April 10, 2020

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Law Firm Landing Page | ClickFunnels for Lawyers Landing Page Design

  1. Interesting presentation. The suggestions seem geared towards lower-volume, higher-dollar engagements. What about practices that have lower-dollar, higher-volume engagements? It seems like we'd have different customer-engagement/first call goals (?).

  2. Andy, I've been binging your videos this afternoon šŸ™‚ If you do not have one practice area (perhaps your Firm handles DUI, Family, and PI), do you suggest creating several landing pages? The method in this video seems focused on highlighting benefits and features of a specific practice group- which makes perfect sense. I wonder would we need to have several different pages since we're speaking to several different audiences. This seems obvious, but you also are the King of marketing hacks so if there is a simpler way, I'm all ears!

  3. Is it still possible to get the template? I've tried a couple times and it's not coming through to my email. Thanks

  4. How do you link the toolbar at the top of your site to the rest of your law firm's website and make the funnel and your website look the same?

  5. The landing page has not been sent to my email. Is there another way I can get it as I have tried multiple times? Also, love the vids keep them coming!

  6. If you want to receive the template you have to pay for the ClickFunnels service. This is just an over glorified advertisement utilized to capture your data and then sell you on the full service aspect of attorney marketing. Remember, nothing in this world is free. Nothing! I take that back, Bernie Sanders will give it to you for free šŸ™‚

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