April 2, 2020
These Vintage Christmas Ads Are a Real Gas

These Vintage Christmas Ads Are a Real Gas

Right now I want to share
some things I found online. These are old Christmas
ads from the ’40s and ’50s. And as they said back then,
these were a real gas. [LAUGHTER] And I think they shook– they set it like that, too. [LAUGHTER] These are a real gas. Tobacco ads used
to be very popular. That’s back when cigarettes
were really good for you. And this is an old ad from
Murad Turkish cigarettes. I’ve never even heard of these. But it says– you
can see it says, when I asked the grown-ups to judge
for themselves what Christmas present they wanted,
they all chose Murad. [LAUGHTER] First of all, no they didn’t. [LAUGHTER] Nobody is asking for
cigarettes for Christmas. Secondly, his eyes are
scaring the hell out of me. That’s– [LAUGHTER] It’s like an anti-smoking ad. Look at him. But he’s smart enough to
have the cigarette holder. Because that would burn
his beard if he was– [LAUGHTER] Here’s another ad for– this is for Sandberg Funeral
and Cremation Services. [LAUGHTER] Stop in for our open house
on December 10th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and take in the
aroma of the holiday season. [LAUGHTER] Where do we even
start with this one? How bored do you have
to be that you’re going to a funeral open house? [LAUGHTER] Unless you’re clueless to know
what a funeral home is– oh, so the body goes in there. Oh, OK. I get it. Of course, you couldn’t have
an advertisement in the ’50s without being a little sexist. Here’s an ad for a toaster. Ways to please a lady. [LAUGHTER] You know, some women like to
be pleased in the bedroom, and some want to be able
to make crunchy bread. [LAUGHTER] Look at her. She’s so happy. He’s a thinker. [LAUGHTER] If you think a toaster is a
bad gift, look at this one. Here’s one for spoons. [LAUGHTER] That guy doesn’t just give bad
gifts, he gives bad kisses. Look at– [LAUGHTER] I understand a cheek
kiss or whatever, but he’s missed everything . He’s– [LAUGHTER] His nose is in her eye. If you replace the
spoons with birds– I mean, look at her face. That’s like an Alfred
Hitchcock movie right there. She’s– [LAUGHTER] And that reminds me,
for your giveaways today you’re all getting spoons,
a toaster, and cigarettes. [APPLAUSE] Yes. Yes. You’re welcome. [LAUGHTER]

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    I wish you all the best
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  2. there are still some neanderthal husbands out there that think giving their wife a toaster for Christmas or birthday is the greatest idea on earth.

  3. When she said no adult is asking for cigarettes for Christmas she doesnt know my mother heck she would love a carton of smokes lol

  4. I just wanna go to one of her shows I Love this lady she is just wonderful in very caring she always melts my heart Love you EllenπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’―

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