April 8, 2020
The JetRails Podcast   Comparing Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce on B2C Shopper Experience

The JetRails Podcast Comparing Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce on B2C Shopper Experience

Welcome to another podcast brought to you by JetRails. Today’s guest is Alex Povolotski of Collins Harper. hello how are you. Alex Povolotski here. and today we’re gonna be talking to you about business to consumer (B2C) as it relates to Magento open source and Magento commerce As some of us still think of them, Magento community and enterprise. We’ll be talking about the frontend user experience. and how retailers can benefit from the features in Magento commerce or perhaps can can add extensions or customizations in order to get more functionality. out of magento open source. Especially those merchants that aren’t ready to budget for Magento commerce or perhaps because you might not need the full suite of enterprise features and so you might wanna take that licensing budget and put it toward marketing, development, other things that we’l’ get to talk a little bit about. that should be a pretty spirited conversation however as we are tackling this piece by piece so add today’s episode will be your friend and the angry dragon. We are planning to make this a little bit of a mini series. We’re considering future episodes about marketing, backend admin features of the platform, scalability and elasticity, etc. alex magenta converse vs open source some things to do around and we certainly open to your suggestion the sad and your request as we plan out additional episodes so i only use feel free to reach out to what’s am at trails on twitter linkedin facebook IVR sided object rails dot com and i know that the call is harper team welcome your feedback is welcomed here always happy to consult. And so let’s see a startup with just by talking a little bit about some of the core differences between magenta open source and magenta yeah and when i start up a little bit from your perspective and the things that you running to march i’m comparing when they look at the systems anything relating to the license saying i decision points that you running. What is the start off my saying that i’m having a lot of discussion we recently what. Hammers quite enterprise clients in this conversation you just help me tell my gang. Jr movie always broke niccas any move to open source. And it’s just finished the reminder. Can i have some do when i’m there many variables but i’d like to get a good idea. Do you know what i want a property managed you. Biggest fear is the uconn dead or helping people way from camera group from amazon to our community. Haha yeah i know that god and we alex would you say that three is the license thing that biggest question is it the dollars and cents read the news yeah several features so we ask me know if that would be good probably to compare the yeah i’m open source send commerce work. Community edition as it was not before when commerce i can send you features and functionality the result of a difference but it comes out the price well i’m sorry hello beverage price to pay for the common defence thousand dollars sometimes more or less yes i just got the same time those customers do pay for the call mr b still nuts. Do the slides themselves employee professional standpoint el curso es i7s integrate x^2 i don’t extensions to add that site for them so thinking weather. They can spend several thousand dollars so better than if the police asked for the license the still have to pay for what developments are some of the mess thinking to take the survey is underway from the lights and send to spend that time developing but the question back to tom in terms of the difference functionality features between the two though what do what do you say on your end. Hey will you be my point of view i’ve had a couple conversations with some quotes about. I think i compliance and we hope you had a result of the page. Dave got the wrong for open source sleep gotta look for hammers enable checkbox next row magenta converse for peace i confirm i am gonna finish space for open source and i just kind of problem. Mix the spinach with a little bit because request is well i’m trying. Do i still have to run my scan am i gonna be pizza i could find all the roots that being blue. Where am i still no get me nothing is there another charger in a square on the site and i think that answers my question is will. Yeah i could use to reach you reach there so can you assist me because the check boxes still ok yeah i love the best outlook the dead end i was just curious what would be the light of a payment extension set coinstar percent very much familiar with the PCIE compliance requirements different levels of compliance and that’s the bottom line is the responsibility for PCI compliance so the merchant send zombie yeah sure keepers order of business owners and it is their responsibility but the fact that young tho i want to order french company adobe put a check mark because i complained on the last check mark from the community you open source addition this feeling because today suggest the community edition is not a complaint let me inspect any any any potential hike or a breach or they responsible for costs so that means but you know i am to clarify mad are everything that is on the market place on the marketplace essential extension instead of payment extension stop extensively checked. Climb a gentle team when we submit a extension site from personal experience even when we submit our payment extensions to marketplace they are very high. Very hum understood in terms of compliance and it doesn’t break there anything else so everything