April 9, 2020
The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Friends & Family

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Friends & Family

What is the perfect Christmas
gift for your friends and family? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live everyday.
Today from Grants Pass, Oregon here at the head quarters. You heard the ding, that means I
forgot to turn my phone off. Forgot to silence it
before I came on the air. Rather forgetful. If
you haven’t noticed yet, yesterday I forgot to plug my microphone
all the way in so you couldn’t hear me all that well. Hopefully you
got to hear the message though. Today’s message has to do with a Christmas gift for you and your loved ones. And it’s not something that you
can easily wrap up in most cases. It’s not something that is all that
easily delivered or even necessarily even wanted by the other party. That’s right. It’s a trick question in a sense because
it’s one of those things that it really is the gift that keeps on giving and
we’ll talk a little bit about that. It’s business ownership. It’s entrepreneurship, it’s doing your own thing and having
something that you could work on, either part time or full time, but being able to put as much time as you
want into it and being able to have it be yours, that you own it, that you run it and that it
means something. It’s deeper. There’s a lot of opportunities out there
that we’re all familiar with and many of us came into owning our own business
through different opportunities. Maybe direct sales or network marketing
or any of the other kind of little niche projects out there that
people get involved in. And they may not even make money
at them. Their introduction, a lot of people call it the introductory drug into the world of entrepreneurship. But it’s somewhere to start. It’s something you can start with, you can take your time with and start
figuring out what business ownership is all about. And if you’re a business
owner, let me ask you something. What would have happened if you did
not ever have a chance to own your own business now? You could ask any business owner and
they all have a different back story. Some of them have always had their own
business since they were a little kid. Some of them have worked almost their
entire lives as employees and just recently started their own business
and are still trying to find their way around it. Other people,
somewhere in between. They stumbled into owning a business. It wasn’t even something
that they meant to do. They ended up buying it from or ended
up inheriting it or something of that sort. But it’s life
changing, owning a business. It changes your perspective on
things. It changes everything. On my podcast, The Off
The Grid Biz Podcast, which you could find it OffTheGridBiz.com we interview different business owners.
Well, most of them are business owners, some of them, they’re doing something in the self-reliance
field that relates back to business. But many of them are
business owners and they have a completely different
perspective. But one thing, unless they’re on their way out, most of them are very thankful for the
ability to have owned a business and being able to see things
from that perspective and
be able to have that type of responsibility. Either thrust upon them or that they
came across it or some of them feel like they couldn’t ever be employed again.
And if you’re anything like me, it was life changing. Owning your own business is
a life changing event and
it’s one of those things where it’s very difficult to ever
imagine yourself going back into full employment in the same way that
you may have been at one time. We could talk about all
the different things, all the different advantages
to owning your own business, but I think everyone should own
their own business at some point. I don’t think everyone’s an entrepreneur. I don’t think everyone’s a serial business
owner or someone that’s going to take it extremely seriously or
necessarily even make a living at it. But I think everyone should have a chance
to own a business at some point and be able to experience that. I think it builds empathy for others
and it allows you to really see how difficult it is to be able to do it and
how there is a certain amount of luck you did with it. But it does take a lot of
thought, a lot of hard work, and a lot of persistence, grit,
and if you’re a business owner, you should feel proud about that. But also see what you can
do about introducing your
friends and family into the same world. They’re not
all gonna be great at it. If they’re not all gonna
want to do it here, but how would you go about doing that?
How do you introduce it to someone? Here’s how I do it. I talk to people and I find out what
they’re into and I find out what’s going on. It’s a perfect time of year
for those types of conversations. How have you been doing? How’s it going?
What are you doing with your time? How are you like that job? You
enjoy it. You like doing that, you see yourself doing
that long-term, where do you see yourself in the long run
if you’re not going to be there? Where do you see yourself, if you
could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing? And if the conversation ever comes
back to me, I said, you know, I help help people to start their own
businesses and I help co successful businesses. If you were to own any type of business,
what would it be? What would you do? Could you ever see your
cell phone in a business? I throw these stuff out there and I kind
of have a back and forth with people because I like to see their perspective. And I really like to see if every once
awhile someone has a desire and they have a point in their life where they’re
just looking for something different. I do my best to encourage them at
whatever they’re looking at doing. Encourage them if they want to. Have a site up on Etsy and
sell their homemade crafts. I encourage them. You should too, just do
your best to do that. Because I think the more people
that have that independent spirit, the more people become more self
reliant, which is what I really love. I love seeing people to become more
self-reliant because the more self-reliant they are, the more we can help
people who can’t be or won’t be, in some cases. It ties into a lot of my business model
because a lot of the people I ended up helping business owners that are
already relatively successful. The ones that I can help out the most, I’ve found a really cool
area that I work in. The Self-reliance field meaning, businesses that help people to become
more self reliant in some way or fashion. Maybe they teach people how to, how
to do a skill or they teach something, a way of building a business, or they
teach you how to be self reliant, how to basically survive
in a bad situation. All of these different things or
within the self-reliance field. It’s so if you’re a business owner or
an executive and the self-reliance field and you’d love to have a conversation. Well because I know I’d like to have a
conversation with you then I love to talk with you and find out more about
you. Go to DreamBizChat.com. I used to pull this thing out every day, but every once awhile while I was moving
it would get lost in the shuffle while I found it again. DreamBizChat.com
my little cue card. Go there and watch the video. You can
also find the link in the description. You can click right on it.
Take you right over to it. I’d love to find out what you think. Whether you’re interested
in talking to me or not, definitely drop me a line because it takes
you straight to BrianJPombo.com but a very specific page. That DreamBizChat.com takes you to
something we call the Dream Business Transformation. So go check that out. I mean,
let’s say you don’t own a business, but you’re looking to
own a business. Ggo to, BrianJPombo.com on the front page,
there’s three little boxes up there, at least currently there’s three little
boxes. By the time you see this video, there may be more, but,
you’ll see this one that says, I want to start my business.
Click on that, fill it out, and I will get back to you. Because I do help people to
start their own businesses. Totally different format from what I
use to help people that already have a business to move forward with. But it’s definitely something that I
encourage everybody to do and I encourage you to encourage others to do it
too. So hopefully that’s helpful. That’s my Christmas message. We’ve got
some more Christmas messages coming up. We do this everyday. So
come on back tomorrow. You can also check out our old videos
and audios over on BrianJPombo.com so you have a great
night. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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