April 4, 2020
The vitally important tool you need to grow your e-commerce business

The vitally important tool you need to grow your e-commerce business

– If you have an
e-commerce small business, there’s a good chance that
you want to grow your revenue, just like 90% of your peer businesses do. You may not picture your business
as the next Amazon or eBay or maybe you do, but more than likely, you want to grow your sales enough to keep up with the cost of living. Either way, you’re looking for ways to optimize your business,
but you’re finding that you’re forced to cover all the
bases and that’s exhausting. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Automation. Marketing automation allows
small business owners to take control of
their marketing strategy without having to manually manage every aspect of their campaigns. It’s a massive time-saver. But better than that, it
will help improve the quality of your campaigns and drive sales. Marketing automation helps you tackle the challenging
aspects of e-commerce sales and marketing, like following
up on your contacts, personalizing your interactions, or increasing the average order value of each e-commerce transaction. In this guide, Infusionsoft, experts in marketing
automation for small business, and BigCommerce, experts in
e-commerce for small business, have teamed up to talk
about how automation can help your e-commerce
business cover more bases, grow and retain customers,
and of course, increase sales.

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