that is on magenta marketplace in oregon state everything but i strongly believe that everything payment related to magenta marketplace is the second time because it doesn’t then there is a future potential liability from a gentle soothing think of the left out the check mark on a community edition. What open source is it cold now so i think just a marketing. What are your feelings not quite use them if your items. I need enterprise version of your gentle calming use their PCI compliant payment brad you’re soge you might have some additional. Payment extension that are included modules that are included off the shelf. I’m so that you don’t necessarily need an extension for it but alex on with you generally speaking you can use lots of debt payment options near where its very much going to need your pizza compliance needs you can also snap and play system light bulbs which take over the checkout i am and so instead and really. And alot of the check-out optimization as well as compliance and what have u sell you know the areas that i might be over playing the hand of bed um me all of the lights i think there is some functionality that you can get. We that enterprise license for it i’m not coming back to pricing and dimension three thousand average i know that you know the pricing certainly goes up based upon your unit the size of your site is the revenue that you’re pushing through the site what is the annual say so. If you think about the cost of developing the site on open source and maintaining it hurts is that the cost of developing and maintaining in commerce over what would you say is the average lifetime of one of these sites is three years four years five years though you know that that’s very very good question the sofa so i could review on the price that comes from city sounds not so a lot of people thinking where what can i buy with exercise and studies how to buy some lights and send a little bit all functionality search business to business marketing. Back and say that i am a gift cards integration and such but no site builder is the owner gonna set an open house and develop the site itself and it’s still being developed and the baby don’t use the site below the right to use your own internal tools that you still coming back to the question in terms of the life span of the sites she’s let’s average a question because the site starts as from one thing yes yes late it’s the same domain name but the site is completely different rates for the update send them the show improvements and function of improvement since ordered. Create the life cycle of a site does you said to your wrists but not find the same site name is st what is wrong when the next pending or changing exponentially so more like a house that you don’t wanna actually moving do i have to pay closing costs the alexa what will the expense any moving companies in things you cannot not gonna stay for a certain number of years. I’m and so i spent several ways the same with the comments that you really want to go on a platform that you’re gunna getting a few years out of before you have to worry about. You might be redesign your. The front end of your site and between them but i don’t want to migrate your data and taps in q much unnecessarily don’t try to avoid that so. I am yes people stick around and things that you know cause i dont still say you know hopefully on magenta converse you can use your extensions because they are included there’s more. Yes for future ref i spent part of it in magenta o open source is the backbone of magento commerce if you want to think of it that way for the most part i’m batman rules and features a man so hopefully some of those cut down on an nice work. Add the additional extension the sun customizations yes getting some support from what i seen on average can get faster and more curated responses from your developers from your posts that looks like all of us on the line i’m good know the site better and we’ll have better turn around times on that sort of info would ask that’s a very interesting point rob sorry i dropped the ball to ball response time that’s very interesting and i couple of days back i was previous to the table from the gentle that’s less the response time i want different support issues i’m in no you look good though so what is the response time very helpful the best way for magenta and i’m glad it is a extreme madar that affects your whole site being down the response time is within days i am yeah other than that it’s is so mostly the baby that’s the difference between the common and that’s an open source windows open source are you always refer you sue the i am for the sender part and yourself i’m glad you have a u. hosting provider like. What u suggest trails that’s answers set up within twenty minutes but not last sentence has not only be honest about the meeting for us. Are there will be restricted to posting for understand wait for somebody qualified i’m qualified to answer that will it will be with you commercial where the car mercedes the actual respond to you. Sometimes days to do so unless you sir chances are you probably gonna go to your developers. And hopefully i get your house resolution regardless because it’s quit the opposite who is that there any way yeah because you know what what is the cost of potential opportunity your site is down several what is your schedule dates depending on the size of your business i only order okay maybe not showing calculate the down but say that you know that you got an issue that’s costing me money. I wanna give an example i got a free sample the week and clearance rates and we can clear and set the nest is op. But will the clearance inventory database and so you are not what you