April 7, 2020
The Lie Behind Working Hard For Success | Vishen Lakhiani

The Lie Behind Working Hard For Success | Vishen Lakhiani

Do you believe that hard work is what it
takes to be successful? I know this sounds bad,
but I think it’s one of the most bullishit ideas that’s emerging in the culturescape
today. Hard work has very, very, very little to do with success.
But do this, if you just open up Instagram and follow most entrepreneurial channels
on Instagram there’s this bullshit simplistic motivational pictures that you
see consistently about working 100-hour weeks, about working harder than
the competition. I mean, check this one out. This one is apparently
a quote from Elon Musk that says, “Work like hell. I mean,
you just have to put in 80 to 100 hours every week. This improves the odds of
success.” The problem is it doesn’t. You see, science shows that after around
50 hours of productive time, your productivity goes down.
But what happens is, if you continue pushing yourself,
often due to lack of sleep, due to lack of taking care of your health,
you have failed relationships. You have failed social connections.
You have sleep deprivation which is reducing your cognitive abilities,
which means your performance starts depreciating. You start aging more.
And so, this whole idea of hard work as a means to success is one of the most dumb
ideas that entrepreneurs are putting out. I used to believe it and it ruined me and
it slowed down my growth. Now, there’s an alternate idea,
and if you’ve read Michael Singer’s book, “The Surrender Experiment” he’s at the
whole other end of that spectrum. In “The Surrender Experiment”
Michael Singer, he, by the way, is the guy who also wrote
“The Untethered Soul” which is a New York Times bestseller,
but I prefer his book “The Surrender Experiment.”
He built a billion-dollar company through what he calls “The Art of
Surrender,” regular meditation, getting into flow.
So, what is going on here? How do you have these two opposing
thoughts from people who are building massive businesses, who are massively
productive, and one is about hard work and one is about surrender. Now,
I was thinking about this a lot for the last five years because this matters to
me. As an entrepreneur, I want to be able to get a lot done but I
don’t want to break myself doing it. And what I realized,
and I shared some of this in my book, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”
is that it’s not binary. It’s not about hard work nor is it about
surrender. It’s not binary rather there is a layering to it. In my theory,
I suggest that there are four different levels of consciousness and if you’re at
the first level of consciousness, you need hard work. But very rapidly you
can move to the next level of consciousness and at the secondary
level of consciousness you start learning particular tools that allow you to do more
with less work. Now, you want to move up. Now, there’s a third level of
consciousness which a lot of people don’t even know exists. At that third level of
consciousness, your goals no longer even become important. At that third level of
consciousness, you’re tapped into something else.
And there’s a fourth level of consciousness which is where some of
the most remarkable people in the world I’ve seen play at and they just seem
blessed by luck and they are not breaking themselves with hard work. So. in short,
this binary idea, hard work versus surrender is not really binary.
You can flip it around. And what you need to do depends on what of
the four levels of consciousness you’re currently operating on. So,
if you find this idea fascinating, if you’ve wondered about this,
this hard work idea as I have, check out this master class I’m doing.
It’s about an hour and 10 minutes that I go deep into these theories and I share
with you the four levels of consciousness and the protocols and the tools that
I’ve been bringing in in these four levels to maximize my impact in the world and I
think you might find this really interesting. So, as you guys know,
I’m an ardent consciousness hacker from teaching meditation for five years to
launching meditation apps to putting myself through a lot of different systems
for playing with my consciousness. I’ve tried to figure out how to access
altered states to maximize productivity. And really, this whole thing about hard
work guys is rubbish. It is absolute rubbish.
It’s a bullshit idea that needs to be swept into the dustbin of history because
it only applies to people who are operating at the most basic level of state
awareness. So, anyway, check out this master class if you find
this idea interesting. I’d love to know your thoughts and I’d
love to see what you think.

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  2. Sir I am following you from last 2 months I am unable focus during meditation .
    Sir suggest me what to do accelerate my concentration

  3. true money makes sucess these days from my personal experince like those rich collegemates who got high paying jobs coz of thier dads connections and most of my friends went abroad and got job there just because thier dad got money from corruption from thier high govt jobs and im like bro atleast plzzzzzzz can you help me get a little bit of job coz biotech lack job sector and i'm still in india burning through hell and those guys video call me with thier cars nad foreign wives and house what did i do wrong ? my dad is not rich that's it ?

  4. This ad shows up before the video I'm about to watch, and all I heard is "bullshit" and "bullshit". What the heck is that for? Do you think you're sounding more relevant when you say the word "bullshit" all the time!? Gosh, your video is so annoying.

    P.S. Never got me interested, but because of being annoyed, I really took the time to find the actual video and make this comment.

