March 29, 2020
The Secret To A High Converting Landing Page in 2019

The Secret To A High Converting Landing Page in 2019

– Those who are just tuning
in, my name’s Russel Brunson. Right now we are
answering a whole bunch of amazing questions about
how to grow your companies, internet marketing,
personal development, all sorts of stuff. And right now, the question for today
is landing page Secrets. So I’m gonna tell
you guys a story, I learned from Daegan
Smith, and it’s brilliant. So, Daegan was
telling me this story, I’m not the best doodler, but
I’m gonna do my best, okay? Alright, in fact if you
read either of my books, Dotcom Secrets book or
Expert Secrets book, I doodle everything. So I mean, I’m a doodler,
’cause I visually see things, but I’m not the best drawer. So here we go. So for this doodle,
I need a tree. So here’s my blue tree, K. So there’s the blue tree
and in front of the tree, there’s like this lake,
which is also blue. There’s some fish in the lake. And over in the bushes, there
is this deer that’s coming. Okay, this is a deer. And the deer is like, I
need a drink of water. Now the deer represents
your customer and the lake represents
your landing page. Now I’ve seen a bunch
of your landing pages. I’ve seen most of ’em. Now as the owner
of Click Funnels, right now we have over
65 thousand members who are in there using our
software every single day and so I see most of
your landing pages, okay? And this is the
mistake you’re making. I got a green marker
now, thank you everybody. Now we got a green
tree, it’s a lot better. So this is the problem, you guys are creating
this landing page. You’re like, oh my gosh, we need to attract
all these customers. So because of that, we’re
gonna do some crazy things. You’re sitting out here
and like you’re dancing and your juggling and then
you got a dude over here shooting off fireworks. It’s all exciting
and you’re like, ah come over here to our lake. Now what does that
do to your customers? This deer over here,
who’s meeting you and your brand for the
very first time ever. K, they see that and their like, oh my gosh and it’s
like a twig snapping and this deer runs away
and is gone forever. But that’s what we all do because we’re so excited about
our new customers coming in. K, now if you want to
make a landing page work, we have to understand
that anything you do that’s out of the
ordinary, that’s crazy, is gonna pull people away. Okay, there’s two
things on a landing page that are essential to
it being successful. Number one is it’s
gotta be simple. If you look at any
of my landing pages, they are simple, there’s
not a lot happening. It’s just very much like,
okay this is what you want, you want this free book,
you want this free video. Here’s the headline
about what it’s about. It’s just very simple and easy. There’s not distracting
images and buttons and a whole bunch of stuff,
it’s very simple and easy. The cleaner, the better, okay? Notice my landing pages. Notice just how simple they are. Most of the time when people
ask me to do website critiques, I log into their
Click Funnels account and delete like 90% of
the stuff on the page. Like, okay does that
feel more simple? Like do I feel like my customer
can now come to the lake and not get freaked out? And then number two,
and this is the key, I want you guys to understand
this, number two is curiosity. Curiosity is the key, okay? I have some members of my
inner circle, Mike and AJ, and they’re awesome. They had this webinar. I wish I had the stats
in front of me right now, but they had this
webinar registration page and it was costing
them like $23, $24 to get somebody to
register for the webinar. And I remember looking at the
page and the page was simple, so they did that right, but I remember looking at
the message and the headline explained exactly what was
happening in the webinar. It was like, register for
our webinar to find out how to do local
reviews for a company. And it cost ’em like $21,
$22 per lead on Facebook, which is insane,
like way too much. And they’re like,
what should we do? And I looked at it and I said, I know exactly where
the problem is. The problem is
there’s no curiosity. When I look at that page, I know exactly what’s
happening in the webinar. So because of that,
the registration
rate is gonna be low and the show up rate’s
gonna be even lower. Because I can kinda guess, oh I think he’s
talking about, blah. If someone looks at you’re page and they can answer the
question in their mind, they’re not gonna give you
their contact information, they’re not gonna
go to the next step, they’re not gonna show
up to your webinar, they’re gonna opt in
for your free gift, or whatever that
thing is for you. You have to have curiosity. So for them, all we
did is we changed it. Instead of saying, find out
how to do local reviews, it was, find out how to get
clients, whatever it said, and by the way this is
not by doing Facebook Ads, it’s not by doing Google Ads, it’s not by doing all the
things that people might think, but people didn’t
know what it was. And people were like,
oh my gosh what is it? I need to find out. They had so much curiosity, they had to put in the email
address, they had to show up. And his registration rate from
like, $21, $22 per registrant down to like $3 or
$4 per registrant. And they’re show up rate went
from like, 14-15% to like 30%, all by increasing the curiosity. So if you want you’re
landing pages to get better, higher converting landing pages, make them simple and
add tons of curiosity. This deer coming to
the water’s curious, like what’s that
water look like? What’s it gonna taste like? Like what’s the process,
what’s the experience gonna be? So that’s why they’re
tip toeing over, just like you’re customer is. And you make it simple, get rid of all the
flashy stuff around it, and then make it as
curiosity based as possible. You’re gonna come in and they’re gonna take
you up on your offer. So that is my, probably my
number one landing page secret. Hope that helps you guys
when you’re creating your landing pages
inside of Click Funnels, because when you do
it the right way, that’s how you get tons of leads and how you grow your
company really, really fast. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish
new secrets just like this, so make sure you subscribe
so you don’t miss any of ’em. And I will see you
on the next video.

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  1. Ooweee, im pumpin out ads for my new funnel!! Going crazy reading Dan Kennedy books and making a USP and having millions of happy deer drinking my alkaline water ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Thank you Russell for this useful and good information

  3. You the MAN Russell! Once I hit my first $100k in a month online, I will post it on my YouTube channel and get ready to meet me!

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    Thanks man. Great Video and so simple.
    Greetings from your Coach in Dubai ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  5. Ah love this Russell! Thank you – also loving the analogy about the deer, can i use it? haha….I see a squeeze/landing page like a Cinema. You know when the film comes on and the lights get dimmed, so there is more focus on the screen? One of the reasons at the very least as to why that is done is because it eliminates all distractions. So the focus is on the film. I always have that in mind when creating a squeeze page, keep the focus on the copy and obtaining an email address, speaking out at the pain points of my audience and providing a curiosity-driven solution. I've also recently started putting my branding on my squeeze pages as well, i think it promotes a congruent journey for my audience, which can only be a positive. Thanks again dude, great video, love it!

  6. Dude this helps tremendously! Iโ€™m guilty of giving folks too much info and not leaving room for curiosity!

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