can do. And there so it’s thursday right so tomorrow is friday and we can clear it starts what you can do i’m not gonna wait for a magenta grand son gonna hey lady of person to just do it yeah i defrost brings me to another topic i actually have been hearing about alot of shit but there’s no way. How much time to commerce now that is what i’m posting how should i get some easy department i’m lost on that snap inc feedback i received from all the different welcome to work with. I have you experienced anything with the word anything in that category we asked oh yes yes i got stories to tell you i got stories to tell you but i’ll give you one i’m widespread examples that everybody’s talking about is that the human eye and the further troubleshooting on the commerce. Which is what is what is a trouble some why is because on cloud version of a gentle specifically are logged spread over a few verses yeah it’s very hard to work my developers specifically to go hundred four pieces of information here and there the dozen propagation time it takes time to hunt down the logs and. Normaly i can say is broken but it takes more time to hunt down every sense exclude solutions from a gentle rush the band. How open source wallet stolen in one place but that brings me to a second question it back to utah either it’s redundancy and. Specifically if there is a week coming back to my example we can say hello where my traffic is expected behavior but certain times of the year like we can say like christmas and sore nose for some clearance i expect ten times the traffic what’s up yes my client is on her from community edition or open source it is a cold now what what what you gonna do. Will this process will i guess i could share a couple is happens but i will let me know what i’m buying which. Umm i am single and magenta jose house lucia. Where is mingle do you want to see schedule a certain degree but. Sometimes there are some limitations the best answer any until which open source you it’s saint paul right interested in what. The structure of the enviroment looks like if your contact no results predict where is this unpredictable traffic. And i still don’t understand why is the time. Does she need us there are things this for everybody in mind because it is so how is everybody right you might help. What are you running an uber. And you know that you can we get should have times the amount of traffic reports three or four five times the amount of trash can we do. Is there traffic is always predictable for you than what is do you want to spend a w. what’s up bitch a three ml solution. That’s close turn out. Smh you can load into the rotation say hello to lights in traffic would you know what you remove those white notes. Record the practice areas patient can you get a lot of bang for your buck. Is it compulsory thousand is record you track yes i want cheaper. I would but what’s new hampshire but traffic is right maybe you’re gorgeous library being you what do some tweet some new shoes that will actually knows what can you tell me when i will get a new shoes i know where does the weird how many people get your life is w us where to go u can shut up. Yeah a budget for are how many would you want to help but how you want to scale an uber there. No limitations there so. Hello is missing where is it really just depends on who’s taking care of the right women hey. Who you gonna get taken care of. What i would actually say that and my understanding of magenta converse cloud of magento hosting component is that while they are in a wy is not enough forward. Bam service scale ability it doesn’t scale both vertically and horizontally and the way that we might united general set up an environment shoes so there are some differences so it’s not just let’s say that you know the quick support we pick up the phones in ten seconds oh you’re hosting support or respond within fifteen minutes tickets any e-mails s then it’s the actual ability to handle some of those big and predictable traffic where magenta car spine large you’re being hosting environment it’s commencer it with your annual revenue and that doesn’t always take into account just how big a spike of traffic you like cat ima just how much resources you might need in particular moment like perhaps a major holiday for your business or major sale day today you get on all the news or something. Yup correct but i don’t wanna focus on the dl negotiate what exactly how may i help when i love i would stay on the positive side but in terms of deployment because it is a horror pre fab. Hosting environment that i can spend up pretty fast and certainly is that has its benefits i’m eating out the take to long to get hosting environment up and running but with a magenta host but. Remember that certainly is nice no coming back to one last piece of the you know before we start to talk about the individual features its a little bit more. The extensions themselves mentioned earlier that you late i need a mini extension with a gentle commerce but on the other hand when you do buy extensions typically on a premium price of and so. Yes some people often get is gal i usually try to be as even keel about it and look at it as a gift disabled friend is developers to be a what is the end support it. No idea yet i gotta change the size i wanted to see if you have to be able to have enough budget there to support them or limited user based casinos can be. Typically many of your users list on your extension do. Indeed i agree you gotta support it’s not the even the upfront cost of developing the extension it is continued support to those people who charge money do you think special day sell extension never been to a premium a reminder that you know take