March 30, 2020
The Start Up Guide To Ecommerce Product photography

The Start Up Guide To Ecommerce Product photography

Hello! Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to the office. You are in downtown LA with your boy Groobies and kid lips we still here. We’re here for you and today we’re going to talk about the startup guide ecommerce product photography. Start up being the keyword we’re going to show how to do this on a budget if you are trying to make photos and products you sell them on the Internet you’re going to need to walk carefully and also contribute your thoughts make sure a lot of you already tried this maybe you found some great ways to do it post your tips, your tricks, your thoughts on how to get a great photo in the comments below! Good photography sells product. If the photo looks pro, the product looks pro. Right also just an informational tool for someone to buy something else that I really want to get in 84 toyota celica convertible right and then go on craigslist and looking at all of these 84 Toyota celicas convertibles and you’re going to be a good price but no photos I’m less likely to want to check it out. So having pictures help me identify, this is what I’m going to getting information is important know. I’m actually getting that and you can nail it, i mean if you nail it even if your iphone that’ll sell. We’ve seen it happen time and time again and here working from lets say a digital mock up or a sketch or something that’s not the accurate image unless it’s really well done 9 times out of 10, it is not gonna sell well as if it’s a photograph of the actual product. cool. If you’re just getting started or you’re growing this video is probably for you this way to do things on a budget. So we’re going to talk about how you can get short circuit short cut system a little bit still get a solid photo we are actually gonna take some photos today, of the items and will show you exactly what we’re doing will show you the final result with all the photos that we can come up with we’re going to use our DSLR camera just on the video, but we are gonna shoot with our phones we set up a super make shift studio I don’t know budget on this thing… 5 bucks? But basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to shoot it on simple table we lay some white fabric ideally not wrinkled You want to cut out of many wrinkles. that you can do if you don’t have white fabric think bed sheet, thinks pillow case don’t pull the one that’s off your bed that you slept in. Clean one get it ironed you know make it nice. yeah and then the boxes kind of backdrops and put the fabric of the box when you drop drop your drop your product and on that fabric and then we shoot it and we will do it with an iPhone you want to find a spot that doesn’t have too much direct light it you want it to be bright a lot of right, but you don’t want any shadows at all so you can’t be in the direct sun. So if there is the building that is blocking part of the sun you can shoot in the shadow of the building you don’t want to be dark you still want to be very light but you want that indirectly we have that going on here will show you yeah and then they just snap a pic with the iphone take it either portrait or landscape depending on what you’re going to be using think about that when you’re uploading your website is it square photos is it landscape which is this way horizontal long way or is it portriat the vertical either one you want to know think about and frame it try to keep not too much background besides the white that you don’t want to be too wide but get detailed in there make sure that you are zooming in on the product and making sure that sharp and in focus a couple pictures from a couple different angles yeah and then the features of the product if there is artwork on the product you want a clear vision of that. position that if it’s a hat for example is snap or is it a fitted hat probably should show those details becacuse people care and they have preferences. Totally it and then just once you have a bunch you have a couple options of each angle then pick the best one and edit it and you can even do that on your phone right you can just set the brightness up contract crop it in a way that looks good. Come to a place where you feel really good about that photo they might be specific image size requirements for example on the apliiq website for specific sizes that we upload to the site you might have the same thing you might need to bring it into your computer and actually do some editing on either a free tool like Gimp or photoshop something like that, lightroom. Then whatever tool you use just think about how you can basically get the backdrop as clean as possible already started with white, but you might need to brighten that a bit reduce some of the wrinkles but they’re still there and let the foreground really pop and then you get that contract and saturation colors really strong. So you might want to increase the saturation if you’re increasing the brightness or contrast you might lose to blur out the background and make it very white you might need something a little bit of colors of the garment or the item itself but we increase the saturation you can bring those color back pretty strong sure yes play with it, just explore the tools and functions you have to edit but what is on your phone and your computer both and come up with something that you think looks really pro ask friends hey how does it look because your eye might think it looks really good and it could be too grey or not focused enough and if you can get it back eventually you can figure out what do to alter those issues and make it look really clean. Awesome great work Groobies really good explaining what needs to be done today thank you. Well thank you guys for joining us hopefully you learned a couple tips tricks most important some inspiration that you can take really pro photos yourself and get really good results I think its also one of the more fun aspects of bringing your creative vision and closing the loop on that and getting out into the world right. We always talk about getting samples this is the time when you have your samples to make it shine and then you want you have great product photography and market it and you can sell it you get it out the universe and people will buy. You can run a presale campaign right you can get it get some money for it and then detective make products and reduce it and then get the money for that so it’s really great tool it’s really important to perfect it and play with it a lot you know we got a little to do it cool because of questions about product photography or you guys have all the product photography we want to hear about that but when they have solutions we may not have solution scratch our head with you know but yeah let’s get out there will help the community improve and build better products getting out there. Absolutely. Peace be with you. Thanks for being here.

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  1. Thank you for this! What app do you use to edit your photos with the iPhone; and do you have a preference for one more than another?

  2. THANK YOU! hey guys do you have any photo editing apps for android you suggest to use? Is having a website devoted to product photography crucial or can I just feature a small space of professional photos on my current website? I don't want to make tens of thousands of dollars but I would love for this to be another asset of income coming in as I work on establishing my film making business. you have sub from me. Hope to hear a reply from you soon. thank you for your time and support.

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