  5. sir sorry I am missing your name but I would like to tell you especially on behalf of the young generation and the beginners that please try to upload a useful that can teach the people for free. I am not telling to do it all but some of then so that people can change and this might change the level of you audience just try this for 3 months and you will see your magic
    It's a request please take my comment in your consideration.

  6. If you say hard-working is a bullshit idea…. Can't help. You are telling this for your profit. Hard-working smartly takes any body to any level. It's not just ruining ourselves.

  7. i am not going to work hard for success vishen because i allready did and understand the problem many beautifull guys and gals encounter in our industry and solve that problem. we all can work hard but it is like being donkeys and beating ourselves up. i know what the problem is will solve it for all. have a nice day brother. i really admire u and yr kindness and care.

  8. This video is a piece of sh!t. An ad disguised as great advice, crap.
    Elon Musk is successful coz he works BOTH Hard and Smart.

  9. In my own experience and observation, you just have to find out what works FOR YOU. Some thrive on a 100-hour work week, others don't. Some can make the most of their personal connections and attract success through their personalities, others can't. "Know thyself" and adjust accordingly.

  10. your advice may be good but the way you brag and disparage successful people and their contribution makes your advice too low to influence. how dare you say dumpiest thing about ellen musk and hard work? Top footballers and basketball players attribute "hard work" to their success. My God you are preaching people to be lazy and expect some miracle of success from above. Shame on you to bad influence to a society.

  11. Vishen is preaching rubbish to get your attention. The youtube generation is so lazy so he is appealing to your laziness. It works! He is making you believe something you already consider to be true. And he got your attention within the first 7 seconds of the video with "Hard work is bullshit". Now that hes got your attention. Here's an easy way to do hard work "insert mindvalley 4 levels of consciousness and i wrote a book plug"

    Vishen lacks sincerity and authenticity. Think about it. Would you really want someone telling you how easy it is to do hard work. This is equivalent of getting paid to do nothing. Hard work is what makes the reward taste so sweet.

    Your habits are keeping you from becoming the best version of your self. This is basic conservation of energy and neuroplasticity. Think about this too. Right now you are on youtube. Staring into a screen spending precious seconds of your life being entertained the by modern TV screen. Now take a step back and look at the screen you are using to watch this. This was the result of hard work. Someone actually sacrificed their time/life to make this screen available to you. Imagine if the person who was making this screen believed that hard work is bullshit we wouldnt have the screen to watch this video.

    In truth Hard Work means work hard on Yourself. On every aspect of Yourself. Embrace the pain associated with hard work. The more obsessed you are with working hard on yourself the more you welcome pain and sacrifice to eventually succeed. That's what separates the greats from the good/average. Their will to keep pushing through even when everyone around them thought nah this is too hard.

    "To get what you want you have to deserve what you want. The world is not a crazy enough place to reward a bunch of undeserving people" – Charlie Munger

    Don't give in to this BS notion about hard work is rubbish. Work hard on yourself! See you at the top

  12. Based on a number of comments here, many of y'all clearly missed his point. Smfh. He doesn't mean sit on your ass and do nothing, he means slogging it out and working to the point of exhaustion. Of course you take action, but when you allow intuition, higher power, god, etc. to take over, instead of working against the current, you work in flow. But if some of y'all get turned on by back breaking work, go ahead.

  13. Dude, this is cool and all but PLEASE stop infesting my videos, I've literally had this one pop up 3 times in two videos, back to back

  14. nope, nope its all about your mindset, self belief and most importantly what you want to achieve. Hard work plays a huge role on success, hard work isnt 100% im sure of that. This is a very complex topic its not that black and white.

  15. to succeed you must work like hell as musk said ,but you must at the same time know where you wanna go and make strategy and plans:some people work hard but do nothing in their life because they don't have a clear vision about their dreams and how to bring them to reality , but for people who succeed without hard work ,i'm one billion percent sure that if they work hard they will be more successful, so please don't push people to be lazy !!!!

  16. People love to say they worked hard because it feeds their ego. I’d rather take pride in creating something amazing and new because I flow freely in my gift, not because I over-worked myself.

  17. Your explaining the Disney mindset of film making.
    0:40 You really meant to say his is sudo-science not reality. Are the new "The Secret" wish for what you want. Surender sounds like submission like in islam, hmmm interesting. Your nothing but BS 100% BS and no you can't shame or diss me in believing otherwise.
    4:03 No no no no no your idea is what needs to be swept into a dumpster fire and forgotten. You are just another sudo-science EngSoc product that thinks it can Bullshit its reason to exist when you don't need to.