out money to support continuously. But you can report you can get some support from them normally and the years of use of extensions so if it cost money to support a twenty. And tom petty your last point i would say that we got clients that are happy in open source and commerce in bed you know there really well fitted with where they are i’m and you were happy to support them when they are both versions have a lot of pros in their favor so certainly no intent on my part to not version me neither timid most popular e-commerce platform if you want to thank him separately in the ecosystem in for a good reason what do you know what app that i think about all of us and the call of running to merchants did we sell in open source that we wondered why are these specific emergence nylon converse and vice versa i’m not paying for congress license and are they really getting value out of it is at the right setting i think that’s a little bit more. Now the conversation is the cutest and sometimes its because you work with developers that maybe focus on one version of the mormon not boast and so you know that you often will steer. Add a client what their confid in and what their experience is ben. But let’s talk about some of the features specifically today so i i want to mention page builder what’s dive in a little bit better because as i understand it i mean when page builder was added and i’m so. There’s a history there that we win the we added any original what you see is what you get i’m simple. Editor is floor mats pages on brother content for for your what’s your about as paid for landing pages for content pages that you would stand up and your site then magenta required blue from CMS and made for congress users this more powerful content management system available no more recently they’ve launched page builder which we originally expected to be available for open source and commerce somewhere after the acquisition by adobe that plan seams to change it doesn’t look like it become according to. You note to information being shared by the magenta it doesn’t look like it become available to you have an agenda open source users that we would erase is certainly not growing and features of anything maybe it’s it’s even in the eyes of some diminished slightly i’m so i think it does leave. I am a strong feature sad for those magenta converse use them on the other hand is the question of how often you using if you know if you got developers building out the pages are gonna do you have any way that i would probably for you yeah that’s a good one that because we deal with a lot of those say case so i haven’t seen a single person. Using the page builder i’m not on the reason being that we are business owners specifically are who employee employee sis service in the greater seoul the employee insert party developers you how’s the first are the diamonds you create and update the site sometime so these developers don’t use the page builder trust me you say you are internal system is armed they work on CSS to build a site using their wife and then they just deployed on the on the server i am to update the wrong way i’ll turn the display is different than the wordpress that she wants your mask and the back and the gentle then these other. Unions have been observed is well so much as an aside the service integrated development company with those order steps spend the money to their site and sports updated. Constantly having seen a single person yet who has used the paste bill that suits my speech but that’s because a small business as he meant york. Who’s going to build. I am self but her self the problem has anything other dollars for the license are you probably spend some money on developers to do it professionally for u and. You know nothing van i would say there are fun open source and your feeling especially whats your market your admins that don’t know much html. Open hamburg feel like they have to wait on a developer in order to do things they want to be able to do more. Across effectively are certainly more quickly in some cases for there are some extensions in magento marketplace i’m thinking that now that we know the page builder. Is it coming to open source that this might be an area that needs attention developers from around the newton. There are some extensions out there including i noticed that extension for my company. Call drop i haven’t used them personally it looks interesting i’m there is something like fifteen dollars a month so if you know of speaking listeners of you know assistance you had some experience with extension in dark. I need some kinda sad solution or some other mythology which i love to hear from you how your. You know what you’re finding best practice to look like a and your organization because it it certainly is would you see a lot of chatter about right now in six th building. Reserve a related area magenta converse include sent feature is what acoustic content staying in previous versions i could you actually tell us a little bit about it what we looking for best practice for hey staging content insight in terms of appointments and such so i eat out where i’m sitting i would typically building out new pages in the lifestyle that i would expect those to be dealt i’m in hey local is TJ development environments get push to get that thing from the ad hosting side of things would you think that. How are you from the conversations that i hear time and time again it is a very quite simple. What excuse are sometimes where i am looking for a new use. Listen to the guys that are doing things irish play better do it too expensive. If you have a production insight please don’t cuz change in production. If you were going to develop go ahead