April 10, 2020
The TRUTH about Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners in 2018!

The TRUTH about Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners in 2018!

– In this video, we’re
gonna be talking about drop shipping with Shopify, so if you’re interested in that, keep watching. I’m here with my friend, Kate. – Hey, guys! – And we are going to be
talking to Kevin David, who is a multi-seven-figure Amazon FBA and drop shipping expert. So, we’re actually here at his new crib. I just rolled up in my 911 Turbo, and we’re actually gonna
go through the front door. As you can see, it’s over there, so we’re gonna go walk up. Lead the way, Kate (laughs).
– Follow me! – So, we’re going to
check out his new house. He actually just closed on the deal today. But this place is insane. I just wanna show you
guys a little house tour before we get into the interview, but it is just an amazing, amazing spot. We got the Pacific Ocean right there. We’re here in San Diego, California, Thank you. Alright, so we’re gonna
go through the front door. There he his. – The boy!
– Oh, whoa! – Hey, what’s up, Kevin? – What up, boy? – Thanks for having me
over today to talk about Shopify drop shipping,
– Welcome to the crib, what’s up everyone? – and some affiliate marketing. – Sorry it’s kinda empty right now. We literally just closed on this today. – He literally just got the place. So, for any of you internet detectives, that’s why there’s no furniture. But this place is sick. – Welcome to the crib! – Can we get a little house tour? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Okay. – Property A is completely empty. – Yo! Okay, guys, so that right
there is the Pacific Ocean, if you’re not too good with geography, – That is the Pacific Ocean. – We got palm trees–
– San Diego. – Oh, yeah, we’re in San
Diego, California, by the way, for anyone who realizes
this isn’t Chicago. – This is the kitchen, for
people who like kitchens. We got some Viking! – Got the Viking appliances. – Obviously I don’t care about it, because I don’t spend
much time in the kitchen. – (laughs) As you should, as you should. Let’s see. Dang! – Everything’s better downstairs. Probably gonna make this
into an entrepreneur house, maybe, ODi Production’s
gonna move in here. – Um, we’ll see about that, guys. Stay tuned. Alright, this the master? – The master. This is the real best part of the house. – Ooh, look at that bathtub! Dang! Alright! Yeah, I could live like this. Alright, what’s up? I’m here with my boy, Kevin David. You guys just saw the little
house tour right there, but we’re actually gonna sit down and do a little casual interview and talk about drop shipping with Shopify, maybe a little affiliate
marketing for you guys. But first off, thank you, Kevin, for the house tour, and for inviting me over,
– Yeah, man, welcome to the spot.
– and for showing us your new place. I love the Porsche out there, I saw the Lamborghini the other day. We got to take a little ride in it. It’s not as comfortable and
smooth sailing as the Porsche, but they’re sexy for different reasons, so I love the cars, man. – Thank you, appreciate that, and the place, as you guys saw, is just amazing. I mean, we have views of the
Pacific Ocean right behind us and literally panoramic
views around the whole house, there’s tons of glass, tons of windows, balconies, and it’s just a perfect San Diego home, so good choice.
