April 4, 2020
This is how we know what works in advertising today – what makes great advertising – J.R. Fisher

This is how we know what works in advertising today – what makes great advertising – J.R. Fisher

this is how we know what works and
advertising today and you tried to figure out what kind of ads to run or
worse yet where to run your ads well in this video I’m gonna pull back the
curtains I’m gonna give you the secrets so that you can get great results and
know exactly where to advertise and how to advertise one line and we’re starting
right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher welcome to my
channel I’ve been selling online since like 2009
I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products both digital and physical I
actually have my branded products on thousands of websites including Walmart
so that’s not bad and what I do with this channel actually is I share that
information with you I want to help you out
I take all this information that we get on a daily basis from selling online I
put it into these videos and then all you got to do is watch them and you can
get good results too now have you tried to figure out this advertising thing
it’s kind of complicated do me a favor put your comments below let me know what
you’ve tried as far as advertising what platforms did you try what type of ads
did you try what kind of results did you get if you have questions about
advertising put those in the comments below
now I also got a gift to you gift you a course it’s a free course one of you
commerce but it’s worth 100 bucks 97 at least okay all you’ve got to do is click
in the description below I put a link there for you it’s click and learn no
credit card required check it out now let’s figure out the platform’s you
should be advertising on and how you should be advertising now advertising is
really pretty simple here’s the formula earn more than you spend what’s it show
you in the video now know there’s probably more to it than that
right of course there’s more to it than that the traditional way to advertise or
build or newspaper or Yellow Pages they have
yellow pages anymore I mean no but if they had them that’s how people
advertise they put it in there for the entire world to see okay now their world
may be their city or their state but bottom line is there was no targeting
you can’t figure out if your ads are any good by advertising that way now we have
the internet and we can figure it out we know what works and what doesn’t work
and the ones that work we put more money by alright let’s look at the different
forms of advertising the first one is paid search advertising so this is how
this works you actually pick certain keywords that people may be searching
for and when they search for these keywords your ad will appear up at the
top of the results the search results or on the sidebar and that way you get your
company in front of the people who are searching for exactly what you have
number two is paid social advertising now paid social advertising is similar
to advertising on Google for paid search but it’s on social media so paid social
may be on LinkedIn it may be on Facebook it could be on YouTube it could be on
Twitter it could be on snapchat all these different things and what you end
up doing is targeting people the same way but it shows up on their feed all
those feeds are a little bit different in every platform operates a little bit
different so before you go and spend money on these things make sure you
understand the platform but that’s number two number three is native
advertising now this this is a little bit confusing to some people because you
don’t really control where your hat is I’m
you do but you don’t really these are like publishers like BuzzFeed or the
dodo or something like that and they produce content then what happens is
your content will end up on those web sites so native advertising could have
like 20 different web sites that are kind of categorized the same way and you
pay to have your ads show up on all of these different web sites and all these
different spots so you’re not really picking exactly that website but you are
doing what’s called native advertising and it should match up to your ads these
don’t match up as well as other ones however the cost for these is a little
bit lower doesn’t cost you as much and a lot of these you can do on a
pay-per-click type of situation number four is pre and mid roll advertising
what do we mean by pre and mid roll advertising we’re talking about YouTube
here YouTube and there’s other there’s other video sites I’m not going to say
they’re not and you can’t you can certainly advertise on these other sites
but we’re going to stick with YouTube YouTube is the big behemoth okay so
you’ve got Google is the number one search engine and YouTube is the number
two search engine people go there for this reason as a matter of fact at this
point more people get their viewing content from YouTube than they do actual
television now and that’s that’s pretty scary if you’re I guess a television
executive but bottom line is people are going there and at this point they’re
kind of expecting ads so YouTube has got very smart about this though you can
turn off your ads on YouTube if you pay them the fee if you pay this fee then
you don’t have to see ads now what’s interesting about that is that way they
can make on every single video because you’re
either paying not to watch it or you’re getting the video for free and they’re
getting payment from people who are paying to put their ads on the videos
okay so either way YouTube wins but the pre one is this gonna be a small ad
you’ve seen this when you log into YouTube is gonna play a short ad and
then if you’re watching a longer video and YouTube will actually put up to four
videos at this time on a ten minute video but if you’re watching a longer
one it may play for two or three minutes and then it’s gonna show you an ad maybe
a ten second one or twenty second one and the interesting thing about these
ads are you can have skippable and non skippable the non skippable ones you
know you got to watch the ad you have no choice those generally come in the
beginning of your video and you just gotta watch it it’ll say you know your
video will start after this ad the ones that are mid roll in the middle usually
you’ll have to watch maybe five seconds of it and then you can click the little
button and it’ll say skip ad and the cool thing about that is they don’t
charge the advertiser if you do that so those are great ads to do to number five
display advertising now display advertising kind of got a bad rap in the
past two decades and it’s really the advertisers fault they were doing a lot
of misleading ads people would click through they were really obtrusive I
don’t know if you remember all the popups that used to come up with your
screen that happened a lot but they’ve cleaned it up a lot and display
advertising is not so bad now a matter of fact Google Display Network is one of
the best ones out there you can certainly check that out but you may
want to check out Google Display Network and there’s some other display networks
out there that are pretty darn good too so don’t write off display advertising
just because it had a bad reputation in the past with the Google Display Network
you can actually do some pretty nice ads at this point they’re very visually
appealing and they can to as many as 2 million different
websites at this point you also can check out Facebook audience Network the
Facebook audience network works pretty much like the Google advertising network
they have a bunch of sites and social networks and that type of thing that
your ad can appear in and that can also bring you new eyes on your company and
help you build your list now doing ads don’t forget it helps you build your
brand too it’s not just about sales remember in the beginning of this video
I told you somebody had been looking at my videos for two years before they
spent $1000 on one of my courses so the whole time that you’re getting your
picture out there you’re getting your logo out there you’re getting your
content out there you’re building this goodwill you’re building this trust and
it may not pay off today or tomorrow but it does pay off if you’re giving people
what they want so don’t forget that you are building a brand people are getting
content and in the long run it’s gonna help you sell more products now if you
got some value out of this video do me a favor
thumbs up and comment below write down their comment do that for me just
something you know probably white did but I didn’t like it but I’m working on
this you know and whatever it is put some comment below I would really super
appreciate it if you did that if you have questions feel free to ask me if
you’ve tried some of these advertising areas please let me know let me know
what work for you what didn’t work if you share that information you can help
other people out I know you want to do that now don’t forget if you haven’t
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and I’ll see you in the next one

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