April 3, 2020

27 thoughts on “The REAL Reason I Dropped Out Of College…

  1. Wow wow wow, hold yer horses Ted. At 3.43 your infographic shaded the Republic of Ireland in your 1/3rd of uk graduates statistic. Just to update you on you history and geography. The Republic of Ireland is not a part of the UK. Northern Ireland is, for now. Totally understand what you're saying though. Love your vids, very informative and you are very watchable. Love the accent too 😊

  2. Hey sarah good video , i want to know about there are lots of tool now days for dropshipping , like ecomhunt , do you suggest any ? or do you try any ? please create a video or spread some light on it here on comment section

  3. I just want an insurance policy against ending up like the lollipop guy with the stop/go sign on roadworks lol… or pushing trolleys at pak'nsave

  4. I can understand people calling college or university to be a scam. I don’t believe this statement a 100% but understand especially when you hear about so many college graduates having jobs they could have had right out of high school

  5. Love this story! Thanks for putting in the effort to make this vid; totally dig the animation! 😀 Little high school you & your parents are so cute!

  6. Hmm i should drop my job but first i should start to make money. . I hate jobs.. being a slave not fun. . But others doesn't see it..

  7. I got my computer science degree a few years ago, and I am working as a QA engineer in the biggest casino gaming company in Europe. It might seem like it all clicked, but I could have got that job even without a degree. Many jobs today do not require any kind of degree anymore. Formal education scam is falling apart.

  8. Am I right in assuming what you call college in New Zealand and USA is called university in Britain? College (16-18 year olds) is what brits call the stage between secondary school (high school?) and university

  9. Sarah with all the t-shirts you have at your disposal you must really love that one. You're wearing it in like 90% of your videos. Love the content by the way!

  10. In high school I sold altered clothing from clothes I bought at thrift shops. I had a full ride scholarship to an Ivy League boarding school, but being from a poor family (funny I didn’t realize how poor till I got to this school) I just didn’t have spending cash like the other kids till I started this biz. Sarah, your story reminded me how when I was remanded to a 4 hour Saturday morning study hall required for missing weekly classes I would check in one room, greet the teacher/monitor, leave a book on the table to hold my seat, then go do the same in the other room. Then I’d announce I had to go to the bathroom, climb out the bathroom window, and take the bus to town and the nearest thrift shops. I’d be back half an hour before study hall finished and happily go to my room and design away for a couple of hours. Never got caught. And I still owe the school study hall time for missed classes lol.

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