– Thank you, man. – How many places did you look at before you settled on this? – Man, too many. It’s a process, trying to find a house, so for those of you who
haven’t bought a house yet, trust me when I tell you, it is a painful process, but it’s obviously worth it if you find your dream home, so I’m really grateful to have found this, because it’s literally perfect for me. Waking up every single day, looking outside my bedroom window at the Pacific Ocean is kind of hard to beat, in my book. – Guys, that’s the dream, 100%. So anyways, to the topic of today is, we’re gonna talk about
drop shipping with Shopify, we’re gonna talk about a
little affiliate marketing, but first things first. So, a lot of people who watch me are probably subscribed to you, as well. They know you as ThatLifestyleNinja, you’re an Amazon FBA expert, you’re also a drop shipping expert, so for anyone who doesn’t know you, can you give us a little brief history and background about your story about where you came from and how you got to where you are today? – Yeah, so I kind of had
a pretty cookie-cutter kind of growth, as far as a career. I went to college how I was supposed to, everyone was telling me that I should major in something I could actually apply and get a real job for, and so I double-majored in
accounting, computer science. And so after that, I did kind of all the interview process, and the career centers and
went to the career fairs, kind of like how you’re
supposed to do in college, and I got an interview with
a company at that time, called PWC, which is
kind of a prestigious, Big Four accounting company, it’s one of the best places to work for if you’re an accountant. I had the computer science also, so I did kind of an information
systems version of that in PWC, right? And so there was 250, 500 different people applying for this one position with PWC, and so when I actually got that position, they made me feel like I
was very grateful, right, that I should be so grateful, and that I should be
thankful that I had this job when other people didn’t
have a job, right? And so they really did a good job of kind of brainwashing
me into thinking that that’s something that I wanted, when I was working 80 hours a week, leaving at 6 o’clock for my commute and not getting done with work until 8, 9, 10 p.m. some days, I was in that mentality, and they did a really good job of making me think that I
should be grateful for that. And so that’s kind of where I started. I went to college and got a normal job, and then after about a year of that, I kind of had this epiphany moment, and I wish it was a better story, like I got hit by a bus or something, but it just wasn’t like that. It was a Friday night, my friends were all going
to a music festival, I was trying to leave work at 5 o’clock, because 9 to 5 is when
you should actually leave, but a lot of times, I think
a lot of people know that that’s actually not what
9 to 5’s really like. A lot of times, you have to stay longer and there’s kind of social pressure, and you don’t really get to
leave til your boss leaves and it’s just kind of
an ugly, bureaucratic, political-type thing that a lot
of people have to deal with, and so it was 5 o’clock and I was talking to one of my managers, saying, “Hey, can I leave? “I’m trying to go meet up with my friends, “trying to go to this concert,” but he kind of told me, “No, Kevin, “there’s still work to be done. “You can’t just leave early,” and I thought myself, “Early? “It’s 5 o’clock, this
is a 9 to 5, isn’t it? “I’m getting paid on a 40-hour work week,” and the lights were flickering, it was a dusty conference room, it kind of smelled bad, I didn’t really like any of the employees, any of my co-workers that
I was working with that day and I just kind of snapped, I was like, “I can’t do this.” “I’m not going to do this.” “I am not going to do this
for the rest of my life.” And so, there was kind of
that epiphany moment for me, where I was like, “Okay,
I have to figure out “something else, I have to do it.” And so I went home that night, I didn’t go to the music festival, I literally went home, locked myself in my room
for the entire weekend, and I literally read
about every single thing I could possibly do as far as what I was gonna do online, and I tried a lot of
different stuff, you guys. I failed at making affiliate sites. I failed where Odi succeeded, intensely and beautifully succeeded. I’ve made Amazon associate sites, I’ve tried to monetize travel blogs, I’ve created an iOS app, I’ve done a lot of different things, and so people see me now on YouTube, and they’re like, “Okay, yeah,
that’s an overnight success,” it wasn’t like that at all, right? But I finally stumbled upon Amazon FBA and I found some people who
were kinda doing it before me, and I was like, “Oh my God, I use Amazon
for everything,” right? I use Amazon to buy toilet
paper and toothpaste, so I was like, “This is gonna work,” and so I started on Amazon FBA, and I really built that up. Within my first week