and play rolling in the break it’s national you re what we once you forget about it push to staging. No what’s the matter what you have in kraków rom near testing there any given the use wipers. What’s responsible for pushing me from stage will. Turn the term we’ll use is ware. We don’t have time i didn’t would a crash very simple test and don’t. Start checking on stage in dog shit end of story i don’t know how much simpler i can make it. And you know there are so many facets of this feature sodomy friends want to schedule content but i think there are pretty useful also. No you don’t want to have to have someone standing by to launch new banners for black friday and cyber monday to. Scheduling is nice there are some extensions out there that will let you schedule static blocks or what you schedule allows me to turn in your badge to go live events just stop caring i’m so it may not be necessarily i want the one in quincy with what you get with a gentle commerce but if those features are important to i’m dr said he can get some off the shelf extensions salam customization that you have written fourteen so you can certainly try to bridge the gap what’s a little bit about also mentioned gift cards. That’s one that i’ve actually always appreciated the future setting magenta commerce i’m yet to find a magenta extension is probably out there and i’m hoping that someone hears this is going to share it with me but most of the sentence that i’ve seen written fake st repayment of a gift card as a discount that’s a problem add for sales tax collections because instead of using a gift card as a payment method using it as a discount and so this really nothing tax to add your taking away from the sound lol. No from the TN is the tax doesn’t really wind up properly and the total amount to shit i’m so i don’t know of a good off the shelf gift card extension today and hoping someone sheraton added to show notes but damn. Now i will help say no you not i heard that a couple times from alex today add unite is it worth thirty thousand and alex i am sure that you’re thinking of a gift card extension. I am for a pretty last spend fifty thousand dollars this is a first of all i agree with robin and i would like to reiterate that the skip got extensions today treated as discount which is the problem from the interview because our music co until text on it from that sale that is not charging but sales so that discount set that’s correct it’s not the most extensions don’t st that search and i have a medical extension patrick. Yeah is it the gift cards if it’s working for you there is the classroom of gift card options are no other market place that you can use in addition to that i’m yes you know you. How so i wasn’t you can apply for a job at the small portion of it to get a custom solution for you that won’t accept properly applied you needed. Do whatever you want without so yeah what you can buy with this money so i add orange peanut butter etc maybe over one hundred thousand what you think about it because its best annual license but i’m hopefully if you need open wide range of these features is that the value starts to add up and that’s where i usually see magenta toner really start to win out and were really really right now were looking at some of these fronts than features or feature that the impact user experience our ability to deliver that user experience set on today’s episode but. I am not even in sm gift registry you know what we talked about gifts think i was taking a look at them a gentle marketplace which uses. Add a cube in hearing in this episode than we are you should be going for magenta extensions because they are going on der code review i’m and magenta does have eyes on them i only saw one gift registry extension currently available for magenta you was strong that the nation s team have worked with that person i’m so you know there are options out there. Hey is it exactly equivalent in all cases to a gentle commerce perhaps perhaps not that i might be something. Worth looking at but i do find that so often that what. One individual business wants out of an extension of features sad at you know the functionality today looking for my need a little customization anyway and see when you’re dealing with gift registry is what you want. Experience to be wedding dealing with things their babies or other types of registry keys that might come about my be a little different regardless self. I’m interesting wine and also the way from there instead of private sales so in essence said community building day to you have products available to serve customers perhaps for a limited time in order to drive some exclusivity or to make things available that are meant to be made available to that. Preserve the site just this to a select few. I am alex but what do you think about in terms of being able to deliver a experience like that open source. Oh easy easy because there is a well-known extension available on the market place that everybody’s you think who’s center that’s in addition to that’s web site so um where we just create a page that is accessible by password for example working with a sports apparel. That service is um individual sports clubs hey and the sports clubs make their own in order of their clientele is brenda. Weather sports club logo so how we have implemented as we have a separate page that is accessed only through i’m credentials login and password at the club and members of the esports club and and we have a special category to food products. That’s a house lol add um i wish were identified um i’m asked a specific groups so big posted on that specific car page that is accessible only two of them set up multiple ways to use extension or have