November 19, 2019
This Woman Turns Ski Poles Into Toilet Plungers | My Shopify Business Story

This Woman Turns Ski Poles Into Toilet Plungers | My Shopify Business Story

Three years ago in the scenic mountains
of Canmore, Alberta, just an hour outside of Calgary, one woman made a decision
that changed her life forever. Mom, dad, I’m moving home to start a
plunger company. I’m Kelly I’m the owner and
founder of Big Dump Plungers, and I put the poo in “entrepooneur”. So a couple summers ago I had a ton of weddings and I didn’t know what to
get my friends for a wedding gift. I thought well wedding gifts
are supposed to be household items right? So why not give them a
toilet plunger and then I thought well they’re all skiers, why can’t I combine a
ski pole and a toilet plunger? So I made them all ski pole plungers and I said
congratulations on taking the plunge. Boom, Big Dumps was born. My heart lies in recycling because I see the problem. So at Big Dump Plungers the whole goal
is to save things from the dump. So Big Dump, saving things from the dump. So what I do is I go to
golf courses, ski hills, hockey arenas, and I recognize that there
is a surplus of discarded equipment that nobody is doing anything with. I just call him up I’m like, “hey you got the stuff?” And so I get everything donated to
me and then we upcycle it into plungers. When I started the business I started
the business with a $150. I had absolutely nothing so I got
really really creative with my marketing. What I did is that I went out
and I bought a wagon and a toilet. And I pulled it around and I took it out to the most beautiful locations in my backyard and I did #PoopWithAView and I get so
many so many great looks. My goal is to have everyone change
how they look at a recycled item. It is ridiculous, it’s outrageous, but they’re gag gifts for people. They make people laugh and at the end of the
day to me, if I can make people laugh then I think I’m doing really well. Oh my God I just fell through the toilet.

63 thoughts on “This Woman Turns Ski Poles Into Toilet Plungers | My Shopify Business Story

  1. You're using the wrong type of plunger for a toilet. The one you are using is for flat surfaces such as a sink. Fail.

  2. Low cost component plus free handles, gag gifts with a great margin, plenty of humour and savvy marketing.
    This girl is onto a winner.

  3. OK, I admire your passion about recycling…but who would give their friend a toilet plunger for a wedding gift?…

  4. So if i’m hearing this right they want me to “Badazal” a tool which only purpose is to pull clogged shit dookie and other waste products out of my toilet….

    Hell no!!!

  5. Beautiful scenery Alberta is awesome definitely the best part of Canada save Alberta vote conservative from the lower 48 we support you… make Canada great again!

  6. This story is exactly why a fool and their money are easily parted. Smdh.
    What a load of total Bullshit!

  7. Ignorance in motion. Only fat people who don't know how to 'courtesy flush' ever NEED to use a plunger.

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