April 1, 2020
The Power of Facebook Advertising Explained for 2019

The Power of Facebook Advertising Explained for 2019

– How many people here have
bought something on Wish? The shopping app, raise your hands. Raise it high, own it, don’t be scared. Cool, how many people
here have never heard? It’s cool, I need the honesty here and everyone’s very fucking like this. How many people here
have never heard of Wish, the shopping app? Raise your hands. This is the best moment of my life. One more time, you have not
heard of Wish the shopping app, raise your hands high. Okay, this is the best,
thank you very much. Wish depending on who you listen to ’cause it’s a private kinda thing company. Is doing anywhere between three to six billion dollars in revenue. Wish is probably the closest thing to any kind of conceivable
threat to Amazon in the world. Wish is doing three to six
billion dollars in sales, they’re spending 98% of their
money outside of a Lakers Los Angeles Lakers patch on the jersey and the McGregor Mayweather
fight they bought the corner. Outside of those two activations, they are spending 98% of
their money on Facebook ads. Wish’s founders are engineers from Google that worked on the
Google ad words product. Wish is doing three to six
billion dollars in sales, and more than half of
this room, this room. Not some fucking random hundred people on the street in London, this room. More than half the people
don’t even know what it is. That is the punchline, thank you. You got your perspective. I just want to be happy,
don’t you want to be happy? How many people here are entrepreneurs and run their own business? Raise your hands. So for me, just high,
just for my own context. So for me, this group more than
anybody is most interesting because for them I can comfortably say every dollar you do not spend
on Facebook and Instagram during this era you’ll
regret not spending. I can’t believe how much I’m spending because what really is the
conversation that’s not being had in this space is what
we all need as brands or entrepreneurs, or individuals which is a lot more content. If you really deeply understand, how many people here
are on the media side? Like are media practitioners of Facebook? Just raise your hands. So, these individuals that
just raised their hands. They deeply know that the, especially when you really know it, that the vulnerability/the
opportunity is we need a hell of a lot more content. That’s contextual to the planning capabilities of the platform. The big ah-ha, the big
thing that I would love for people to leave here,
if it brings them value is understanding that I’m
producing a 100 pieces of content a day for my brand and I’m
probably a 1,000 to 4,000 short of what I should be doing. I failed almost all my classes,
but one that class I got A’s and B’s in consistently was history, and that’s really interesting how that’s played out in my career. I would implore all of
you, if you really wanna get an input to what I
think is happening here, if this conversation evolves in the next hour and it’s valuable. I would implore you to watch
the first 100 commercials made for television. The first 100 commercials
made for television, which you can wildly find
on YouTube were radio ads. They were somebody holding
up something or an image and then a man read a
script and so a radio ad was put and made into a
television commercial. – [Man] America runs on Bulova time. – Because we as a creative
advertising field, in the industry, in the
businesses hadn’t figured out what the television commercial was. To me, the most interesting
thing is in 2018 I think most of us agree,
we’ve all accepted that taking a television commercial
and putting it in your Facebook feed or YouTube,
that doesn’t work. I think we all kinda got there. But there was a far bigger
301 to that 101 point of view, that needs to be talked about. Which is, okay, but what does? While we’re at the commercial shoot, let’s shoot some collateral
and use that for Facebook, is also a very 101 point of view. If anybody is producing
TVC and not producing a hell of a lot more
content while they’re there, they’re already disproportion
behind the reality of the things that we should be doing. Way more importantly to me is
should it be interpreting that spot or should be changing
out actors and actresses that demographically would
be able to be powerful to the people consuming it? Should we be bringing other
products and things there, that allow us to shoot
completely different things? I think we have a very
weak creative conversation around the new channels
because I think we come with a perspective from the old world. I have empathy to why that is. One of the biggest
mistakes that people make is they make decisions
in a focus group of one. I have never made a
business decision in my life based on my own behavior. That is laughable, stupid
and just naive at best, and ideologically the kinda
like, it’s not a good idea. And so, I’m fascinated by how many people go into rooms and say Gary, you’re right! My 14 year old daughter uses Instagram. Great, John. (audience laughs) This is not about you
