitchell: Repeat Customers

Tim Barcz: Business Process | Rick Bodey: Category Page SEO | Matt Mitchell: Repeat Customers

… they think of and what can they learn
from you guys? Yeah, I’ll start. Umm, so, for us the channel winners have been
sort of excitingly direct mail and paid search and some of those are contextual
because for our businesses I would say more process-oriented
the first thing we do when we acquire companies spend a lot of time with them
in terms of how are they thinking about their business and a lot of times the
companies are so entrenched in their processes they’ve lost sight of the
customer and so we’ll go back and start talking about what is your customer
wanted and oftentimes that very quickly turns into you actually carrying
different sets of products or expansion of lines and when when we end up doing
is actually going back we’ve mailed some folks you can put data in front of our
own people where we’ll show that a customer acquisition is going down and
how do you best when these folks back and for us we were able to put a catalog
in front of some folks and then engage in some paid search and for us our
business is based on a lot of repeat customers again there’s not a huge
audience in the tattoo world rhythm dog grooming and veterinarian space there’s
you know it’s out of time so it’s all built on repeat business for us and so
that’s what we would will invest more heavily what i’d love it convert
somebody on a five-cent click or a $0.50 I’m sure but we’ll spend the final ten
dollars to send you a sample or a catalog so you can try our product
because it wouldn’t get you I know how much you’re going to spend in the first
12 months and over your life I have to get far up ways you know so we’re not
trying to do a one and done which a lot of places are you’re not both either of
these guys up here there’s a lot of companies out there they’re just going
to try to achieve that you’re gonna buy achieve that at Christmas and then
you’re done you know that’s not a big very small people you’re not you’re not
buying cheap that’s all the times you got to get them what they got them so
we’re all on tree people ISM so we try to stay away from some of the giving key
stuff and build people relationships although chia pet as a service that is a
good new ideas like Netflix we’re gonna do
Barrabas one of the things that are working the
best for us is Google organic category pages so I always would be amazed when I
was in the digital agency they want to rank for you know whatever they want to
rank for whether it be Dallas recruiting or anything like that I said okay where
does that say that on your website so category recorders ukuleles recorders
acoustic guitars you name it but those categories those root keywords nobody
goes after them because they’re hard but if you on-site optimize if you do all
the right things those pay off huge that’s where categories are really
coming in and then AdWords Google AdWords has the highest roas return on
adspend per channel Google organic has the highest are alive but you know just
targeting your competitors terms you know talk to figuring out what they’re
doing and trying to pick the low-hanging fruit
pay off very very quickly because they’ve been buying the last five years
and you’re just entering the space so you can cherry-pick the best ones that
they’ve been running the longest time because if they’re spending money on it
there’s a reason they didn’t spend money on it and if you can compete with
something of similar value then yeah you’re in the game yeah so for us it’s
it’s very similar what these guys have said Google organic anything you can do
from an SEO standpoint to get free traffic at Rick’s point it’s not free to
work at it but you have to pay a dollar to bring in there once it’s there so
we’ve built a lot when Rick saying recorders have frosted scratches traps
and moving blankets and a bunch of stuff that you may or may not be use it’s not
the sexy stuff in the world but mid sells it makes money for us so it’s
google of PPC we put the company on PPC to drive traffic
summers we built a brand around where you pee customers you get those guys to
come back obviously the acquisition costs all the
things we’ve talked about here expensive and a castle a lot to fly our customers
so anything we can do to try the VP customer and create that first sale
we’re doing it starts with PPC and a reason why the email marketing to get
them back and create repeat customers we’ve got one person that’s probably
half of her role driving a ton of revenue through email just staying
relevant keep staying top of mind and making sure that when the rate and have
a need they come back to us what’s an example just one quick email marketing
like this campaign worked topic you know obviously in some it’s like the birthday
email right you know the offer code for that and your industry what is the one
thing that you know consistently has driven backward over repeat customers
people because everyone here doesn’t email marketing sure for us it’s been
focused on automation we do some Sebastian blasts stuff it’s more of a
blog post content type stuff to stay relevant that value in a different way
but automations from you know abandoned car or browse abandonment we’ve got a
tool called mentor circle where it’s using predictive algorithms to say hey
you’ve bought this every couple of months plus a couple times you’re about
ready to make a purchase it close place an email in front of you you’re about
ready to make the decision make sure you come back to us again so we’ve been
testing that stuff there’s pros and cons to it it’s an expensive tool but that
technology is only getting better and that’s the future of email marketing
automation win back series cart abandonment and then recommended
products similar to what you said I mean it’s just a moneymaker every time just
minding that database and it’s easier to keep a customer than acquire new one so
you want to do everything you can to provide promotions figure out that
lifetime value and play the long game and really model it out yeah and
marketing automation has a big play of that we’re on the automation bandwagon
as well but they guess to put some meat on the bone we can
laughs when we look at that sort of the pie chart of some of our customers and
what they buy under wallets wallets here is kind of thing we pay attention to
where we think customers should be buying so if you’re buying if you’re
buying a printer to buying paper you know and if you’re buying paper you need
a pen so because we sort of look for gaps in sort of the in the I guess the
Basques if you are though even over a couple purchases and what people are
buying and so will target people that have not purchased in one category but
are purchasing in a complementary category so then eventually if we can
win them over and sometimes that’s educational you know they don’t like our
products or maybe they don’t know enough about it
sometimes it’s promotional if you just hook them then the buy from us but over
time is that we beat customer and so we don’t do a lot of abandoned cart type
programs but they feel like that’s a little bit shorter they work don’t get
me wrong but we don’t want to train our customers that if you leave the site and
then there’s gonna be a coupon coming in a few minutes later I think a lot of
people here just buy the knobs of getting probably go to the site but
something with a carton might block away for day just to see what happens maybe
you get an extra ten twenty percent off if you haven’t you amount to try that but for us we try to play a little bit
of like you know wallet sure how do we get you to spend more and obviously we
might buy certain products more than others but innovate and we just get you
to spend more if you’re buying go to the grocery store you’re buying milk and
meat why are you buying milk at one place and maybe you’ve got a favorite
for the meat just because apparently heard it’s great
well maybe we can convince you that our meats just as good and we get more of
your grocery money or whatever it’s just more wallet share so again that login
ultimately trying to get as much as we can from you
we can’t provide a lot of frequency in customers because you know they use what
they use but if I can get them to buy more categories from us we’re better off

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