April 5, 2020
The Story Behind Josh Marsden & The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show

The Story Behind Josh Marsden & The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show

– Are you ready to transform
your normal E-commerce business into one that experiences
exponential growth, year after year, using online advertising? If so, this show is for you. Me and my guests will show
you how you too can grow your E-commerce business to
seven, or even eight figures so you can go on more luxurious vacations, spoil yourself and your family, say yes to more opportunities,
and become financially free so you never have to
worry about money again. Welcome to the E-Commerce
Performance Marketing Show. (upbeat music playing) – [Josh Marsden] Hey, how’s it going guys. My name is Josh Marsden
and I’ve been seen or heard on various media outlets
like Entrepreneur on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, The
Entrepreneur Show, Huffington Post, and several other media outlets as well. I’ve also been onstage at
Traffic and Conversion Summit, one of the best digital marketing events every single year for
the past several years. So I just wanted to shoot
this video just to kind of give you an introduction about
what I’m attempting to do with the E-Comm
performance marketing show. So, this show is something
that I’ve been cooking up for, I don’t know how
long, it’s probably been about six to nine months at least, but it’s been something that
I’ve really wanted to do for even longer than that,
and the mission of the show is really to help E-Comm businesses, help them learn how to
use digital marketing effectively, profitably, and consistently so this way they can scale their business and their results. This
is going to really utulize all of my years of
experience and expertise and helping E-Commerce
businesses do the same. I’ve been doing that with my company CVO Acceleration Performance
Marketing Agency. You can go to cvoaccel.com
or cvoacceleration.com and find out more, but
we have been basically helping E-Commerce
businesses over the past several years, since 2013, grow in scale using our paid advertising formula which is called the ARM5 Formula. Now a little bit about my story and the background of the business. It’s kind of a fun
story, I guess, in a way. I’m going to take a trip back In 2012, I was in a very good, stable, position at University of Phoenix. I was an enrollment manager.
I had won several awards. I was the top enrollment manager, for example, for fiscal year 2010, where I led my entire division and I was number 16 in the entire company and fast forward to early 2012, the company had kind of changed and there wasn’t a whole lot
of opportunities to move up and also make more money
and I was looking elsewhere and on top of that, I
was kind of going through like a little bit of a tough
time, personally speaking, and I felt like it was probably
my best interest to leave University of Phoenix for
both of those reasons. And a friend of mine, she
said that this company called Infusionsoft which, if you’re familiar with digital marketing,
Infusionsoft is somewhat synonymous with digital
marketing these days, Infusionsoft was hiring sales reps. And so I was like, all
right well I’m kind of open to the opportunity, let me check it out. So I went down there, checked it out, and basically got a
job offer very quickly. And at that point, I
decided to leave my career that I built over seven
years between 2005 and 2012 and to go over to Infusionsoft. Went over to Infusionsoft,
hit the ground running, did well, first six
months I was doing well underneath one manager, I was
switched to another manager, and then I had a few rocky months, and then towards the end
of that year of 2012, after I was number three on
the sales floor in October, I was let go in early December. And, you know, I’m not going
to go into details there, it was a very weird kind of situation, I’ll just leave it at that. And I even was able to get my manager to overturn his decision from the time he told me and then the next day I came in and I was expecting to work that day and he turned around and
decided to really let me go. Anyway, it’s a really weird story, I won’t go into details,
I don’t want to bore you. But, so at that point, I was like alright, well I need to
obviously provide a living for myself. I also had
my son- I’m a single dad. My son, at the time, was I
think maybe three years old. So I got a job offer
right away, that same day, I looked around for other opportunities, over the next several
weeks, and during that time, I did some freelance work for
the first time in my life. I made money on my own for
the first time in my life. I thought about opening up
my own business in the past, but I had never really realized it. I had registered a business
license back in late 2000’s for ICEpower PC where I was going to build custom computers, because
I was an enthusiast when it came to high performance computers and building custom computers. I had been doing that since I was 18, and I didn’t do anything with that. So at this point in my life, late 2012, I took some chances. I had some time, and I started making some money online doing some freelance work,
mostly with Infusionsoft. I was helping businesses
on oDesk and Elance. I had to think about those because they’ve changed since
then, and it’s now Upwork. And I made a little bit of money, I made 1700 bucks the
first 30 days. No big deal. But it showed me that I
can make money on my own. And so, I did start at
another company in early 2013, and this company showed a lot of promise, I was fairly excited, it
looked like I had a high upside like I was going to be able
to make a ton of money, and right away, they basically
gave me an ultimatum. They said that I would
have to change my schedule with my son in order to be