selling on Amazon FBA, I was making $1,000 a day, right? And so then, once I got that going, there’s a lot of time you have, because Amazon is very intensive up front. So, I did all the work up front, and then there’s not really a
ton of work to do after that, and during that time, I was like, “Okay, what can I do now to kind of “continue building this e-commerce empire” that I was trying to create, and so I was like, “Okay,
well what about Shopify?” And so then I devoted all of my attention, I kind of transitioned it
from Amazon FBA into Shopify. And so I really started
to get Shopify working, and the drop shipping model
is kind of unique in business. You know about it, we hear about the drop
shipping model a lot, but it’s very beautiful, if you kind of understand it and you get it to work for
you in the correct way, because a lot of times
with regular businesses, kind of how it works is, you have to buy the inventory up front, you have to pay for renting a warehouse, you have to do all these things, pay all these expenses. With drop shipping, you literally connect the
seller in China with the buyer, normally in the USA,
Canada, Australia or the UK. And you don’t do anything. You literally buy it from a
Chinese supplier for a dollar, and you sell it on your
Shopify store for $20, and there’s a few other expenses, like ePacket shipping, but the rest of it, really, you just pocket the difference. And so it’s a beautiful business model, and so those are the two ways that I eventually made work after a number of failures
leading up to that. – Wow, that’s an amazing story. Kevin says that his story
isn’t anything crazy, but honestly, I think we can all kind of, most of us can connect and
relate with this story, because I used to work in
that nine to five, as well, and being a corporate drone is just not the way to live a life. I mean, because freedom is ultimately what’s gonna provide
happiness in your life and I know Kevin agrees with that. So we’re all here in the same place and we’re looking for ways that we can separate ourselves
from the corporate world, from all the traditional society and basically live a life that we design, and that we choose, and that we are not brainwashed to believe is a happy life. – Right. – So that’s pretty awesome. So now you guys know his story. Just to throw it out there, I gotta put you on the spot, but can you give us some numbers, some ballpark numbers, on what you’re doing with your businesses
right now, these days. – Yes, so I have a number of different businesses now, right? I have an Inner Circle now, which I don’t advertise, because we’re not gonna talk about that, but that’s a very high ticket, just for people that I’m
kind of mentoring one on one, but I don’t have any applications
or anything for that, or I don’t accept any more people, because, like you said, the
ultimate goal is freedom, and once you kind of get to the point, obviously, where you’re at, where money’s not really an issue, it’s really about what you wanna do, what you find fulfillment with and kind of freeing up your time to be able to do what you want and have all these passive income sources, which we’ll talk about later, because Odi said something
that I really loved that I’m gonna highlight later, but I’m gonna put him on the spot, but I’m gonna answer his question first, so, with Amazon FBA, right, we had our biggest ever December, so during December, we did about $750,000, just in the month of December for Amazon. And with Shopify, we did
about the same thing. So with Shopify, it’s a
little bit less seasonal. Amazon is much more kind of Q4-focused. Kind of, just like, me in general, anybody watching right now, kind of how it works, at least with me, is like, I’m like “Oh, crap! “I forgot to get my
cousin a Christmas gift, or my Mom or my Aunt,” and so I’ll go on Amazon and I’ll buy all those gifts, right? And so that’s kind of how everyone thinks, and so Q4 during Amazon is crazy. Similarly, with Shopify, but our Shopify business
is much more sustainable, which is actually a
very good thing, right? You don’t want your business to be too heavily seasonality focused. And so with Shopify, we
tend to do about $300,000, give or take. And these numbers are revenue, guys. I wanna just be clear. You hear all the Shopify gurus and all the Amazon gurus
and things like that, saying, “We did $1
million a month,” right? And it’s like, “Yeah, but what is actually “the profit percentage of that?” And so we’re not doing
those numbers in profit. Generally, the ranges that
you’re trying to look for with Shopify and with Amazon and with e-commerce in
general is above 30%. I generally tell my students you wanna get more towards 50%, because what that does is, it allows you to have
kind of a buffer built in as far as advertising and just additional things that you need to not be scraping into your
profit margins so heavily and allow you to play around
with things a little more. – Okay, cool. Guys, so I don’t know
if you guys caught that, but he literally said they
make $750,000 in Q4, or? – That’s actually just
