April 3, 2020
The Truth About Influencer Marketing

The Truth About Influencer Marketing

Influencer this, and influencer that. Buy this breakfast bar or this protein powder and you can look like this model! Well in this episode I’m going to try to influence you to think about how
influential are influencers in your life. Keep watching… If you think about it all
of us are influencers because we all use social media. At least most of us do. I
mean if you’re watching this episode right now on YouTube then that’s also a
social media platform and if you’ve ever left a comment or a like or a dislike,
you’ve somehow directly or indirectly influenced somebody else. And I’m not
trying to release a subliminal socialistic influence on your brain but
when you think about it all of us are parts of groups or social circles on
social media platforms. If you don’t define yourself as an entity that
belongs to part of a larger group of people then at the very least you have
followers or followings. People that you are in connection with on social media,
and these are the people that see your posts. Now if you are somebody that people
look up to as a leader or somebody people look up to as just a general
person that they want to be like, or the lifestyle that they want to live, it’s
very likely that they’re going to make similar purchases to yourself and if you
don’t believe me then look at psychology studies. Now lots of these brands even
have a larger social media influence or a following than they actually have
buyers. Here’s another example there’s a guy named Graham Stephan who lives in Los
Angeles and earns over $1,000,000. Definitely an interesting guy. Well
Graham Stephan recently had an episode made about his life and about his career
on CNBC make it about how he earns that $1,000,000 in how he spends it. Ever
since that video was released which was less than a month ago, he’s actually
gained over 10% in subscriber count on both of his channels. And it doesn’t stop
there Kim Kardashian has said that she gets paid 300,000 to 500,000 dollars per
Instagram post, and other YouTubers and Instagramers have been saying in recent
times that they’ve been charging more and more money per Instagram post or per
YouTube endorsement. This means that there are billions and billions of
dollars spent every year and this is on the rise. And it’s not just fashion food
and sportswear. it’s also finance. John McAfee has recently been reported to be
charging hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars to
companies that want to promote their new cryptocurrencies. Lots of these
cryptocurrencies don’t end up doing what they plan on doing and when this happens
people lose a lot of their money but the people that gain money are these
influences this probably means that you can earn a quick buck if you know that a
certain celebrity is going to post an advertisement. Now whether it’s Michael
Jordan and Nike forming Air Jordans or George Foreman and well George Foreman
making George Foreman grills, celebrity product placements have been around for
many decades now. Celebrity marketing was a form of influencer marketing and
people would see their favorite sports people or their favorite TV celebrities
buying or promoting certain products in the news or on the television and they
would go out and buy those products. And they were very effective. These days
you’ve still got famous chefs promoting products all over the world.
You’ve got Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White on all sorts of
products that they probably don’t eat. They probably don’t even like the taste
of these products but they’re still promoting their products. We now have
companies that collect the contact details of these celebrities or their
managers and for a price they will give you a product placement with the
celebrity that you might have in mind. There are several websites that you can
go to to find your favorite celebrity to promote your product and if you haven’t
realized yet well in the last couple of years you’ve now got audible and
Squarespace promoting most YouTube videos that have over a million views in
certain categories and these companies are clearly trying to gather exposure to
people that are very likely to buy their products. Now I personally use Wix.com
not SquareSpace to make my websites and no before you ask I’m
not sponsored by Wix.com, but how can you confirm that? W£ell YouTube recently
introduced some policies that say that every influencer that is sponsored by a
certain company, that is paid for a product placement, must declare it in
their video. It’s definitely much easier these days to find out if someone is
promoting a product because they’re being paid or not. Now based on several
survey results, even though Facebook is the number one used social media
platform on planet Earth based on the number of people that use it on a daily
basis, Instagram and YouTube are the top two platforms for influencer marketing
today and this is probably because of the demographics that tend to be on
platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and the fact that it’s much easier to
promote products on these two platforms. Now Facebook blogs and Facebook videos
also seem to be in the top ten of influencer marketing platforms, but
they’re not ranked as highly as YouTube or Instagram.
Of course Instagram is owned by Facebook. Facebook blogging is becoming more and
more popular and if you’re interested in creating your Facebook blog page then
make sure you check out my previous video which is about three minutes long
on how to create your own Facebook blog page, and it literally does take less
than three minutes to set up your own Facebook blog page. So anyway to
summarize more and more money every day is being pumped into influencer
marketing you’ve now got the likes of Kylie Jenner that are paid over a
million dollars per post on Instagram. And this is just going to continue this
way – this is just the new norm of marketing now. So if you have a product
in absolutely any shape or form or any market in the world probably there’s
going to be an influencer that can lead you to your new clients or your new
customers. Make sure you hit the like button, because it really helps with the
YouTube algorithm. I will see you next time and you have
lovely day!

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