April 4, 2020


So what is SEO and how does it work
exactly? Do you ever sit in your office and overhear sentences like, “oh hey, Jim, can we check this your report for last month and see how we did? or maybe it’s
more like a “hey Bob, can you explain to me why our rankings dropped last month?” *did you see the memo about this?* And you wonder what the heck everyone’s talking about? Well today’s your lucky day. I’m gonna explain what SEO is and more importantly – how it works – in the easiest way I possibly can. By comparing it to a High School popularity
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post a new video. So what is SEO and how does it work exactly? Well explaining the first part of that question is pretty easy. SEO is an
acronym for search engine optimization. All search engines like Google, Bing and
Yahoo have results when you ask them stuff. Stuff like, “best restaurants near
me” is a common query. Search engines may get. The result of what gets sent back as
an answer really depends on how good your SEO campaign is. So search engine
optimization is the practice of working to increase the quantity and quality of
traffic to your website through organic search engine results. So if my cool, new, hip taco restaurant showed up for this query, it would help to increase my
organic traffic. I say the word organic because search engines may also show you
paid ads as a result and that’s a different ballgame. Our focus today is
only on SEO which refers to organic results. So now you know what SEO is
let’s go down this wonderful journey and try and explain how it works a lot like
High School popularity contest. And who would be a more suitable a person than
myself to explain this then someone who just graduated 20 years ago. Alll right so let’s set up the scenario like
this : say there’s a young, whippersnapper in High School. Let’s name him Danny.
Let’s use him as a metaphor for your website. Danny does well in school, has a
few close friends but outside of that nobody really knows his name too well. He’s not involved in any extracurricular. He’s on any sports teams. He mostly just goes
to school, minds his own business and comes home. One day Danny decides he
wants more for himself. He wants others to notice him and become more popular. So he hatches a plan Similarly, if you want to be more popular in the search engines you need to create a plan in the form of a campaign. This campaign typically
exists of two types of strategies. An on-page strategy and an off-page
strategy. Let me explain what both mean. Ok, back to Danny real quick. He decides
as some of the things he could begin to change immediately are his hair, clothes,
shoes and other things related to how people see him. Danny knows that his
current wardrobe is boring and doesn’t really turn heads. He goes out and does
an extreme makeover. He gets himself some fresh new threads, a killer haircut,
some kicks to match. He essentially puts himself in a position to be noticed more. So relate this back to the SEO of your website.
What Danny is actually doing here is what we in the biz call on-page SEO.
Things like site speed, meta descriptions, page errors, are all things that directly
affect your rankings for a website. It’s some of the technical things we can
begin to fix right away to get you more notice with sites like Google. So what
does Danny do now that he’s got his Extreme Makeover? Well changing his
appearance won’t be enough. Sure, he’ll get noticed. But he’s not making any real
connections until he takes an active part in social life. So this is when
Danny decide he’s gonna try out for the basketball team because he has a pretty
decent jump shot. He knows that if he makes a team
it’ll give him direct access to some of the most popular people in school with
their own circle of friends. And then he can really begin to get noticed. This in
the SEO world is called off page optimization. It’s things like guest
posting, back linking to other sites and more. Google knows that if your site
links to more popular and credible sites – you are someone they can begin to trust.
And trust is very important with search engines.They
only want to offer information that they know their users will benefit from but
if you’re a site that nobody knows and nobody links to – then your chances become
extremely slim. On the other hand, if you’ve been able to link to more popular
sites, search and just think, “ok well if this site is linking to them they must
be pretty important so let’s begin to show them a little more love.” And this is
how your rankings begin to improve. A solid on and off page strategy of course
it’s never as simple as it sounds but this should give you a basic breakdown
of how it all works. And that’s it for today. Please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Until next time thank you for watching!

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