November 19, 2019
This Man Quit His Job in Finance to Make Dolls | My Shopify Business Story

This Man Quit His Job in Finance to Make Dolls | My Shopify Business Story

What I like about the dolls it makes children think that they should be courageous
and adventurous like the dolls. When it came to
designing Lottie, we decided that we would listen to
the children and not the adults. The kids’ voice was actually
more important than retailers, or even parents. I’m Ian Harkin
and I’m CEO of Lottie Dolls. Retailers actually
were telling us we needed to be
the same height as all of the other fashion
dolls that were on the market. Kids were telling us they wanted
them a little bit smaller, because it was easier
to play with. And what I like
about the Lottie Dolls, is about the clothes
and how they fit on them. Lottie has
the average dimensions of a 9 year old child. We use the same doll body for
both our boy and girl dolls. By making that decision,
it allowed us to address a lot of the different gender
issues that were being raised. The limitations that were
being put on girls, but also on boys. A lot of the other dolls
are sculpted for high heels and Lottie, we got her weight
dimensions right, so that she can actually
physically stand on her own two feet –
it’s an empowerment statement. At school, my favourite subject
was art. But once I left school,
I decided I would take
a career in finance. I ended up in London. And after about 15 years, I made a complete career change. I’d always wanted
to develop something that I felt
very passionate about. At that point,
I sold my home. And I invested all of
the proceeds into this business. The opportunity came about to
build that business in London. Or try and make a difference and
bring it back home to Donegal. Having developed a doll company,
it’s one of those things that, you know, being a male, you wonder do people
perceive it. But I don’t really care
to be quite honest. If you really want
to build something, you have to be innovative
and you have to take that risk. You can’t go and do
what everybody else does. You have to make
that decision yourself.

43 thoughts on “This Man Quit His Job in Finance to Make Dolls | My Shopify Business Story

  1. Pretty cool but you should realize kids don’t play with dolls anymore …

    edit: my two little sisters have a room full of their abandoned toys that they never use nor miss. They spend their free time playing Roblox, Minecraft, and watching YouTube like almost all other kids. That’s what I mean by “kids don’t play with dolls anymore” so it’s not a good idea to start a product with a small audience.

  2. Wow this is……stolen a girl was doing this YEARS ago and you can have them ACTUALLY look like you and they have many skin tones and hair types. So this is just a stolen idea rather that’s intentional or not.

  3. Ok so u make a doll with pink hair but u don’t make Asian dolls or anything and you only have two shades (white and brown) but not any other shades…

  4. im 52 and had very unhappy childhood but i still love my dolls😁 my favourites are kewpie and cabbage patch.😊

  5. These dolls appeal mostly to these ghastly "woke" parents who will buy them for their kids along with story books about kids with two mommies while all the while their kids dream of Barbies.

  6. Maybe these dolls will help kids spend more time playing with real toys instead of spending 99.9% of their time on their devices. I know I want one. They’re so cute!

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