a separate dedicated. That is locked up for the outside public it only available to the club soda multiple ways how you can do it without spending thousand dollars yeah and yeah i did notice in the market place also the extension from plum rocket bed specifically targets private sales i’m having use that one i have use the c function times and i like a lot is that the application no sorry that you are the one st i’ll say that i always believed in trying to win you can get a majority of your extensions from the same provider this waiting more likely to be tested. Add to work together you’re less likely to run in to conflict so i’m typically look that extensions from teams like namastey and ahead works that needed answering the other is that house volume up quality extensions that provides support that maintain a new different folks in the community and have different experiences with different dimension development teams but. Next on my waist is multiple wishlist send i was originally looking for the yes i extension that was available for a magenta one from amnesty that had to do with multiple wishlist send favorite lists that would. I mean almost the olympic close to requisition west. I meant it didn’t seem like they had made that exact extension available for today had a lighter i extension. From which lasts not there were some others like god BSIS commerce is the did have multiple wish list extensions switch on the marketplace that look pretty good in other features that customer attribute management. I am alex as you know i’ve read into that any number of times where you’d like to from the mission to having be able to add and manage some additional custom attributes as opposed to product attributes feels that relates to individual customers can i have hand surgery yeah you know it’s more than just. The ad man u might have and exposed to the front and when the users in my account area or press registering. Alfred count on the side of the etc still is something that my benefit from that extension if if you were on commerce give u also used the extension from out of state for that one. You know i am so used that in addition to just stay a logical solution added one pretty close to that you have spoken to right now in wi and for example the same example of a sports club sue a member of any sports club and did you have a drop down yes i know when the drop down select the club that you’re a member of the temple this company services let’s say two hundred sport clubs hey can you have if you remember becky is the drop down appeared so additional field that you can sort of clients by desk lamp that’s an easy solution where am a stay yes it’s very easy the function of excess markets or you very logically added by yeah yeah and i don’t feel like if he remembers sports club click yes and select which one. And then leave me into the customer segmentation targeted promotions me bad marchandise i think i’m now theres a lot of ways that you can utilize that sort of eager sad so you know i know i’m trying to stick to frontend today but this one help me in a few directions because i always thank god for segmentation being important and a couple places one being for marketing which usually is gonna happen outside of your agenda so promotions that you might send using your platform still handle the segmentation and automation like you are so useless track pronto digital etc etc i’m still nearest offsite component where with magento commerce MI do you know a little bit uh what made of linen magenta lol i’m fine large i’ve always seen people do it and mark it a text back outside but when you got the question out of segmentation. I’m free on site and for the. The shopping experience for you know what the shop might see your experience while they are visiting the website itself i do know. Are some really great personalization stocks that i worked with white high conversion i’m dead will take the date and let you sacramento and you need to do outside of magenta and display i you’re different adaptations. To the user to automatically so you could potentially do something outside but there are also some extensions select from amazon. Of all people i just want to think i should be paying us for this one in as good a. Put every emotion of state with should be getting a x i don’t know what it is but i do have an extension right for approval is wearing a light red so they think you have that just in case she has that dance arrangement emma’s can get a tag and this one didn’t really see it coming but damn. Read where you can segment the users in two different segmentation within the admin i’m alex give you seen. A lot of good use of that app in magenta with scales in terms of the user experience a segment in a way that you might show different. Products are all far is or content or something else different users based on their buying habits or some other variation. You know why i didn’t come across as often as i would like it’s very interesting topic and what is the big day your coming and the end though. Collecting information from your customers you don’t like the implement that for example i want two targets women between twenty on saturday you are old r m this particular area i havent encountered this button send a quotation was prospective customers ugh play mention it from time to time that they would like to do so and it allows him to. To do that every month call ways you can do it by the use of the extension were a build and etc something custom find challenge from scratch i think it is very useful for example i am. Go to websites and no my birthday and my birthday to show um. Yeah the coupon hi when is your birthday you have a coupon the hotel backs off and then go