the month of December. – Okay, so (laughs) in one month, $750,000 with Amazon FBA, not including
drop shipping with Shopify. And there is people,
there’s gurus out there who are teaching Amazon FBA, who never even made $750,000 in a year with their actual FBA business. So we’re talking to the
real deal right here, guys. So I hope you guys can understand, that there’s so many fake
gurus and stuff out there, so it’s important to verify that people are doing what
they say they’re doing and that you’re learning
from the right people. And I’ve been studying and I’ve been talking to
several people in the industry, Kevin David being one of them, and he is easily one
of the most authentic, one of the most genuine people who are out there teaching this stuff, so this is the guy to listen to. – Thank you so much, I mean,
I really appreciate that. And it’s an important point, ’cause there’s so many
people who are coming out, trying to teach these things, and while I respect people going out there and creating
content and things like that, it just gets a little bit dangerous, because you don’t want
people to be teaching it if they don’t actually know
what they’re talking about. And so, I respect people
for going out there and hustling and grinding
and creating content and trying to help people, but at the same time, you kind of need to step back and make sure that you’re not
giving people misinformation, because ultimately, the
worst thing that could happen is learning from someone who’s never actually done it themselves and really doesn’t have the ability to give you sound advice. Because you don’t want somebody
investing their life savings on this misinformation, and then losing all of that. That would be ultimately
the worst thing possible. And so I try as hard as
I can to be authentic, to only give the absolute
best quality information at every single angle and every step of the entire path, and I think that’s one of the reasons that the Shopify course
has grown so much faster than what a lot of other
people are offering, just because the content’s there, the value’s there, I’m really trying to support people as much as I possibly can from a one-on-one perspective
in our private group, and we’ve seen a lot of really, really fast success
stories from my students. That being said, I do wanna just kind of
set the record straight that you’re not gonna become
a millionaire overnight. It’s just not how it works. It’s a business, like anything else. Yes, is it incredibly scalable? Absolutely, but is it work? 100%, it is. – Okay, okay. So let’s switch gears a little bit. Let’s talk a little bit more, diving deeply into drop
shipping with Shopify. Who is drop shipping for? This business model, who is the perfect candidate for someone who wants to
start an online business and drop shipping would
be a perfect fit for them? – Sure, so drop shipping is more attuned to people who don’t
have necessarily as much startup capital. One of the restrictions with
Amazon FBA, for example, is that you have to buy
the inventory up front. Because how Amazon FBA works is, let’s say I buy 1,000
units of garlic presses, and they cost $1 each, so
I have to have that $1,000 and then I have to have
money for shipping, so I have to pay that up front. With Shopify, there’s
very little upfront cost. All the other gurus say
there’s “no upfront costs,” but I’ll be transparent, like I am always, you have to pay for the monthly
subscriptions for Shopify, there’s some apps that you like to use. Shopify is usually around $30 a month. There’s small discounts that you can get from influencers like Odi or myself, signing up to do our trials. So there’s $29 a month, there’s some apps that
you generally wanna use that are $5, 10, 20 a month, and then there’s Facebook advertising. And so those are all costs that you actually have to
pay up front, more or less, because one of the biggest
detriments about drop shipping, and again, I’m trying to be
completely transparent here, most other gurus aren’t
gonna tell you the bad things about what they’re trying
to get you to start doing. But it takes about 12 to 20 days to ship your products from
China to your customers. It never comes to me. I don’t have to buy things up front. But, it takes a little
bit of time to get paid. And so, generally, there is
very little upfront cost. It’s one of the most unique business models available anywhere, as far as the lack of upfront costs, but there are some. Alright, so who is drop shipping for? The answer to that question is people who want to create
an online business, people who love the process, because it’s so beautiful, creating your own store and you’re selling your own things, and you have your own web site and people are coming to your store and buying your stuff. It’s a magical feeling when you buy something from AliExpress for $2, and somebody comes
to your drop shipping store and buys it for $25, and there’s the $22 profit there. Obviously, you have to
pay for e-Pocket shipping, which is another couple dollars, and then if you have paid
