April 4, 2020

100 thoughts on “The TRUE STORY Of What It’s REALLY Like As A FEMALE Entrepreneur #storytime

  1. For those of you asking – yes, I was safe from the recent terrorist attacks in Christchurch. It is devestating. Thank you to everyone who has asked. Kia Kaha Christchurch ❤️

  2. You are so nice – If you had kicked him in the balls it would have been great PR. I would have asked him a question – is it be a total F**** A******* day?

  3. I never comment but oh jeez, I'm so proud of how you replied to him, totally REKT. Keep up and thanks for your amazing videos. 🙂

  4. see he was waiting for that. u let him put u down the first time so he continued. this is classic bullying. if u had said something smart from the beginning he would have stopped then and there.

  5. This was posted 4 months ago, over 1100 comments , and she is still reading and replying to new comments. Now that's an example of someone who cares about her audience. Dam, I'm impressed. Lots of creators here on YT would have stopped reading, replying (if at all) months ago. Thanks Sarah for all the great FREE vids and terrific info.

  6. I see Mr. M. on the news in the future facing 100's of sexual assault and harassment allegations from young girls to adult women. Hopefully, you'll be there telling your story like "I wasn't assaulted, but I can vouch for all these other women that this man is generally icky even in passing. I could totally see him doing something worse based on my impression of him after just a short amount of time around him".

  7. You're so brave! I came here to learn from you, a successful entrepreneur, but didn't expect to hear your personal or emotional backstories. Honestly, this makes me more motivated to continue in your footsteps and make my own success story. Keep being great!

  8. Well done Sarah!! It's a pity that some men behave badly and I'm glad you put the moron in his place. You're a blessing to us newbies so keep going, don't stop..

  9. It's good to have access to mentors to show you the ropes. It's not that there are a lot of idiots in the world. There are very few per any given square mile of space. It's just that the internet allows them to congregate so easily. If 5% of the attendees were female and there were 3 and there was only 1 guy asking rude questions, then he's just a little over 1% of the sample population. And you can't let that 1% get you down. My daughter and I have a shared Instagram account for the business we're building so when some idiot decided to start being inappropriate I was able to hop into the conversation, shut him down and help her and her friend block him. It's unfortunate that it's the 1% that can have such an impact that makes the good people stay away from what should be a 100% productive and positive experience for everyone. The 99% should realize this and say something. It usually only takes one or two people to call out a bully to shut them down. It's not just the responsibility of their target to stand up to them. Although as you demonstrated, it can be very effective. If Rando had said something he probably wouldn't be known as Rando and Mr M might also be able to be known by his real name. As it is, he's a nameless twit that got mad instead of apologizing and changing his attitude.

  10. Wow, what a brave brave women and not so much for what you went through, but more for being able to share that awkward and embarassing moment in your life with us, after the fact. I am sorry you went through that , I guess that guy has never been around a successful beautiful women such as yourself Sarah. I don't need to know you personally to know you have a beautiful giving & loving heart. I sincerely want to thank you and want you to know, that I and the rest of us really appreciate these videos that help out so much , even though you dont have to. I just wanted to acknowledge your efforts and your sincere intentions on wanting to help others. Thank you for blessing us with what you've learned in business and in life. Your story had me laughing, love your humor btw

  11. Well played Sara, well played.

    It's a shame that even today that kind of mindset still persists. When I was working on my senior capstone in college, the only business owner who was willing to give me the time of day and took it seriously was a woman. Even as a man, the male business owners would just dismiss it as a waste of time or just because I didn't look the part.

    I think Mr. M kept asking you what your preferred because he had NO penis.

    First video of yours that I saw was the one about your rare game cartridge resales. Quite the entrepreneurial spirit right there. Many of us want to own our own business and not work for anyone but never take any steps do make it happen. We just settle for working for someone else and a paycheck that it usually going to be the same no matter how much effort you put into your job, and many employers will take advantage of your work ethic instead of rewarding it.

    Your other video about how you paid for your family cruise shows was a kind and down to earth person you are. There are plenty of successful people who will not spend a dime on their parents.

    C) Mr M has no penis
    B) You are successful
    A) You are pretty

    Yeah, the troll/hate comments are tough but 99% of them are miserable people who will NEVER start their own business because they are too busy spreading their misery. I hope you keep doing well far into your future.

  12. This is so personal and you had the bravery to share it in this video with a great attitude at it!! You are not even complaining about gender discrimination, or bullying which is something a lot of people do these days. Instead you showed a great example of how to take care of yourself and move on. Again, great attitude!

  13. I think the answer here would be. “Clearly you sir are a giant cock so I guess I would have to go with small because I sure don’t prefer you.”

  14. OMG Sarah!!!!! That was hilarious, mortifying (I've been there…just not knowing what to say) and empowering. Such a great ending! It's taken me years and years to figure out how to handle such uncomfortable situations. I've resorted to just tell people to F-off. HAHAHAhahaha…I don't like bullies in any way. I just love you!

  15. I have seen some of your videos. You are a very special person. Smart smart smart. Funny and charming and real. And you have narural beauty. I think you may make some insecure people jealous so they will hate on you. But u seem to have confidece and seem to be grounded so I hope it rolls off your back. You are so cool I think u are a great role model for entrepreneurs. Give yourself a big hug from me!
    I am a 60 years old woman and things are not quite as bad as they used to be when male bosses would push u up agaunst a wall or desk and rape you. But we still have a ways to go – there is so much mysogeny. You outclassed him and are an inspiration to us all. Good for you!

