April 4, 2020
The massive effect of a buyer’s journey to your Average Order Value.

The massive effect of a buyer’s journey to your Average Order Value.

Some friends of mine that actually run a surf shop up North. When they work in the shop, I think that
the weekly turnover are about five times what they are when the staff are in the shop. Yeah. And the reason for, is that, is when they
go in, they engage people, they talk to people, they understand what they
want, they say this will go with that. And they are, they’re
very good salespeople. When they put staff people in there,
they don’t seem to be able to get the same thing from them. So, if you’ve got an online store, you want
that store to be doing exactly the same thing that a successful salesperson would do. And of course if you can get a physical
store for one to five just by, putting in a good salespeople and online store can have
the same amount of benefit in terms of Average Order Value. How you lay it out and how you lay the flow out. It was merchandising, isn’t it? Yeah. But what conversion rate people seem to miss in terms of eCommerce is they’ll look at a particular page and
they’ll go “Oh, I’m going to look at the product page, and now we’re
gonna look at the category page.” But they won’t look at how
people flow through the site. I think you’ll remember that when there was a very, you know, we built that site for that there was a conversion rate optimization agency that gave us the design and we implemented it. And then the client was like “Well, my
conversion rate has shot through the floor.” And then they were like, obviously we had
to go and look at it, and it’s because they hadn’t taken into consideration the
flow of how people bought that product. They’ve taken out the all
products category page. Yeah. So what’s interesting is that, don’t
look at pages and so that you’ve got, it’s a flow of the user. It’s by journey, and that is going to
massively affect the average order value. And when you put things in front of people. Yeah.

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