April 3, 2020
This Is Why You Don’t Have a Mentor

This Is Why You Don’t Have a Mentor

(intense orchestra music) (fast paced energetic music) – Yes. – [Audience Member] A question for you. It’s actually close to what
you started with today. – Yes. – [Dan] Was it helpful? – [Audience members] Yes.
– [Dan] Yes? – So when looking for a mentor– – [Dan] Yes. – Let’s say we take
you out of the picture. – [Dan] Yeah. – All right, how do you know if they’re in this just to be a
guru and sell you shit or if they’re actually
are able to help you? – Mm, you don’t. You don’t. It’s like how do you know let’s say, any single people in the room? Okay, a couple people. Now how do you know when you go on a date that that’s gonna be the one? You just don’t know but you
would find out pretty quickly. You would find out pretty quickly. You look at their stuff,
you connect with them. Are they being helpful? Are they actually helping you, right? And you can see well you
know, yeah, it is helpful then you know you can
continue the relationship. The good thing about
this type of relationship versus a marriage, it doesn’t
work you can stop any time. You can stop calling them, you can stop asking them questions. So I think it’s not being
afraid just to ask and say, like just today it’s interesting. Today I just finished an interview with a gentleman called Dale for my podcast, just before I came here and he is a very successful zero entrepreneur, company doing about 50,
60 million dollars a year, raised about a hundred
million dollars, and at the end of the interview I said hey, you know, Dale can
I ask you some stuff? Can I hire you? Can you be my mentor? He said, “Well, you
know, Dan I’m quite busy but if you need help, yeah
sure I’ll be your mentor.” I just asked. I said I’m more than happy to pay you. I pay my mentors. Don’t feel like it’s not so much that your mentor doesn’t need your money. You understand that. But paying them it’s some skin in the game and they know you’re serious. It’s just like I have probably now, 12, a dozen entrepreneurs. They pay me a thousand bucks a month for an hour of my time every month. A thousand bucks an hour, you know. I don’t need the fucking money. But if they pay the one thousand bucks, I know that they are serious and that they’re gonna
implement what I teach them. That’s fine, that’s totally fine. So I do that a little bit
in my spare time but that’s what I mean, don’t be afraid
to invest in your mentor. I buy my mentor gifts. It’s like my mentor, Dan Pena, 70th birthday I sent him a nice gift. How can you expect your mentor
to invest in the relationship when you don’t even spend the time and effort in the relationship. It makes no sense. You want them to help you. You want them to help you grow. You want them to help you succeed. But what have you done for them? What have you shown? Nothing. They don’t need anything from you. And I’m always very humble, very grateful. All my mentors, I always thank them. I appreciate what they have done because it is because of what
they have helped me to do. So that’s what I would
say, don’t be afraid. You will know. But all you can do is ask and do it, yeah. Just like Dale, I was offering Dale, I said Dale I’m more than
happy to pay you this and that and he said, “Yeah, sure.” He doesn’t need my money. I said whatever you want. How much per hour or whatever
arrangement you need. I just say I’ll be happy to pay for that because he’s doing
something that I want to do. He’s playing a bigger game. I’m in the tens of millions,
he’s the hundreds of millions. I want to play that game. We think alike, we share the same, if you listen to the interview you feel like it’s coming from me. That’s how much we’re alike. I said this is a guy I wanna learn from. Okay? So we’ll wrap it up, thank you very much. – [Man] Thank you. – Yeah, I’ll stick around
if you have any questions. (audience applauds) – [Man] Ten times your finances. Ten times your business. Ten times your marketing. Ten times your life. Hit the subscribe button now. (crashing music)

20 thoughts on “This Is Why You Don’t Have a Mentor

  1. Jack welch said don't stick to one mentor, rather take different elements from different successful people and amalgamate them into your game.

  2. This has become my favorite YouTube Channel. Hardly do I go to bed before listening to this great man, thanks Dan Lok

  3. So, I will take the advice and I will ask: Is there a way to have you as my mentor Mr. Dan Lok? I can't pay you high enough right now but I will dedicate 100% my soul at this and I'm willing to do anything..

  4. Dan you have no idea how much you have helped my business grow. Your materials are too rich. God bless. Regards Damola

  5. I am holiday everyday so I need mentor that opposite with me
    I only afraid that they be mad one,I ever have teacher she change character talk louder and take a deep breath frequently but she ok

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