November 19, 2019
This Project Runway Winner is Changing the Plus Size Fashion Game | My Shopify Business Story

This Project Runway Winner is Changing the Plus Size Fashion Game | My Shopify Business Story

I remember looking through magazines and
just fantasizing about how it would feel to be able to wear fun clothing. Being a plus-size woman you don’t
really get looked at for being fashionable. My grandmother taught me how to sew when
I was seven years old and little by little she would teach me more and more
things and it wasn’t until I got into high school where I was really
experimenting with my fashion. I was in my last year of college, I went up to my
professor and I asked them if I could create a plus-size collection. Then
they’re like it’s gonna be harder but I believe that you can do it and that led
me to presenting my collection for the first time in New York City, a full
figured Fashion Week. I was meeting this plus-sized community for the first time I was showing them my work for the first time. My collection was inspired by
clothing that I wanted to wear that I wanted to see other plus-sized women wear. It’s like a self-expression through your clothing and what you want to present to the world
and this story that you want to tell. I received an email to
apply for Project Runway two days after my grandmother had passed away. I didn’t really know how to take the
email, reading how amazing this opportunity would be I felt like it was
so far away and so I kind of was at this cross zone of you know losing my
grandmother, not knowing if I want to continue designing because at that
moment I felt like I lost everything you know the one person who, who mattered the
most to me was no longer here and I felt like why not go on this reality show and
just put everything every everything that I have to offer and just see what happens. Ashley congratulations you are the
winner of Project Runway Season 14. And once she announced it, I felt this weight
off of my shoulders like I finally did it. I finally did what I said I was gonna do. I want to continue this business on and also see this plus-sized community
grow and finally have women feel confident in themselves because I know
what it feels like to wake up every morning not happy. It’s okay to be who you are,
it’s okay to be different and to really allow yourself to live and
express yourself however that feels right to you.

100 thoughts on “This Project Runway Winner is Changing the Plus Size Fashion Game | My Shopify Business Story

  1. Why are these pink, purple, blue pastel hair colours so popular?. Its UGLY!!!!!, Are people blind? How long do we have to look at THESE EYESORES?? LOL….My dad was right, if someone jumps off a bridge, many will follow. Yikes

  2. Nice! Obese people have pride too and want to be fashionable! I’m glad you are happy about who you are.
    Although, I hope it isn’t your intention to remain in that condition as it is very very very unhealthy. One of the biggest killers and catalysts of cancers, heart disease, etc, on earth.
    Thus, obese ‘representation’/glamorization pushes are a concerning.

    Naturally curvy does not equal obese.

  3. It's lovely but I have one question, actually it's very relevant.
    Where plus size ends and obesity starts??
    To me, full figure is someone who is genetically a bit thicker but not overweight as such.
    I am a good example, I've never been very thin in my life although I always did sports, exercised etc.
    I am watching what I am eating but I am naturally unable to maintain a skinny/very thin figure.
    In my opinion there is a big difference between a person like myself and someone who is overweight and unhealthy or obese.
    It seems that unfortunately these different body types are taken as the same and they've been put in the same category.
    I think that anyone who is as young as you are should be working on losing the excess weight and trying to feel good about themselves that way.
    It's a shame to be overweight or obese in your twenties when your metabolism is so fast.
    If you look like this now, what will you be like when you are over 40, given birth to a child or two????
    Trust me I know what I am talking about, I am near 40 now, battling with a few extra pounds but I am not giving up and I won't give up. It's still up to me whether I will be fat and let myself go or do everything to try and maintain a healthy weight.

  4. You mean fashion for fat people. Stop promoting fatness these people are killing themselves! Stop promoting obesity it's not healthy! You lefties are insane to the point where you are killing people with your promotion of being over weight it's bonkers!!! . Go on a strict diet you will feel better!

  5. When people tell you to lose weight it’s not because they’re being mean, it’s because they don’t want you to die at fucking 40. Drop promoting this shit.

  6. She's lost a lot of weight and is looking very beautiful. Keep moving toward the direction of your dreams sweetheart.

  7. Big fat feminists no one will ever love you or put a dick in you, so I hope you like cats because get ready to live alone but don’t worry we will give the cat a nice loving family something that you will never have

  8. Stop promoting being unhealthy and driving up the cost of health care because your too lazy to improve yourself.

  9. This is what SJW feminist logic does
    It takes things that are factually bad for you and says
    Oh yes but let’s just pretend it’s not because my feelings say so ! 🤦‍♂️

  10. Bears are type 2 diabetic before they have their hibernation, the reason moast men are not attracted to overweight girls is because their is no food shortages in the west ,evolution dose not discriminate , the reson men want skinny girls is because its a sign of good health, personally i like some chunck .

  11. Why tf do people say plus size instead of fat or obese, calling them plus size doesn’t make it seem as bad to be obese, being obese is not something you should be proud of

  12. Who cares if the people in this video are overweight? I see a sweet, lovely person who is doing what she loves, and also filling a need. Everyone should have access to clothing that is stylish and makes them feel good. Unfortunately, we've become a land of savages and barbarians.