or your three friends, or your 17 year old niece or what your grandma did yesterday. This is fucking data at scale, this is black and white happened. This is not happening, this isn’t coming, 90 plus percent of the
Fortune 500 CBG brands are declining in market share. In their marketing
behavior, 80% of their spend is either on television
or programmatic digital, which is digital 2006. This is not confusing. Meanwhile, Jim Shark
and Fashionova and Lola, and movement watches are going
from zero to 25, 50, 100, 500, million dollars in
sales on 100% spend on Influencer, Facebook and Instagram. This is not subjective debate
like if a video was funny. This is what’s happening
in the business world. One of the things I recommend
all of you is at least one time in your career, make
a fundamental career change and go into and industry with fresh eyes, you will be stunned how smart you will be. I think that was my great advantage, I didn’t know when I
started being in media, I didn’t know that media
and creative was separate. It was just what I did at
my library and the only way I saw the internet work
and so I just built that. It wasn’t smart, it was
naive and practical. And so, my rant here is
predicate on one thing. In 2019, to even have this
conversation is underwhelming. In 2019 to even have this
conversation is underwhelming. This has been proven, this
is no longer should we guess? There is countless examples. Now, the problem is for some
people that are in the trenches and have run stuff is like anything, if you don’t play an item
right, it won’t work. Unbelievable amounts of
money you’ve been wasting on Facebook and Instagram because of a million different things. The creative was not strong, the targeting and the creative was not
contextual to each other. There’s a million different
reasons why this happens, so the ROY of a piano to me is zero. To Elton John it’s been a billion dollars. Cool, it works, but now what? I think that Facebook
and Facebook knows this, my points of view on Facebook’s
best practices creatively, is something I fundamentally disagree with because I think it panders to reporting and things of that nature. But back to the creatives in the room. You want to win creatively? Make something that’s good. Make something people want to watch. You can’t imagine what
happens when you make a piece of video content
that’s really good, that people watch for two
minutes and nine second, all the way through or
50% of the way through, and then you re-market
them with a call to action. You can’t imagine. You wanna really believe
in marketing, do that. You wanna really believe
in how marketing works? Let me give you the quickest way you can feel really good
at putting your head on a pillow and saying yeah,
this shit actually works. Make a great fucking
video, target it properly. Get hundreds of thousands of people to see quite a bit of it and then re-market them for a call to action and
watch how many convert. You’ll believe in marketing
the rest of your life. It works, it’s just that nobodies natively building for that. My big thing is this. I book it into two groups
of people right now. One, the people that work at companies and what they spend their money on, versus two, the people that
have to feed their families with the businesses success and what they spend their money on. And when you go look at the
people that work at corporations and spend money on the
media side and creative, and what they’re buying. And then you go look at entrepreneurs who have to put food on
their table and what they’re spending their money on, that
will give you the biggest indication of what I
think is going on today. And by the way, that, I wanna
make this perfectly clear. That doesn’t mean a CMO or
head of media at an agency is a bad person, stupid or wrong. It means that’s the game they’re playing. Of course, if you’re a
CMO of a company that’s internal MMM doesn’t score
social, but over-scores TV. You’re gonna allocate those
dollars because you’re bonus is predicated on hitting your numbers, and you got to buy a second
car for your daughter. Humans, humans are why very very very big businesses go out of business. And so I’m super pumped because
a ton of huge businesses are about to go out of business. And not because I want that carnage because I love the merit of the market. One other random thing, this
is just more like fodder. It is scary how under priced
influencer marketing is. If you deeply understand it. Mainly because humans don’t
know how to price themselves. Some are completely out
of their mind and want 20,000 a post when they’re
worth $300 in media. And they bought their
fans and you can tell. I love these fuckers with
four million followers on Instagram with nine likes. We know what you’re doing, dick. But on the flip side,
boy, the long tail of influencer marketing is fascinating. Getting a 1,000 different people. Now it’s a lot of hand to hand combat, it’s a lot of non-working
media dollars to get it done. But, in net efficiency the business result you’re looking for it’s super real. I think the best way to build
any brand is deeply deeply into truths an authenticity. So, when I started putting
