April 4, 2020
The location of your products can make or break your Ecommerce Average Order Value

The location of your products can make or break your Ecommerce Average Order Value

So probably worth talking about, some of the common things that we’ve tried that we’ve
done around Average Order Value. And if you go. So, I mean, you know
merchandising is key. You have to set the products
in the right location. And then let’s assume now that
they want to buy that particular product, obviously you’ve got the product page
to go and push the related products there. I remember we talk a lot about when to
push the related products on that cut, on that product page and when it’s the wrong type, you know, how often you see it. The people will push the related products much far, much too far up on the product page. And I give the example and that
whenever we’ve split tested this, when when you’re trying to be really clever with the matching products that go with it, they never buy the matching products. They go with it. It’s on the product page. They’re bothered about that product. They might be interested to see where it, what it looks like with other related products. So if it’s a fashion item, you want a
school that actually, that know that jacket looks really good
with that color shirt. You know, I’ve got a shirt like that,
so that’ll be good. But, often you know, you pushed the related product slightly further on by journey. A good example is what we did with that
Lighting stores. Obviously, they buy a lamp and then you
push the bulb, maybe a couple of bulbs that they want for it, and some
of it that goes with a lamp. So it becomes like they’ve
made that decision. What’s the next obvious decision to make? And that just by having those simple flows actually makes a big difference. Yeah. Even though, and then when you’re on the
basket page, even allowing them to actually increase the quantity very easily on the basket page and even in the checkout is an easy thing. “Oh yeah. I’ll go and have another one.” And it’s often, I think for certain types of products anyway, the often the easiest thing to do
is get them to buy the same product twice. Yeah. That works really well.

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