April 8, 2020
TikTok Marketing | Is TikTok An Important Platform For Your Business | B2C/Ecommerce Marketing

TikTok Marketing | Is TikTok An Important Platform For Your Business | B2C/Ecommerce Marketing

But is it on the question of is it an
important platform for businesses and here’s what I want and I’ll include the
question right here it depends on the business is nature and targeted
demographic and the the general direction that I talk about this
question is it is an important lottery for businesses what it depends is your
business b2c whereas your business b2b and then before you actually start doing
that equation you need to start the demographic on the platform in the first
place understanding the demographic means that
you’re linking it is and we know for a fact that the majority of the usual base
one ticked-off is within the age range of 16 to 24 so then that’s generation Z Gen Z basically means that these 16 to
24 year-olds right they could be a very birth demographic for e-commerce
businesses and actually rather article recently about how Chinese companies are
making millions from like conversion revenues friendly commerce products
which Western companies are doing at the moment so that means that it’s an
important platform but it’s a platform specifically for b2c e-commerce
businesses because there’s major upside potential and the odd platform at the
given moment is restricted to Southeast Asian countries and Indian countries
Indian countries India as a country as a whole but actually managed to get beta
access by registering as an Indian company it looks exactly like a facebook
advertising nothing too special there to answer the question is it important yes
it’s important for b2c is important for b2b I don’t really
think so I think LinkedIn is still the most dominant platform out there for b2b
– b2b marketing as well because everybody out there is like a c-level
top level executive so it’s really easy to get the message out to the right
people is it oversaturated at the moment yes so
I’m trying to stand out but most dominant platform of the bracelet is
limited now the other question

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