out content for example, I curse on stage, if you go
look at my 2007 videos on YouTube, I get murdered in the
comment section for cursing. Far less acceptable 11
years ago than it is today. For whatever reason. But I wouldn’t waiver
because it was just a way, when you’re a jersey boy, this
is just how you fuckin’ talk. And so, one, you’ve got to
be you all the way through. Authenticity is such a played out term, but it’s kinda like stereotypes. They’re grounded in some truths. Authenticity really matters,
high volume of content, not overthinking the
audience in the way that most people don’t show them true selves because they’re worried about
losing certain people around certain things, thus, they become vanilla. To me, if you’re into
marketing but also a Jets fan, and also you garage sale on the weekends, and also you like root beer and sneakers. Put it all out. Maybe marketing community
doesn’t want the sneakers stuff, but maybe they do. So, a lot of overthinking,
so volume of content. I think really being grounded
and distribution of ads, the fact that you can now
again, ’cause Facebook brought it back, target based
on employees of companies. Just think about your business. You can target content based
on employees of companies. So literally your video could
be, hey, does your CMO know? That could be the beginning of your video. Or like please make sure
that your head of HR knows. All of a sudden, three of
the 4,000 that you targeted forward that video to the head of HR. This is back to being a practitioner. So I think being grounded
in the media capabilities, producing content, and the
final thing I would say is make it consumable based
on them, not on you. Meaning video, audio,
written word, all if you can. Now, if you’re shy in front of a video, which I have empathy, some are. Then you shouldn’t do it. But, if you can do video
it’s the holy grail because then you can strip
the audio for podcast and audio, you can eventually,
at first you can transcribe, but if you build up you can
hire somebody to transcribe it into Linkedin, medium and Facebook posts. And then also, you know what? I put out a deck, an
88 page deck recently. I think it’s titled Gary V Content Model. I literally just gave
all my, everything I do, my secrets for free, it’s out there. You should look at that. The thesis is make
content and then interpret it contextual to the channels. So, maybe a quote from this
talk becomes an Instagram quote with a picture on it. Maybe this audio, I for
fact this talk will be a podcast episode for
me, so things like that. So it’s creating content from
content ’cause you’re busy and you’re one person. So there’s an efficiency
of content production from a masterpiece of content
that creates collateral, that makes the volume
that you’re looking for more palpable than, it’s more
documenting than creating. Which as you can imagine
makes it a lot easier ’cause the creating part
is what holds people back. – [Woman] And say the constant
debate we have at work– – Yes. – [Woman] Is what should
frequency strategy be? Can you involve people too much? Do they really get annoyed? Do they even remember your ads
when they see it three times? What’s your opinion? – So, I think it comes down to, it comes down to what
you’re bombarding them with. Can the New York Jets bombard me too much? Absolutely not, bombard away. Can Milky Way candy bars
bombard me too much? They sure can ’cause
I don’t really like it or consider it, but if
their creative is clever, or utilitarian, or interesting. What about more importantly
if they gave me four different creative, instead of one? This question is predicated
on the lack of the thing that I think people need to
fill, which is more creative. One could argue, and my team argues about this all the time too. Do we just run the 13
videos that have been proven to resonate with people in perpetuity? Or do I keep creating new
stuff and what’s the cadence? The answer is there’s a
level of both to the result. I think that, I think
it’s a really bad idea to keep showing people
shit that they don’t want. So, that is for sure. That being said, there’s
also a conversation that should be had in our
industry which is difficult because the technology advancements of potential reach and actual reach. Potential consumption
and actual consumption. Meaning, I would also argue you could run that same Milky Way ad to me four times, I just might not see it
the first three times even though it’s registered as a view. But the fourth I may,
you see where I’m going? So I think this is why we
desperately have to tie this whole world into
if Milky Way was testing how it was doing in Dublin at sea stores over a one month period. You’d get far better answers
than philosophical debate. In all those hours of
the philosophical debate, if my company actually spent
the right amount of time in the meetings that
we should be spending. I’d have 400 less employees. We’re in meeting debating dumb
shit 24/7 in this industry. If we took half that time
and did it into doing and testing, and tasting. We’d all be much further along.

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