  18. You cant successed without hard work and why is that ,because your mind wont let you do whatever you want bcz hard is stuggling and suffering and your mind looks for comfortability thats why u have to work hard to grow

  19. I know this sounds bad but I just came here to dislike this piece of self help garbage that pops up in every fuckin video.

  20. He thinks that he is smarter than Elon musk Arnold Schwarzenegger Muhamed Ali Bruce Lee Bill Gates Steve Jobs All those people who build billion dollar companies And we should all join your meditation course

  21. Good point, and it's pretty obvious. I recently started watching lots of motivational videos about hard work and started getting up at 4am to get more done. But I already knew that I still need to get 6-7 hours of sleep and always listen to my body. Didn't need a video to tell me that.

    I predicted correctly that this video would basically say that you should work hard but not destroy your health. There's nothing groundbreaking or unique about what you're saying that is going to make me want to pay you my money. But I wish you much success in lining your pockets with stupid people's money so you can give them information that they could get for free from the public library.

  22. Im sorry but this guy is a total hypocrite. Guarantee you that if you refute him, hed see you as an idiot. Because you dont believe him. Your perception is different than his, so youre wrong. Like this guy is clearly right and knows the absolute truth.

    Well lets see, you dont need to work hard. Even though, how long did he spend thinking of what he was going to say in his video. At his seminars. Lets break it down; writing the speech. Making the video. Possibly a few times if there were mistakes. Uploading it and paying to get it more attention. Trying to convince as many people to listen to him and believe him. Booking a place to have the seminar. Getting the publicity for it. He actually says in the video he read all those books. Reading the ones that preach hard work, thinking about how its wrong. Coming up with points to argue but in a way that will convince others hes right. Writing his own book. Because thats not hard work at all. Spending how many hours writing it and making sure it comes out right. Like he deffo just wrote that in one day while on a plane to las vegas.

    He obviously does nothing cause he tapped into his consciousness so deeply that he became charles xavier and he just owns humanity and the world snd just sits in his chair and gets everyone to do everything for him.

    Thats not him making the video or travellihg to all these seminars telling you that all these people that broke their backs to have everything they got are just in the "victim stage". Musk is just a victim. Totes bro. I mean what an idiot working all that time to develop technology. When he could have just sat around making youtube videos telling people to just meditate their way to becoming a ceo. Like dont bother making the effort to get in with the upper management. Dont put in the hours to show your dedicated and try to help the business thrive by coming up with new ideas for better productivity or sales.

    Just do the hours youre given. Do the work half assed and then go home. Sit on a mat. Imagine youre at a beach. Boom. Now youre a ceo.

    Hard work is bullshit. Wow bro. you wouldn't believe the harrasment ive experied. The insults ive been given and honestly, that is probably the most offensive thing ive heard.

    Not all of us want to whore ourselves out to climb the ladder. You might not be actually saying the words but i know what you really mean. Between the lines.
    Some of us actually enjoy a challengecand prefer to do it the right way. The way we can be proud of ourselves and know we were capable of achieving what we wanted without selling out.

    You are the perfect example of a snake oil salesman. I was a salesman who worked with one of the best salesmen in the country. He literally could sell ice to an eskimo. It was surreal. It was so easy to him and so i can see why youre selling your philosophy.

    However, he admitted to me that he worked his fucking ass off for years in order to become as good as he was. But youre not like him.

    Youre like one of the ones i met that were begging to learn his secrets. The ones that wanted his secret instead of just working to figure out themselves.

    Thats what he did for me. I asked hin too cause i get it but he would not let me go with him to the doors. He didnt tell me until he finally brought me when i already started making sales on my own. He wanted me to work on my own and learn it for myself. I appreciate it too cause the feeling that comes with the work.

    For some of us, it isnt all about the destination, we actually enjoy the journey. So like fair enough, your motivated by money you want as much as you can get and as quickly as you can and you will do whatever it takes. Like fair enough. I appreciate the determination. I wouldnt trust you for a second but i do understand it. Thats just who you are. Takes all walks of life right.

    But to say its bullshit and label us in the victim stage. Well im sorry but thats very disrespectful and you come across as very egotistical and ive encountered alot of guys who think like you and i guarantee you have done some fucked up shit to climb the ladder

    You were probably smart about it to make sure it never reaches the light of day. But i fucking know it in my bones, at the very least youve sucked some cock to get where youre at.

    You can get offended and call me disrespectful, which is completely true. I give respect to those who give me it but youre preaching to people that people like me who enjoy working hard and doing it a way we can be proud of ourselves for that wonderful feeling, are victims that are believing in bullshit. Well then you are disrespecting us and so my response is onviously going to be, id tell ya to eat a dick but youve already finished the bag.