back yogo crazy but that’s right don’t spend it all in one place behind the say so yeah it’s good to have the second client send to target specific products from your specific demographic good democratic credit so i haven’t seen it implemented while but i am i had the house. Dozen of different solutions that would implement. For example to one being use the extension and then others are custom built and how play focus on the on average on the size of a magenta converse are more likely to be putting some time and effort into things like segmentation time in general but they got a big enough for user base customer base to really benefit from that we have to pay to have the data that you bought from somewhere else what’s that you have accumulated a user base this feature. Yes not useful unless you have to be tattoo to play west once you have a red becomes very useful to target specific people what’s certain times. And send to what’s said talk a little bit about site search and i was really excited with magento two point three l with the availability of the last six zero ge. Who are the current open source users where previously we really only asked for commerce now. Andesite search is crucial because if u can find what you’re looking for a few you don’t get the right matches the shirt and you don’t think that the store has at unilever if you get a bunch shelves you know who mitch is almost like sales rep saying yes and i’ll for when it’s not for now we don’t have that one. I need to really lose a lot of sales also that i am. What have i know that you know of new folks celiac great seems like next spring there’s in search plus clear view i guess my missing anybody. It is probably a few others out there i’m sure i somebody’s gonna write to me after this but i m g and there are things that you can add them that they have some really strong feature stats to improve your site search aside from using elastic search but i know that we deal with hosting site allows six or bad have you seen any feedback around that some of these options. What i wanted to really want to and what is your working blue three rd is user experience no problem dillon and a couple different things um i want to just answer the question. I give you specific we have a long that we work with kim when she number of products that help. Keep stop smoking and reboot. Entertainment firm next store to specifically from their site search so how do i answer this question and i am. Next row please help you make your experience much better. Resume they can we have an idea of what anyone really been on something somewhere else am i click on google maps there. Remind me via checkout process. I’m from that the server side is there are additional footprint if they want to use a plastic surgeon instead of. The native magenta instead of something sad like next time you from. The general view is there any any words of wisdom in terms of choosing deploy elastic search with your site. Would you say maybe i entered it impacts their the overall story would a wood reach supported switch to no. Set the prettiest girl that’s pretty good morning i want to see if you want anything interesting on the site search side. Not really tom covered at him lol it’s aq also i would try to talk to a toms response to that i am looking forward now tell yo what i want to know scholarship just for a psy can you talk about writing you because what other people think of things can you do anything remember starting with a golden hurricane do i go. Are you open for stargirl camera and. What are the pizza always get anxious what is the juice worth the squeeze and how can i get my stuff to generate more regular brings me to a example from get you just blew me away. Oh Can you talk about the specifics but i know there’s a we work with that sounds very high end equipment. Use warm here things so um would you charge upwards to your. I was in college group for some headphones hm. When are the things that i experienced in the past what is wrong order a term checkout process being turn the volume up sometime the same issue so when i found out that you were using me up in a min. Delete hello make me feel good because it’s not you lee but you may be able to just modify merge little bit in that department. Give that us not not able use amazon check out. Where are super fast cpu z what were able to roam. Get me extra bulbs twenty nine to thirty percent increase in their convergence. I just nominated you are the orders and screw byu checkout process no twenty that is a big number lol. What were their products let’s call it three thousand dollars. Find all those are project too big snack mix that cash so what am i going with this. Are look at us time to talk. Prime example site where is uber news cameras are twenty six and i don’t. I did know was twenty six i’m just gonna move your help. Switch to know more so i wont three. What would that give me the news i’m sure you will you correct my english and hamburgers you can do. Open source no more many cases you can would be better a m. d. Watch HBO when you’re finished just taking bowel the dollars and cents is the juice worth the squeeze. Don’t be one of those people that we talk to your husband why are you in open source work what are you in the form you how much we really don’t need to be there so that’s really all i wanted to do a new cross bread is. Make sure the dollars and cents. Makes sense now i got a business getyourguide and tom about switching gears and talking about number it’s a business case for every business owner is there must be a little calculus you know is that were said how so i would just don’t table in my head on his brakes and whatever else to use google sheets i want to