April 6, 2020


– Tomorrow’s the first time
kids I recruited and closed VaynerSports are gonna
get drafted in the NFL. – That’s amazing. – [Gary] It’s cool. You caught that scene?
– [Other Tyler] Yeah. – [Gary] I’m gonna wear this
for like a month and people are gonna be like, “Do you
know where he picked that up?” (“Unstoppable” by This Is Wolff) (“Man In Transition”
by Jaymison) Hey guys, super weird day today. Not a lot of content
because I was in an off-site. For like five or six hours. Super interesting. Hanging out
with a bunch of very, very smart people. You know, some of the things
that suck about this blog is I’m not able to
give you everything but hope you
guys are super well. I’m really fucking
zoned in right now. I’m like in it. Obviously you guys
can tell by the vlog. This is the first time I’ve
spent like a month straight, Ty. Show Tyler’s hat. That’ll probably be the best,
that’s probably the fuckin’ highlight of the episode. That is underpriced arbitrage. When I think, when
clients come to me and say, “Gary, great news. “We now spend 60% of
our money on digital.” I usually get scared because
I do believe that most of the creative programmatic banner and
pre-roll stuff that my clients are buying is worse than
television commercials and I’m not a big fan of television
commercials in a Facebook commercial world
so that’s kinda how we think about it, right? It’s the details. Like for me, for example,
I think like for example if you guys are, “Hey guys, we
want to call your bluff, Gary. “One year you dictate.” The first thing I would
do is buy Super Bowl. Like that would be the number
one ad buy I would do and then the second thing would be
Facebook commercials and then the third thing is Instagram
influencers and that would literally be my entire spend. Been very zoned in
operationally to the company. Very excited
about Vayner Solutions, Vayner Experience,
Vayner Beta, our live events business, our small business offering,
our consulting offering. The only vulnerability when
you have that issue is how you decide to measure if
we’re working or not. – [Man] Correct, yeah. – Which is important and by the
way the lifeline of why we’d be able to hang out with you longer
the good news is this is such an obnoxious arbitrage.
– [Man] Yeah. – That we’re,
you’re gonna feel it. You’re gonna feel, your common
sense driven not like I work at (censored) so we have a prayer. I’m in a really
interesting mindset. Maybe you’ve been sensing
in the last couple episodes. Sometimes you just get deep. Like right now
I’m very in the dirt. You guys have heard
about my clouds and dirt. Actually, why don’t you put up a
little video thing there for a lot of you that are
new that haven’t seen it? Sometimes you’re in a macro,
sometimes you’re in a micro. Been seeing the
meetings with the Vayner team. There’s been a ton of stuff that you haven’t seen that has
been all VaynerMedia time. Actually, usually 98% of stuff
that you guys don’t see day in, day out is me
doing VaynerMedia stuff. It’s really interesting
even when I watch the vlog. I talk about being 90%
the CEO of this company. I’m like oh, if you watch the
vlog it feels more like 60-40 ’cause the speeches and the
other stuff but that’s because so many, so much of my
day, today that off-site, so much of my day can’t be
seen because you’re hiring, you’re firing, you’re
talking about clients at scale. All stuff that
obviously I can’t share. You’re strategizing. I obviously put out my best
strategies to the world and so I’m not stopping
you from that, right? You’ll see highlights
of the PureWow meeting. Couple things that I wanted to
talk about with the team and where I think we can help and
then we got to AKA you got to make some decisions. It’s just because you’re worried
about the short term and I’m empathetic to that. And like the only thing I am is energy for the
long term, right? Everybody here
out of their spirit, out of being great,
out of their P&L, the biggest problem I have in
this company with Ryan and Jeff specifically in the room is like
I’m empathetic especially when I bring in a good CFO who I want
for him to do his job but the only thing we’re doing here is
I want PureWow to be number one and like the end. If you told me right now out of
your mouth our traffic would go down 25% if we focused on this,
I would approve it before you finished your sentence. I mean it. You have to understand
there’s a fundamental reason I bought this company. There’s a fundamental reason
I have the career that I have. If you’re gonna
live to be in 2020, you might as well
play to be in 2020. We’re good enough, this is what’s so
amazing about you guys. This is the other
reason I bought you. Forget about what
I bring to the table. You guys are so good at getting
to 2020 because that’s what you guys have done. You’ve built this
from scratch as a team and have always over batted. When you can oversell your
reality but then build to the new reality that’s
how you get big. Right? That’s why we’re doing this
because it’s the singular most important thing. It’s really cool, right? I think it’s really interesting
and important for everybody to realize the motivational
quotes on Instagram, why don’t you throw a
bunch up right here, right now. The motivational
quotes on Instagram, the highlights, the fancy
people that I interview on The #AskGaryVee Show.
