April 4, 2020
The struggle to innovate in the biggest company of Mexico #FuckupNights

The struggle to innovate in the biggest company of Mexico #FuckupNights

I had several years as an entrepreneur we are doing very well in terms of coverage we had some popularity
but we don’t have much wool and we don’t have much impact either and that
frustrated the opportunity then well suddenly how to get into a
so big company with so many resources and so much scale looked like the doors
from heaven not then you I accepted as the most veteran audiences
present will remind me of projects like the original pecha kucha night in the
Covadonga is the art supplement and Excelsior design took by the forums
more you latin informer or the village digital as it was many years ago I was
behind all your projects but today I come to tell you how I tried and
fraser in putting together the area of ​​innovation and digital strategy on phones
Mexico the story begins precisely the
passing times you have this forum and one of our sponsors was the
mex and back then they were trying to start a project that
he called the digital library bicentennial don’t know how well that
should do or how should you do then Well, my partners are looking for me to
help them and well many many months later after a complex project
we are going to walk it successfully then one day the director summons me
general of the company by the way that is the exact place in the
that sits and I imagine that as we speak is there
sitting have a very complicated board he invites me and tells me how he hears that
thing that made telmex hop not I understood but what they feel 10 that
I want more things like that to happen in the company then essentially invites me
to which I joined and then I accepted then let me make a small cut here to
give them context of how this felt I had several years as an entrepreneur not
knowing very well in terms of well coverage we had some popularity
but we don’t have much wool and we don’t have much impact either and that
frustrated the opportunity then then suddenly how to enter a
so big company with so many resources and so much scale looked like the doors
from heaven no so I accepted with many
implications this and well as day 1 wake of the
glorious area of ​​innovation strategy digital by myself and well soon we don’t good me
authorized a small group of collaborators that is pixelated for
protect your identity East and well the agreement was that everything
it smelled like digital had to eventually come to the area not then that was how
we went from being 7 to see beating 20 of suddenly 60 today you know that things don’t
they’re fine when you stop recognizing people who are on your team and not
you know well what they do and that happened to us and well suddenly we already had to
telmex hong kong we had the nets social and commerce campaigns
content in short a lot of things and well the vision the reason to enter
here was how we created a revolution of information technologies in
latin america there is no purpose we wanted big things and we are
sure that telmex in the duct right to do it then I
naturally we were many many people very young and well there were like many
traditions and a very very hard culture very very very hierarchical very soon
we started to make those kind of documents that you can’t read here but
it’s basically a list of all things that I thought were wrong and how
they could be resolved not then we had lots of boards with senior managers
where it was basically like an easy airless the letter santa clos as today
it’s so amazing to have more budget and student in short these documents that are usually
super confidential are where it starts to be the failure
four years or so of being battling with this project one day I say
as it is clear that what is needed is a vision I have not managed to sell the
vision then I need how this thing infallible incredible monolithic that everything
the world adds up to say how clear you we will dedicate the following 5 or 10
years to achieve it not then it’s like that I’m in charge of selling the vision I say it
of course the best context to do that it is therefore to request a space on the board of
telmex advice this no then i say this is not the board but it looked very
board resemblance I make sure people were there
adequate that a lot was included people with last names of four letters te
I present the supervision not then the immediate response is like name
Alejandro amazing no now yes now yes we are going to achieve them, I know
how everything will work amazing and Well, the days go by and nothing happens and
the weeks pass and nothing happens and of suddenly I take it personal as
What I say I say the truth I don’t want be in this place yes this place well
no it’s not going to make it easy for me not to all the potential that this company has
and this latin america not now yes no I deserve not because I fall I put one
deadline then like that in my in and that will never come
date but I’m going for a date and I’m leaving to take care of everything
then meet with the CEO and this one as I fall resigned but if not
haha then how will you imagine arrived the date and what one of the most things
interesting this director receives me in his office and the first thing he tells me
with a huge smile you come to give up truth
7 even effectively and well already entering as in the
reflections of failures but without doubt there were many many problems in
as a management study and how I sold the project as the article
this as a local and there are a lot of things to learn from the perspective of
free business management innovation or innovation process
but for me the focus of spotlights and the most important that I want to share with
you are the next I sold myself as this idea
what was this manager of a company Latin American and what are we going to change
today we are going to revolutionize this mexico of Latin America with the technologies of
information and suddenly I realized that vision
I never decided not to give it to me circumstance imposed on me and if there is anything
I want them to take today is that the next time you have a moment to
you don’t know the next bridge or the following who are brushing their teeth
whatever wonder if what they are doing
Right now it’s really what you guys they decided to do and I have news
that if not, there is always me to reinvent 6 thanks to the feil in the project
sometimes when I really what we indicate cow plate organizer in york
city ​​cambridge university long haul el poker nights back with when the moment
extension backup and i i yes

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