traffic to your site, it’s another couple dollars. But generally, if you can make $10 to 20 profit per unit you sell, once you start to scale your ad spend, it literally becomes crazy. It’s very hard to explain, but let’s say that you’re
spending $5 a day on Facebook ads. You’re selling one unit, right? And you’re making $10 profit. Then, if you scale that
to $100 a day on Facebook, all of a sudden, you’re
selling 10 units a day, or 20 units a day at $10 profit each. And you’re only spending
$5 or 10 on Facebook ads, it starts to really snowball quickly, where instead of making $20
profit a day selling one unit, you’re selling 10 units and
making $200 profit a day and the more you spend on Facebook ads, the more profit you make, That’s kind of the goal, and yes, it does take
some testing to get there, but it’s absolutely possible. – Wow, that’s amazing. So, in terms of scalability, it sounds like you can actually scale up drop shipping very quickly, if you have the proper guidance, you’ve done the product
research and due diligence. Is that true? Do you think that the average person who does give a real good effort and has the proper guidance and, let’s say mentorship, do you think they can scale
it up relatively quickly? – Yeah, I mean, with the proper guidance and understanding Facebook advertising, because I think a lot of people
focus on the wrong things. Like, I think I’ll spend a month trying to make their store perfect, right? What’s really making you profit is testing products, testing multiple different products, knowing what to look for, knowing what sells on
a Facebook ad, right? Because we’re not selling products that you can sell on Amazon. I can go on Amazon and sell coffee mugs, $1,000 a day of coffee mugs, right? But on Shopify, no one is gonna go scrolling through their Facebook feed and clicking on a Facebook
ad for a coffee mug. But they might do it for
an LED light-up rave shirt with Mufasa on it, right? And so you kinda have to understand, there’s a completely
different business model with Shopify and paid traffic that other forms of e-commerce, so, to answer your question, is it possible for the average person with the right guidance to scale this? Absolutely. My students are doing it every single day. We have more and more
success stories coming out, where people are getting their first sales a day after launching their stores, and they’re starting to scale it, and so the people are who
making this really work are the ones who understand that testing multiple products, seeing which ones stick, and then testing marketing. If you get the Facebook audiences right and you get your marketing right on Facebook and Instagram ads in the says that I teach to drive traffic, this stuff just takes off like wildfire. It’s crazy to watch, and it’s seriously the most fulfill– you can see me getting excited now. It is the most fulfilling
thing to me in the world, watching my students make it work, because I just love freeing people from being a drone. I love the word that you used earlier, being a drone, because that’s really what you are in a lot of cases. And people who love their jobs, that’s awesome, but I didn’t love my job, I was a drone. And so people, my goal in life, and my mission, and my passion, and literally what I was
put on this Earth to do is free people from
feeling trapped as a drone in a 9 to 5 job they hate. – That’s awesome. Man, that’s awesome. So what I’m hearing right now, me being the affiliate marketing expert, and someone who is just
literally a champion for affiliate marketing, drop shipping sounds extremely attractive as a business model. Because you said that it is
relatively quick to scale up, if you have the proper due diligence, you’ve done the product testing, you know how to do Facebook ads, you know marketing, you know it sells. See, with affiliate marketing, one thing that I don’t
really like about it is that it’s much slower to scale, because, in my opinion, the way that I teach it, at least, it’s a very organic way, where you’re building a real brand, and it takes time to get those rankings on Google, on YouTube,
to sell these products and also with affiliate marketing, you’re only making a small
percentage as your commission, depending on what product you’re selling. So it takes a while to get up to, let’s say, $1,000 a month. What I do love about affiliate marketing is that it can be 100% completely passive, and passive, as in, you
don’t have to worry about any products or shipping anything, or distributing, or customer service, or anything like that. You don’t even have to worry about refunds or chargebacks or any of the headaches that come with some of these
other physical product models, so that’s one of the key differences that I’m noticing right now
when we’re discussing this, is that affiliate takes
a while to scale up. There’s no such thing as zero to 30K a month within seven days, but with drop shipping, it sounds like that’s very possible. – Yeah, I mean, it’s absolutely possible. And I wanna set realistic