  23. This is by all means the advertisement I hate the most out of them all.
    Every time this dude asks me if you need hard work to succeed, so I might just answer. YES, you do.
    In my communication major it's full of similar-minded people. Some hope digital management is going to take em somewhere, some think selling camouflaged-as-esoteric bullshit, to companies and individuals is a fine idea. It is not.
    I'd ask you to stop being a pain in my ass, but I'm afraid it's not an option.
    So here's my complaint

  24. Work efficiency more important than hard work, as I have learned from previous experience, why put in 100% to get 60% output when you can put in 60% to get 100% output with minimal effort and smart use of resources available,this is what makes success, ignore fad of society expectations and focus more on logically what makes sense, it feels good for ego and self-easteam when you feel you work harder and wake up earlier than others, but what if those who sleep more and wake up later and work softer than you,produce more or same output,without same amount of effort that you put in, you cannot call them unsuccessful

  25. Hard work is important (although 100 hr work weeks are generally excessive in most cases) but so is smart work. You need to know what you want to do, have an intelligent plan to do it, and work like hell to get to your goal.

  26. Anyone who tries to back up their ridiculous claims with "science shows…" should never be taken seriously and always laughed at

  27. Working smart is about strategy. For me currently, it is studying. I used to spend hours in high school purely making notes but never practicing questions on the content I'd learnt. Yes, I was working "hard" but I was not working correctly, I had a learning curve soon enough and I achieved good grades now that I'm in college I've adopted new ways of studying and improving. However, overall to me working HARD+SMART= success. I'm sorry but you can not work smart without working hard because it's hard to figure out what kind of learner you are, it is hard to balance out social life, health and family when you're in full time education. Although, studying does require hard work but for it to equal success it must be the RIGHT work and strategy and although, things may not always work out the way we imagined but we keep going and that is HARD. It's very easy to give up, I've done it many times when things got rough. The people grinding correctly, wisely and passionately behind closed doors for academic success DO achieve. So I don't 100% agree with you. The end result of success is never easy…

  28. the more passionately u talk about this, more fake it sounds.. I don't buy this… My hard work has always paid.. u r just disgracing hard work.. it's a beautiful journey… that feeling after you achieve something u always wanted,after hard work ,is incredible.. so pls stop selling lies.. u r just saying things wat some people might want to hear…

  29. Hard work extends beyond normal work. Calling hard work "Rubbish" and "Stupid" is ridiculous. Learning consumes the most amount of energy that any work we ever do. Sitting around like a clueless goat in bed to nurture the four levels of consciousness requires hard work too! You need to work hard to be successful in anything. For you to work smart you have to be critical in your thinking, which calls for hard work in formulating strategies, gathering tools, and skills to be successful.

  30. What the fuck have you achieved other than exploiting insecure people in your miserable lives mindvalley cunts? Ha? You are nothing but clowns.

  31. This guy is saying that the quote "hard work leads to success" is a bullshit idea JUST because it doesn't contain the fact that you ALSO need happiness and passion. This guy is more interested in getting attention than to give a CLEAR message…

  32. hard work is a lie but in your theory hard work is the very first level of consciousness. dude make up your mind first

  33. from :50 – like 1:00 minute that's what happens if you want to be successful. a lot of things in your life are going to suffer. you're sleep, you're relationships, health, your food intake. there will be days where it will be like 3 pm and you'll realize "oh shit I haven't eaten today " because you'll be so busy concentrating on your goals in life.

  34. Stop putting your ads before every video on the subject, I've seen your ad hundreds of times. Obviously you don't have anything to offer if you think you need to spam people to sell something. It makes you lose any credibility that I thought you had.

    Not even an effort to make the ad video inspirational or useful. At least put some relaxing music, put someone in the ad who has a more pleasing energy than you or the other Kwik guy, stop talking about how success does not come from work because it's a cheap statement. Work can be pleasant, some people love working, who are you to tell us that all we are supposed to like is sipping a cocktail on the beach? Sure, you shouldn't work too much if you think of it negatively, but you are the first one who puts a negative spin on working.

  35. I’m working really hard. I’m almost consistently in flow, because I love what I do, but I understand your point! Doing less, achieving more💪🏻

  36. Complete bullshit…I hope I can dislike it thousand times. All of you are fools who will believe this guy. He seems like fool himself. Don't pay for a course which will actually get you to failure instead of success.I am sure he is a loser himself.

  37. Hard work is not about all. Yes you have to work hard but you have to work hard on the right thing at right time. You have to do the right things, you have to catch trends and then work hard to be successful. Almost all successful people catched a trend at the right time and they took advantage by working hard.

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