April 8, 2020
The Number One Reason 99% of Your Visitors Don’t Buy from You [Fast Conversion Rate Optimization]

The Number One Reason 99% of Your Visitors Don’t Buy from You [Fast Conversion Rate Optimization]

– I have the key to getting
more of your traffic on your website,
converting into customers. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you,
the number one reason 99% of your visitors don’t
buy anything from you. (upbeat music) Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe to this channel, that way
when I have more marketing videos like this, you’ll get notified. Quick question, how many of
you are struggling to generate sales from your web traffic? Doesn’t matter if you have 100
visitors or 1,000 visitors, if you’re struggling
leave a comment with yes. If you’re not, leave a comment with no. And I know what you’re
feeling, I’ve been there. The reason most of your traffic
doesn’t convert is because you look at qualitative data. What qualitative data is
Google Analytics data, you go on to Google Analytics,
you look at your traffic you’re like oh this is the
pages people are leaving off, this is why they’re not
converting and you know, maybe I’ll do something
or run some AB test and boost up my converters. That doesn’t work, what
you need to do is first off look at qualitative data. What qualitative data is
you talking to other people, surveying them, whether using
tools like SurveyMonkey, or any of the survey tools
out there like Hotjar, that’ll help you get in touch with people who are your potential
customers and figure out what issues they have with
your product, your service, your website, your copy,
your landing pages. Once you got 40, 50, 60 people
giving you similar feedback, now you know what to focus
on first to get more of those visitors to convert into customers. Then, once you have that,
I want you to go to sites like Crazyegg and use Crazyegg
to run a heat map study of your site, it’ll show
you where people click, where they don’t, what
pages they’re going to, where they’re converting,
this will show you as well as with that
qualitative data that you got the roadblocks you have on
your website that are stopping people from converting. Not just numbers, but visual
data that’ll show you what’s stopping people from converting. You combine the two and
then you run AB tests which is the next step in Crazyegg, you will then be able to run
tests to solve these problems which should then boost
your overall conversions. Most people take the opposite
approach of which they just run AB tests based off
their Google Analytics data and that’s why they run all
these tests that don’t boost their conversion rates. Heck, in many cases they’ll
decrease your conversion rate and that’s when you lose money. So if you follow that
process, you’ll do better off. Now the last tip I have for
you is you need to focus on getting the right type of traffic. You’ve got all this traffic, you’re like people aren’t buying well
yeah, you don’t wanna just look at your traffic in Google Analytics, are you getting that
right kind of traffic? Here’s how you know what
kind of traffic converts. You go to Ubersuggest, you type
in your main competitor URLs the ones that you know
that are bigger than you, making more money,
paying money on paid ads, put in their URL to Ubersuggest,
you’ll see a overview page, scroll down, click on Top
Pages, this will show you all the top pages your competitors
have and when you click on estimated visits,
there’s a View All button, click on that, it’ll show
you all the key words that are driving traffic
to your competitors sites. It’ll show you their cost per
click, the SEO difficulty, and even how many visitors they’re getting from each of those key words. Go after the key words that
are driving a lot of traffic, have a high cost per
click and a low SEO score or SEO difficulty, those
are the ones that are in the sweet spot, you go after them, you’ll get traction faster
and those are money key words because if people wanna pay a
lot of money for a key word, that means those visitors
convert into customers. If you notice a key word
drives a million visits but people only pay a penny
per click, it means that no-one cares for that key word due to the fact that it doesn’t convert into customers. That’s how you get more of your visitors to convert into customers,
that’s the secret. Thank you for watching, and
if you want help getting more of your visitors to
convert into customers, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you also have any questions,
leave a comment below I’ll answer ’em and of
course please like the video, share it, comment, anything you can do to help spread the word
I would appreciate it. Thank you for watching.

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  1. How many of you are struggling to generate sales from your web traffic? If you're struggling, leave a comment with “yes”. If you're not, leave a comment with “no”.

  2. Hai neil I love your content
    i have 1 questions for your website getting 1M traffic how many people buy your products or service How you handle that customer i want make a video on this question thnq neil

  3. Great video and completely true. Thank you for the reminder. If you ask 40-60 people for their input, you would probably get all the answers you need instead of trying to draw conclusions from hours of analytics. But the question is, how would you suggest getting 40-60 people? I love this idea but every time I go to suggest this approach with clients I worry that I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about. Or that we should give them something for their time, so that is a whole other expense.

    Do you have any strategies you might suggest for this? I would imagine getting people who are actually interested in the products or service (former clients) would be the best people to get this info from.

  4. Do we need to install crazyegg and then wait till we get results of future traffic or could we see heat maps from date of starting of website even installing crazyegg later?

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  7. I am getting about 1000+UVs a day.

    45% of them don't leave my site without buying.

    Reason : I am selling Digital Goods at cheapest price and rare available products.

    But, I think. I can still improve it.:)

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  10. Love love your videos Neil I left a message on ubbersuggest that I cannot get more than a few keywords. It says download but the download is all jumbled up and can't be read. Please can you go back to the old way where we got a 100 keywords on the front dashboard. By the way I never got a response from my comment to Ubber.

  11. Great video Neil. Yes I'm struggling with sales too. Not getting enough visitors . I'm still new at this.

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    I have a customer, I have first shared the value of the product and he says "It sounds good to me"
    Well, I think he is ready to buy the product
    I want your tip what we should do next?
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  15. Off Topic: I'm waiting for the URL search functionality on Ubersuggest. Currently, we can only search using the root domain. If you add this feature I can stop using other paid Keyword Research tools.

  16. Hey Neil, another great video and your timing is brilliant. I am getting pretty good traffic (top 14% of Shopify stores who opened at the same time) I've had a few hundred orders but I have very low conversion for a product that is really targeted and works well. I'll try the survey asap. Thanks for sharing so much. It's exciting but tough to get the business going for the time & effort required…

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  19. You said qualitative data twice ; "You are looking at Qualitative data, but instead you should look at Qualitative data" :'D – you meant quantitative

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    It's really great to learn from you (i take one hour every day to watch your videos).
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  27. Whew…. that was a lot of confusing info. It's like drinking from a firehose Neil! But someday I'll get it. 🙂

  28. hi @Neil the reason I don't share your videos with anyone is that I feel it is premium content and others should not know it else they will succeed as well, your articles are well researched and to the point no lengthy bs and hidden agendas

  29. Im a fan of ALL these tips (plus one of my own) 🙂 Asking people what they want in the survey, Running LOTS of split tests with the answers AND adapting the sales page to suit the users needs (that they gave in the survey)

  30. Hey Neil. Great stuff as always, but I think that you have one mistake. At the beginning you are talking about qualitative data (Google analytics), and I think you meant quantitative data. Nevertheless big kudos to the content you're producing. Really helpful

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    I have running a medical writing company. I got a good organic result in google and my top business keywords are situated in first 10 position of google . Visitor hit is also good. The issue I having facing is low click with high impression and minimum lead generation . Can you give your valuable suggestion to solve this issue.

  32. Neil, today I wanted to express my sheer gratitude and gratefulness for your work. I can only imagine the numbers that are in your bank account—and yet, you have proven the notion entirely wrong that money changes people. This video alone, the very end, is the key to a successful online business in my opinion even though I haven't become successful yet. However, the fact that you give this gem away for free deserves a hats-off. Cheers for being a cool dude Neil!

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