expectations here, because is that common? Probably not, but is it possible? Yeah, absolutely. People who find the right
influencers on Instagram at the right time, maybe it’s Mother’s Day and you’re selling a piece of jewelry that is catching fire from media sources and you just kind of get
in at the right time with the right influencer, absolutely, you can make
$30,000 easily in seven days. One of the things that I
wanted to kind of point out that I thought was
interesting that you said, is the organic nature. So Shopify and drop shipping
is a beautiful business model, but one thing it’s not is organic. A lot of gurus out there will tell you you can do SEO and get
your drop shipping site actually ranked on Google. That’s completely nonsense. There’s no reason on Earth that you would waste your time trying to actually use search engine optimization to get your Shopify store ranked on Google. That’s not how it works anymore. You need hundreds of
high-quality back-links, and it’s just not, you know,
with affiliate marketing, it’s absolutely still viable,
but with Shopify, it’s not. All the traffic that you’re
bringing to your store is paid traffic. And so you have to build that
into your profit margins, which is why people are buying things on AliExpress for a dollar, and they’re selling them
for $25 on their store, because you need to
build in that additional space as far as your
profit margin’s concerned, to be able to drive page
traffic to your store to get those sales and start
generating that profit. – Awesome, awesome. Thank you for the
transparency, by the way, ’cause I’ve watched a
lot of videos on YouTube, I’ve watched a lot of
these drop shipping videos, and it seems like they don’t really like to bring up any of the flaws or the drawbacks with the business model, but every business model
has drawbacks, guys, even affiliate marketing, which I am literally the number 1 fanboy for affiliate marketing. I don’t mind telling you guys the truth, that it takes a while to
actually build up and scale up, whereas other business models, like drop shipping with
Shopify, like Amazon FBA, are much quicker to scale up, just because of all the
things that are in place and selling physical
products just seems to be a much quicker thing than
doing affiliate marketing. Alright, guys, so it’s getting
a little chilly out here, so we’re actually gonna
go to the fire pit, right? – Down to the fire pit. – And we’re gonna go check that out, just to warm up a little bit, and we’ll wrap up this interview. Alright, you guys ready to go? – See you in a sec. – Alright. Alright, guys, let’s
head back in the house. – Down to the basement–
– How many floors is this house? – I don’t know, at least three. – (laughing) Man, this
guy doesn’t even know! This place is a maze, guys. Seriously, I already got lost. Ooh, la la, look at this. Got the little fire pit. – It’s the first time
I’ve lit this, actually. I’ve actually never lit it, so hopefully, it works.
– Alright, first time. – Ooh, look at that.
– Baby! – Nice and warm. – That’s nice.
– Awesome. And we got the Turbo over there. Oh you guys can’t see it.
– Got the Porsche chillin’. – Boom, alright, so we’re
here at the fire pit. Feels real good, real nice, and we’re about to wrap up this video, because we’ve been going
on a little past time. So anyways, if you guys
want to see or hear more about drop shipping with the
Shopify from Kevin David, let us know in the comments below and we’ll bring him back on and maybe we’ll do a
follow-up video to this one. But really, just from my perspective, I think you’ve been dropping some pretty good knowledge bombs
and transparency with us that I really appreciate. Thank you for taking the time to do this. – Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, and so one more thing, guys. One of the hardest parts
about drop shipping is gonna be product research. So if you guys are interested, Odi could bring me back on the show, if you guys like it so far. Comment Shopify product
research as a comment. Just comment “Shopify product research” down into the comments if you want us to do one more video. I can come back on, and I’ll show you personally some of the products that I sell that make $10,000, 20,000, 30,000 every single month, like clockwork. We’ll show you guys how to find
those products for yourself. So, if you guys are interested, make you sure you drop that comment, and if you wanna learn more
from my YouTube channel, make sure you just check out Kevin David, or ThatLifestyleNinja, and again, I wanna give it up to my boy
Odi right now Productions, the king of affiliate
marketing right here, so if you guys don’t know, now you know. – Thank you, appreciate that, man. Thank you for the co-sign. So I’m gonna include
links to everything below, and again, if you guys
wanna see him again, just let us know in the comments below. But it’s been a great video,
honestly, great interview, and thank you for showing
me around the house. – Welcome to the crib. – Alright, peace!

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