  13. Good luk! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  14. What is up with these comments!? Why is everyone so focused on weight, my goodness! She's beautiful and talented. So what she's overweight! Not everyone can be a size 0.
    It's good to be healthy, but some ppl do have genetic disorders like hypothyroidism or other things that make it hard to lose weight. When I feel beautiful on the outside it gives me confidence to want to be more healthy. So making styles for plus size helps ppl.
    Please stop being rude. Every person who struggles with their weight is aware of it.
    Tearing down ppl is NOT gonna make anyone change.
    When ppl have hope they can change then it's more likely they will. But in the process we can still feel beautiful like other sizes too.

  15. Really cant believe there are SO many asshole comments. Some people really have nothing better to do that be mean.

  16. We should not be promoting this! Off course I do not condone fat shaming, however, promoting unhealthy bodies is a terrible idea!

  17. As a former fat person, fat people are the most pathetic people on the planet. It literally boils down to “my tummy says I’m full, but this food is just sooo gud”. You wanna know the secret to losing those 70 pounds? Eat nothing but raw carrots and cucumbers and you will lose it easily. That’s how I lost all of my weight. People automatically have this aversion to a statement like that, that all you have to do is eat incredibly low calorie foods, because it’s the cold hard truth. Losing a ton of weight isn’t some complicated game. I may just be a weird case, but starvation worked for me. I haven’t gained any of the weight back after three years, and while yes, I did lose muscle mass I gained it all back relatively quickly. I now sit at a healthy weight and roll my eyes whenever I hear someone go on some crazy fad diet that will get them no where. Eating raw vegetables pretty much cleaned my pallete when it came to cravings making it easy to make healthy dietary choices after my weight loss. Fuck the diet industry and fuck people who think it’s okay to be fat.

  18. We are all created in God's image. Why are we mean to others. Why slandering her. You can still talk without calling her names. Where is the love????

  19. I’m happy to see someone following their dreams! Even with all the negativity out there, she is living to the fullest.

  20. Being fat isn’t something to be proud of. Stop trying to normalise it, it’s gross.


    A fat person who’s going to the gym to make a change.

  21. My question is why even leave a comment if you don't like what she is doing.. YouTube is a voluntary thing… She is living her life… I don't think she will ever be concerned with half of the comments on here….I applaud her for being a boss in her own life…

  22. "I remember… Fantasising about being able to wear fun clothes" don't set your limits too big you might not be able to reach them

  23. This is the worst comment section I have ever seen and I get people’s point of view but the way you guys are saying it is just rude I bet most of this people are skinny so they can’t sympathize or have fast digestive systems so they can eat without gaining weight so even though they look skinny they are unhealthy and they would be overweight if it wasn’t for being born with fast digestive systems

  24. every person who's posted a cruel(/clueless as to how biology actually works) comment, post a picture of yourself taken in the last week.

  25. Why the fuck are we promoting being unhealthy like it doesn't help anyone to becoming healthy, it's in fact very unhelpful to the obesity crisis going on

  26. Stupid fat ugly bitch lose some fucking weight instead of making some stupid ass plus size costumes that encourage fat bitches such as yourself that it’s ok to be morbidly obese

  27. No matter how many shower curtains and bed sheets you cut up you will never be beautiful.
    Fat isn't beautiful.
    Fat isn't healthy.
    You can keep lying to yourself, or get better.
    Healthy is happy.

  28. the only reason this young lady is getting bad comments is the factors everybody's jealous because she's done something with her life to win that TV show proved that she had a good eye for fashion not because of what the size she was but because the judges believed in her fashion designs so all those negative comments a jealous because they couldn't do it

  29. Great job! Keep pushing towards your goal no matter what gets in your way. Just bc some ppl suck and give up easily on their goals and turn into hateful sacks of flesh that walk the earth shitting on others doesn't mean that you cannot have your dreams come true and your day in the sun. It takes big heart and humility to get past others hatred but beyond it is your goal and besides, haters don't care about you so why would you worry yourself with their opinions. All the best to those without prejudice, judge not others lest you be judged yourself!!!

  30. Why is it only fat women who want to delude society into thinking that their obesity is not a negative, or even something to celebrate? You never hear this crap from fat men.

  31. Don't support this. It's okay to be a little chubby, but you don't wanna get too overweight. Supporting obesity is just as bad as supporting anorexia and other eating disorders! Being fat caused early death, bad health, and a lot of other medical problems. Even if you are fat and don't have any problems now, you will. And it's not attractive. At all. Unless you have a fat girl fetish, it's not. Take it from a petite girl. It's fabulous to be pretty. To be fit, to exercise everyday and eat healthy… It feels great. To look in the mirror and see how good you look. At a size 3 to 4 in jeans… It's so nice. To feel as beautiful as I am.

  32. THICC

    Edit i commented left to take out the trash and came back to watch the rest i didn't realize y'all were in san Diego you be careful down there

  33. A lot of people saying we shouldn’t
    “promote” obesity…no shit but being hateful and shaming obese people isn’t the answer either. And why does the subject of overweight women always trigger certain (really insecure) men 🤔

  34. People say you're deleting comments.this is my opinion.:I'm fat,you're fat,accept we are just fat;clothes:healthy people wear clothes;fat people wear clothes;and oof their

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