able to keep my position because their culture required sales reps to come in early and stay late Monday through Friday, basically. And I’m all about hard
work, but when it comes to sacrificing time with my son, family time, which is the number one
thing in your life is the people you spend time with, your family, the people you love. And so I was like, okay,
well you know what, let me see what I can work out. And basically what I was doing
was I was buying myself time. I didn’t know what I was
going to do at that point, at that junction basically, when I was working at that company. And I strung it along for maybe
and a week and a half or so, and then at the end of the third week, they basically said “Hey, we need to know, “Are you staying or are you going?” And I basically said “Give me until “the end of the weekend”. And then that weekend, I
basically did a very simple brain dump with literally two columns and three rows, and I put the two options, start my own business,
stay at that company, strengths, weaknesses, and just dumped what that meant, what that looked like. And when I looked at it,
I was like, you know what? I really don’t have that much risk. If it doesn’t work out,
I’ve got a bachelors degree, I almost have my MBA, I was
finishing up my MBA at the time, I’ve got all this great career experience, I’m gonna be fine, I’m
gonna figure it out, but if it does work out, this could do a number of positives for me in my life, and will allow me to create
the life that I want, to be the best dad that
I can be for my son. And so, the choice was simple. I let the company know “Hey, “I’m going to start my own business. “Thank you for the
opportunity”, and that was that. And that’s how I started CVO Acceleration Performance
Marketing Agency. At the time, it was called ICE Accelerate Marketing Automation Services, and then at some point, years later, I evolved it into CVO Acceleration, made it more about funnels
and paid advertising and conversion optimization. Funnels is like a big hierarchy
where marketing automation and tools like Infusionsoft
and CLAW ActiveCampaign sits in, and so now we basically run all the marketing for all of our clients where we’re able to generate an average of 900% return on ads spent
for all of our clients across the board as of this recording, and we’ve had some pretty
stellar wins, like one client, for example, made $93000 in just one day, a lot of it attributed to our efforts. So, I love what I do. That is my story, that’s a little bit about
me. I’m really excited to really deliver this E-Comm
performance marketing show to you. My mission with this show is to provide super valuable content,
really really help you be able to change your business, scale your company using
performance marketing, using paid advertising,
using sales funnels, using split testing, analytics,
marketing automation, you name it, basically everything it takes to be able to turn paid advertising into a channel that can really yield consistent growth for
you and your business. And then on top of that, I’m
a pretty passionate person when it comes to mindset, when it comes to being the
best version of yourself and I’m sure there will be a little bit of that sprinkled in as well. For example, as of this recording, I’ve done 11 days in a row
of 100 burpees every morning and that’s on top of working out, doing crossfit, jogging, doing hot yoga, so I really believe in
like, doing the best you can with the time that you have here on Earth. Besides that, I’m also really
big in self-development, I’ve been studying Daoism for the past six months now, I believe. I journal daily, I meditate, I
do all sorts of crazy things. So, with that said, you’re
going to get a lot of a lot of personal value too,
I think, out of this show and I’m really excited
to deliver that to you. So, here is the form of the show. We’re going to have two episodes a week published here on YouTube, and the first episode every
week is just going to be me teaching, helping you,
and teaching you on a specific takeaway that I want you to take, and I want you to use in your business. The second episode every
week is going to have a special guest. Now I’ve
got some incredible guests already lined up, already
recorded as of this recording, and I’m going to have a
number of other guests as well in the near future, but these guests are powerful people, these are people that
have literally billions of dollars of experience in
advertising and online sales, and they’re going to
be lending their wisdom and their experience to you in this show. So I’m really excited to
interview these people and to introduce them to
you since we can learn from them because I’ve
learned so much from so many people over the years since I’ve been in digital marketing and I’m just happy to pass that
on to you, my valued guests. So I’m really excited to have this show, I’m really excited to launch it, and this is what you
can expect of the show. Hopefully you enjoyed my story and thank you so much for
being a part of my journey and following me and following the E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show. Make sure to subscribe so
this way you don’t miss a super valuable episode, again, we are going to be releasing
two of them a week, and they’re going to be phenomenal. I guarantee that. I’ve been putting a
lot of focus and effort a lot of attention into making sure that everything that I do and
every single minute of my show is super powerful for you. So make sure to subscribe
right now and tune in. (upbeat music playing) – [Josh Marsden] Thank
you for tuning in to The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe, like, and comment with a timestamp of your favorite part and share it with a friend. Until our next episode, here’s to you and the success of your
E-Commerce business. (upbeat music playing)

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