January 18, 2020
The Kibo Code Review | Overview Video

The Kibo Code Review | Overview Video

so today I’ll be giving you my review of
The Kib Code, well actually in this case it’s more of a preview of this product
as it only launches later on this month but I wanted to make sure that you are aware
of it because I think it’s really gonna be a hit once it launches. Hi my name is
jacques from social infohub and i create videos teaching you how to make
money online with affiliate marketing, so if you’re interested in learning about
affiliate marketing and making money online, subscribe to the channel hit the
notification bell so you can be notified whenever I release new videos. The Kibo
Code was developed by these two internet entrepreneurs you’ve got Aidan Booth
Aidan started his digital career back in 2005 with affiliate
marketing after moving to Argentina. He became extremely successful with
affiliate marketing and eventually he had around 1500, that is a thousand five
hundred websites with his affiliate marketing venture. Stephen on the other hand was
the CFO of a Fortune 500 company and had several years of business
business experience before starting an online business and he is a master in
planning solutions now since 2013 Aidan and Steve have released several
online courses around in the e-commerce and marketing space and the kibo card will
be a continuation of that, obviously it’s an upgraded more up-to-date version of
it and you’ll see that, in their last five launches they have done in excess
of 40 million dollars in sales on their previous 5 launches this should give you
an indication just how popular their products are. Now what what they say is
that the kibo code is without a doubt the easiest to understand the simplest
most predictable and most profitable business model they have ever taught
it’s really ecommerce than differently in a way that people have not seen before
not only do we have millions of dollars of in-house earnings as proof
we absolutely have tons of incredible testimonials from beta test students who
are currently using it and crushing it with this model. now I pmust just mention here
your must excuse the background noise we’re about to have a thunderstorm so the
noise in the background is just a bit of thunder and they continue to say that
their biggest launch of all time was the 7-figure cycle back in 2018 which was a
colossal success there were objections to the program of people that were worried
would be when they considered buying a course but despite that and and even
with those objections it still did over 11 million dollars in sales in their
launch week. with this method you don’t need to solve or involve rather Amazon
you don’t need to deal with warehouses or foreign suppliers neither do you need
to run Facebook ads or worry about inventory now for somebody who has or is
still running an online store for instance Shopify you would know the
headaches that goes along with it and what they are referring to and they say
they model eliminates all these common objections ok so what is the kibo code
the kibo code is a training program that runs over an eight-week period that
shows people how to make money using a very unique style of e-commerce and that
they have made millions of dollars worth of the past couple years and they’ve
they managed to stay completely under the radar what makes this
different to our e-commerce methods is that it is much faster and easier for
people to implement even if they have no previous experience there is now Amazon
there’s no Facebook there is no inventory okay and it this is more or
less how it works it’s just a brief summary obviously these aren’t all the points
these there’s a quite a bit more involved with it but just to summarize
firstly you buy a high-quality generic domain name now they have a tool to find
the good ones then you set up a simple store
with pre-loaded high-converting theme and their system does it all for you
in literally 60 seconds they say it pinpoints profitable products using the
software and there is a selection of more than three million items on there the
niche or the markets they say is not the focus it’s the profitability of the
products that they are interested in okay
then all this gets loaded up to a website with these product listings you
don’t need to worry about Text creation or images or anything that’s all part of
it then you send instant traffic to the product listing using cheap underrated
and vastly untapped methods now I for one cannot wait to see this in action
when sales are made other us-based suppliers they will dropship the products to
the customer directly so that means you never touch any inventory you never buy
anything upfront and the products get delivered fast because you are dealing
with us-based suppliers then you optimize the store
keeping the profitable products and eliminating the ones that are not profitable
and then you keep scaling up replicating the process are going over to identify
additional winning products while simultaneously increasing your profits
obviously now of course there are some other elements to it as I said before
this is just the basic process now customers will receive training software
proven storefront and product pages a product database and
identification tools a control center couching support community and a whole
lot more to make this as easy as humanly possible and just to reiterate
everything they will receive in other words you as customer will receive is
proven and tested the system has generated millions of dollars using the
exact same system you will get now as you can see these guys come from years
of experience in launching successful products and
successful launches obviously it’s in-demand products and for certain the
kibo code will follow in the success of their previous products now you can see
here between the periods of 2015 to 2017 they were running with this product called
100k factory then in 2018 they launched the seven-figure cycle that’s the one
they say is the most successful and then last year they did parallel profits
now the hundred K factory ran from 2015 to 2017 and here you can see the sales
figures that were done in 2015 five million dollars in 2016 9 million
dollars in 2017 9.2 million dollars that’s all on the hundred K factory then
in 2018 when they launched the seven-figure cycle they did 11 million
dollars of sales and last year with parallel profits they did 7.2 million
dollars in sales now as from the 22nd of January I’ll be releasing more
information as it becomes available and then on the 28th of January the
shopping cart opens and the product becomes available to consumers but only
for a limited period of ten days now I highly recommend that you keep an eye
out for this product it’s sure to be a winner so hit the subscribe button and
the notification Bell and I’ll keep you informed as more information becomes
available I’ll obviously also be doing a complete review of the kibo code closer
to the launch date and obviously in a lot more detail and if you prefer
then I highly recommend that you make use of the link in the description below
this video where you can sign up to also to be kept informed about this offer by
email well guys that concludes my preview review of the kibo code and I
hope you got some value out of this and if you did don’t forget to hit the
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whenever I release new videos I release new videos every week teaching you how
to make money online and every now and again I do a review
videos such as this one and even more in-depth obviously and that is only when
I come across a product that I’m either using myself or it’s a product that I
can see has value in and even if I see value in it I only do it when I’m
familiar with the creator or creators of the product and I know that they give
great value okay so if you’re interested in making money online you can also have
a look in the description below this video and you’ll find a link to my free
e-book on affiliate marketing as well as a free resources guide which is full of
free resources of that any internet marketer should have irrespective of what
niche you are in there is also a link to some calculators that I’ve written to
help you determine if your affiliate marketing products can be promoted
profitably and for instance what the impact of paid advertising would be on
your profitability so once again thank you for watching don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel hit the notification bell and I’ll see you in
the next video you

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