  16. People say terrible things to and about people because they are unhappy with themselves. This is especially a problem with men and men like me try to stamp this bad behaviour out. Project the good you want to see in the world, not the opposite. Might sound like cliched diatribe but I'd rather be the latter than the former. Thanks Sarah

  17. Way to go Sara 💪🏼 girl/women power, we need to stop blocking ourself for doing things just because is a man job/profession, what a good inspiration

  18. Mr. M is just an overgrown short-dicked fratboy. You professionally handled his misogynistic rudeness. Welcome to "Adultland"! Assholes continue to exist.

  19. Well done for standing up for yourself! You should've said "Well, as long as it's not /your/ penis Mr M. I dont really care"

  20. If I was standing next to Sarah or any Women being asked that question then Mr. Asshole better be ready to get an Earful from me no matter how much money he makes and I would expose him as a Perv in front of everyone. I would even tell everyone there out loud what he is asking you to make him look like a dirtyy perv. I am an expert at shutting down Rich Men that act this way in the past lol

  21. I'm so sorry you had to go through that but let me say…You're an absolute HERO!! I love watching your videos. I don't do eCommerce but I love your perspective on entrepreneurship. Just so you know what kind of viewer I am, I do custom funnels, online courses and lead generation for clients. I'm also getting started with my own YouTube Channel called Get Ahead. Thank you again for being such a hero and great example!

  22. You are so awesome! What a great story. I'm going to spend the next month watching all of your videos and trying to make a self sufficient income, thanks for all your work.

  23. I don't even see what is funny in this question. I hope he does not reproduce! His poor mom must be ashamed and mortified to have given birth to someone like him… I would have lost it at the second time he asked that question and would have said I prefer when dickheads like him shut up but your come back was much better! Returning his own question against him! And he didn't have any comeback to his own stupid joke! How humiliating for him!

  24. Hi, I have just registered with shopify.com and want to start my dropshipping biz. Could you guide me where to start (the basics). Regards Astro Bright

  25. Wtf I’m not here for make up tutorials. I watch your videos because of the information you bring to us. Keep up the good work!

  26. Love your videos. I'm 21 and currently researching making an income online, and I came across your channel. Very helpful content and your a great inspiring person. Haters always gonna hate, but you gotta put them to the side and move on with your life.

  27. Great story and really pleased you put him in his place. I once read Hillary Devey's biography (one of the Dragons from Dragons Den here in the UK) and she had a rough time getting to the top in the logistics business as it was very male dominated in the 1980's. Seems there's a lot of douches out there who just think they get away with saying / doing whatever they want. Like bullies though once you stand up to them you find they're all talk.

  28. I can pretty much guarantee that Mr. M completely loathes himself and everything he says comes from his insecurity. I bet he even knew he would hate himself more for saying what he did but still said it anyway and proved himself right. He'll probably commit suicide one day.

  29. Ughhhhhh I feel your pain. And your final answer is my favorite kind of answer. Embarrass the shit out of them and walk away. F*ck that guy.

  30. You handled it well – just like a waitress in Georgia body slammed a groping customer. Her boss gave her accolades for this and it was on national news.

  31. Sarah good for you girl!!!! I’m so proud of you for standing up for yourself what a jerk and asshole you need to come to the USA we have lots of women entrepreneurs our most famous is Kylie Jenner

  32. First of all, I want to say how sorry I am with how you were treated. However, I'm glad you managed to get him off your back. The truth is, growing up, girls are not taught how to react to jerks, only to be afraid of boys in general.

    Jerks are adult bullies. People like him don't care about the question, instead, they're looking for a reaction to their question. I'm always upfront about it and not afraid of responding. That usually throws them off.

    I personally would tell him his question is inappropriate but in case he really wants to know, I prefer someone who knows how to use it. (I actually got a similar question from a woman when I was 24, can you believe it?). Then, if such a person would continue harassing me, I'd harass them back and call him Mr. P. And if he insists on it, I would ask "Are you trying to compensate for your size or for not knowing how to use it?"  

    If women would have a penny for every inappropriate comment they got, we'd all be rich and wouldn't need your brilliant tutorials! At least not to make money… lol

  33. Just watched this video and I have to say that you are a very good story teller. With that being said guys due that to other guys too. Very unprofessional. You handled it perfectly.

  34. Hi from the UK. As an aspiring and mature female entrepreneur, I was drawn to this video, and keen to hear how you responded. I was going for retaliatory questions about which female anatomy he would prefer, but you 'killed it' with your response. Thanks for your honesty, bravery and upbeat videos. CB.

  35. I have never in my 50 years heard men talk like that, ever. Nice one for categorising us all in the same camp and this "MrM" though. To be fair, it's crass and some ppl have a mean sense of humour, but if you think this is "really like for a female entrepreneur", trust me you're in for a rough ride, princess. I get worse insults thrown at me about my penis just driving around town in my Bentley.

  36. It's sad to hear these things but…at the end was probably the best end of all huh? A big point to Sarah, the best answer ever, it was very funny

  37. This story about your encounters with those rich jerks and how you handled it was inspiring, to say the least Sarah. Thank you for sharing it

  38. Don’t take it personal or because of gender,
    Men like to compete and challenge others, but unfortunately some are not properly civilized. they treat other men even worse.

  39. Like the animation with the funny story. It was unexpected and in the end you clearly had the superior mind, with perfect timing. His friends will not let him forget easily.

  40. who is your animator? is it OverSimplified?

    I know assholes like him, they do it because you are the new one, and for whatever reason even if you are a guy they have to be assholes, so they will, you have to give them an asshole answer from the very first time, if you let them repeat they will escalate. Just like Cesar Millan says about dogs, you have to deescalate from the very beginning.

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