April 9, 2020
The Ultimate Advice For Every 19 Year Old

The Ultimate Advice For Every 19 Year Old

Question, hi. – Sure. – Sorry Dan, I’m John. – John. – Cool. – So, in terms of interest,
some people make interest into a hobby and hobby into
like a career, yeah business. What are your thoughts on that? Because I have like a lot
of different weird hobbies and also interest and I don’t
know where to go with that. So I’m 19 trying to do
this freelancing stuff. I think it’s way too common,
in terms of like photography, and like videography stuff. So I don’t know where to go
from there, kind of stuck. – What’s your goal? – What’s my goal? – Yeah. – Well, that’s the thing,
I don’t have a goal. And I’m lost in terms
of finding that goal, because you said, start with a skill. Like Yeah, I can just find a
skill that I enjoy developing but in terms of goal I
don’t really have that. Unless like my goal is to you know, be the best at that one
thing, which is like. – Why do you wake up in the morning? – Why do I wake up in the morning? – What motivates you? – That’s a good question. I mean, like, I don’t know
what motivates me but. – That’s a good question
to start off with. – Yeah, sure. – Before we do anything else, right? What if I can’t figure it out? Or what if I’ve been attempting to but I can’t like figure it out? – I think for anybody, like an example, if I was your age at 19 years old. – Yeah. – My why was my mom. – Right, okay. – I needed to take care of my mom. There was no hobby. There was no anything else
except taking care of my mom. That becomes my sole focus. – Right. – And that gave me a lot clarity in life. Because I put that ahead of anything else. So maybe sometimes I
notice, I don’t know enough about your family, right? – Yeah. (laughs) – Sometimes comfort may
not be such a good thing. – That’s the thing because
I’ve been so, I know, I’m very lucky because
I’m from Malaysia, right? You know, I was lucky enough
to come over here and start to study and the whole thing
that like, you know, my dad always telling me like
what he had to go through to put me here. It’s kind of making me
like, oh, instead of feeling like okay, I need to give
back but it’s more like, wow, it’s too comfortable. – Yeah. – And I, yeah. – Usually because I noticed
when people don’t figure what they want to do
usually because they haven’t experienced enough pain. – Wow. – Life is good, it’s comfortable. – I don’t think like there’s
like physical pain, you know? – But the pain – Yeah, right. – So when you experience
pain, you will know life is precious, then you won’t ___ around. – Yeah, okay fair enough. – When I say precious meaning,
when my dad passed away, when they got divorced, when I
was in debt, all these things at a young age it tells me
you know, I don’t, sometimes you don’t know what you want. It’s very good to figure
out what you don’t want. – Right. – What I know I don’t want
is, I don’t want to struggle. I want to be able to care
for the people I love. So that gave me a lot of clarity – Oh yeah, so I actually
just put myself in debt. So like I know what that is? – No, not necessary. But then when you are, so example
your mom and dad together. – Yeah, they’re fine. – They’re good, right? – They’re Good. – Now just paint a picture in your mind, it’s gonna be dark, but I mean. – Okay. (laughs) – Suddenly your dad can’t
support you anymore. – Yup, I’d be sent back home. And then your mom is sick. She’s in hospital but your
dad can’t support you anymore because your mom is sick. She, and he can he can’t even provide the best health care for you mom. – Yeah. – What would you do? – I think do what I’m already
doing now, but just develop it further than already,
yeah, okay I see what you mean – And would you still kind of, “Well I’m not so sure about what I like.” Or would you say, “I don’t give a shit.” – Just doing what’s already working and just grow from there. – Have you seen that it’s
given you more clarity if you think of it that way But think of that, it has not happened. – Right. – It’s okay, that’s just a scenario. – Thank God. – But, what if it happens? Nothing pains a son more
when your family needs help, desperate needs help,
you cannot help them. – Right. – There’s nothing with
pain, you will remember that for the rest of your life. And if your mother passed
away, because as a lack of ambition early on in
your part, because as son, you didn’t develop the
ability, you fucked around. You will not forgive yourself. – Yeah. – And you will look at things
very differently from now on. And you will become a
extraordinary person. Think about that. – Okay, thanks. (laughs) See you later. Oh, we say, I need that film,
I to like re play that 24/7 Did you film that? – Yes. – Thank you, thank you.

74 thoughts on “The Ultimate Advice For Every 19 Year Old

  1. Thanks so much for the awesome video Dan 🔥 This will definitely help me Grow my Business and Become Wealthy!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  2. I thought Coach Dan is untouchable. But after wacthing this i realize how humble Coach Dan is. I wish i could ask him a advice one day. From the philippines im waching your vids repeatedly and learn a lot from it. Thank u

  3. Mr Lok, can you make your viedeos with german subs?
    Asking for a few friends, they see me watching your vids and like your tone but they dont understand and I dont want to stop every second after every word to translate. Would be cool

  4. Very Good advice. Keep making such motivational videos. It is always good to motivate others and advise them on how to utilize their full potential.

  5. When we fall, we think and do things that decelerates us. So the impact won't be severe for us.
    We do that everyday.
    Why not try freefalling for once and see how it goes?
    See how the world burns…
    But never lose the goal.

  6. You an inspiration Dan. "Sometimes comfort may not be a good thing." To succeed in sales or life in general, we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

  7. My mom passed away 3 years ago due to the lack of technology, which is why since then I made up my mind to use technology to benefit more people. So Si Fu Dan, I totally agree with you! Till this day my heart aches!

  8. If you don't know what you want ,know at least what you don't want,so you Can avoid potential pain in your future and that of your family that could have been avoided if you used your time more wisely. Cit Dan Lok

  9. Why would you make up an extremely negative szenario to make someone who is enjoying life go hustle? Like, just chill if you're happy I don't see the struggle lol

  10. I agree sometimes you really do have to leave your comfort zone to do great things, then figure out the goals you're looking to chase based on your struggles and what you're looking to change, but I actually disagree about leaving your passion/hobbies to take high paying jobs. His advice assumes if you chase passion/hobbies you'll end up broke and if you go practical you'll be rich. There are plenty of folks that chased passion and ended up making tons of money from it and plenty that went practical and gave up hobbies, but still struggled, and even ended up laid off from uncontrollable circumstances.

  11. Its very hard to explain the life to a teenager because they think they have lots of time and chances to spent, in fact they dont because time passes much more faster than they think

  12. Now make one about 16 year old? I recently started my own business and by the start of 2020 I have a goal to make 2,000 per year.

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