Why don’t you cut in? Did you realize
that was a unicorn? – That was a unicorn. I didn’t expect any song
to be as big as “All Of Me”. – Happiness is a byproduct,
not an actual destination. – You have a camera
don’t overthink the quality. I want you to do the work. I like the producing
I’m doing here. It’s all fine and
dandy but the oxygen, the engine, the gasoline
that allows me to do that is operating this enormously large
agency in a very competitive landscape at the highest levels
in the world and I love that. And I love that action. I love that responsibility
and I often talk about the, you know, I genuinely
believe being an entrepreneur is being a firefighter. Being in the 911 business. That was probably a
big transition for you. Right, Ty? The level of stress–
– Yeah. – [Gary] of being my
assistant versus even being AJ. – [Tyler] Yeah. – The number two guy.
– [Tyler] Yeah, yeah. – Just a quantum leap, right?
– [Tyler] Mhmmm. I was just
thinking about it today. Like it’s all just
appeasing, appeasing. – Eating shit.
– Yeah. – Eating shit at scale. And so, you know, even that
quantum leap for all of you, trying to make this valuable. This is end up being an
awesome episode because of this. For all you
number twos out there, just having
empathy for your CEO. For her day in and day out. Where it’s way
crazier than you think. That jump from two to
one is just everything. It’s really kind of
similar to being a child and being a parent. Like you’re in the family. Being an oldest child
versus being the actual parent. For all you oldest,
if you’re a number two. I’m actually gonna give a
very good piece of advice. If you’re a number two in a
company and you happen to also be the oldest child in your
family and you also happen to be of the age now where you have
children and you’re the head of your family or one of
the top two in your family, that’s the difference. That’s how quantum, I was the
oldest and the quantum leap of the sense of responsibility that
the fear of your child breathing and all that stuff. You know, the quantum leap of
I thought I was the oldest and I was like 11 years older than
AJ and my dad worked a lot. I was the man. Taking the dad position
is a whole different game and I think that’s
the difference between number two and number one. Literally, literally when you’re the CEO every single
thing is your responsibility. All of it. If you’re a good
one you recognize that. So, I’ve been very in it. You know it’s fun because
when I go very micro it leads to a lot of macro thoughts. Being in the dirt is what helps
me strategize in the clouds. It gives me the context. I’m learning. I’m in it.
I’m deeply in it. And so, I’m in
the zone right now. And it’s great
because at a clouds level, the world has changed. This is the primary
device of our society. Like if you are hanging on to
landing page optimization on desktop to flyers to direct mail to television ads to pre-rolls on YouTube, like if you’re
hanging on to banner ads, programmatic buying. If you’re hanging on to
the things that got you here, you’re about to be
in for a rude awakening. The whole collapse of the retail
store market that I’m sure you’ve been reading about
if you’re a businessperson. All these retail stores closing. That’s just a preview of what’s
gonna happen to every industry. The internet has won. It is the middle man and it
is unemotionally an assassin. And so the companies that have built on top of
that and are leaders, Amazon, Apple,
Facebook, Google, Netflix. They’re just getting benefits of
the fuckin’ macro gangster which is the internet. Tomorrow’s the first time
kids I recruited and closed VaynerSports are gonna
get drafted in the NFL. – That’s amazing.
– [Gary] It’s cool. You caught that scene?
– [Other Tyler] Yeah. – [Gary] I’m gonna wear this
for like a month and people are gonna be like, “Do you
know where he picked that up?” (Jordan laughs) And underestimate
it at your own peril. I’m not underestimating it. I’m riding that
big fucking wave all the way to
seven Super Bowls. Big day tomorrow. NFL draft,
should be a fun episode. I’ll see you later. (“Victoria” by Sonder)

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