one sided and others commerce solutions thirty thousand dollars to kate and close this case and so what’s next on the rock but that’s just engaged it just started what could he the lights in so you know. Can we also do not feel so distraught and blues i’m just you and just giving me number but you caught your interest what was for what i know depending on the size and function of the one that let’s let’s say status of lodi lowest by the way. Three grand is the lowest full coverage please add these features the conversation i’m am i gonna use my development team gonna use that. No tomatoes maybe some of the tasks that are assigned that would put okay open source then i need to pay for the whole thing but this payment will be less than city south damn i’m gonna pay developers to build and then i’m gonna include may be an old five seven ten expansion need extensions wanna be okay cause i wasn’t there is a glass. O two hundred to one hundred whatever you number will be over so that’s that’s just the the business n daniel functionality wise is my hosting provider are the developers good enough to support and yes my hosting provider i responsible is it going to handle my yeah i’m boost and trash can etc etc online as you know press and the quality of supporting responsibly is not just because you’re. Does it necessary your stock with a human jump to host a cloud solution to help. We have cuisinart rating two hundred million dollars in revenue. That’s hello season play some music using large hoping you can help. Enterprise product yet you still choose to work with posted infrastructure services eureka. Michelle kurta collaboration so just for the audience who i want them to understand that just could you know commerce. Does it mean you have to be in a box and you still have options there. What an extended just because you go commerce doesn’t mean that you don’t use the third party for somebody’s features said just because you couldn’t deal certain segmentation in magenta made of your use ur you know i will ask search site search features i’m doesn’t mean that you don’t bring no third party is often happens so in some cases your almost double dipping i am but it’s about what brings you the best value and not always comes down to i am i’ll touch on a few last time what items that i think in one way or another might impact the experience a little bit i’m before we drop for today and so i made returned management what are you up it’s damaged the wrong item that doesn’t fit something in about it you know just what u the wrong way it’s time to return it i’m obviously for a bigger operation you really dont wanna be dealing with email is something else and i certainly seen some march instead i’m how to process for handling this through the helpdesk and ask someone to use your assistant ship station that actually has a return add system that you can brand the end may be interesting to get those jokes suck show so open and under the hood of what’s on the latest is there but. They’re also some extensions that you can potentially work with but it is nice with common to just have that off the shelf and have it ready to go also matching with our automatic related products sales and cross now there are established extensions it seems like the head work still shutdown need a hey you might also leaving and for what specific time use some of the other extensions that have to do with customer is that view this product also review this customer is that what this product also bought this. I’m so it’s not necessarily you know there’s a one size fits all depending on. I’m very nature of your customer base and how often they’re returning what kind of data your collecting. I’m there might actually be an extension that that’s more helpful to you in the long run in there might be a personalization and that you connect go to site it will be even more powerful and more data points so. I suppose that you know that’s another one that it’s really nice to have something off the shelf especially if you got a big catalog you really don’t want to be manually i said your related products of sales and cross sales bot the extensions that all their work for your nearest your parties some is supposed to laos that get a little feedback on this one hour reward points a loyalty to magenta converse discount something off the shelf for the time it might not computer. Turn on with what’s he smiled il for a suite for words order will the lion. Alex sent but have you seen in any of these is last items that i can wear to users are gonna wind up perhaps outing on one of these solutions or extension as opposed to maybe what they might get navy often gentle commerce. You know what suite is great can i want to what’s my life everybody’s using that is quite popular so um switch extensions to the everybody uses its the fact that the first e-commerce or other words this is nice but if you are already using its not much money i mean how much is this service extension do you have a do not have the latest is a great question that might be another one worth wrapping in two out was good we take a little bit of a deeper dive from comparing of bed because i think that there are good number of congress you just added i wanna system light like smile that is worthwhile doing and its top of the commands right that’s not something i think i need to get the triple digits yeah i’m good yeah starting point these days for this stuff to economy have shifted bed i am but i don’t see it is not my belief on these solutions always band if you’re getting a good a y. It’s where is the hammer curl up flowers search solution and can i improve your conversion rate and nothing driving of additional sales to. You note it to give you like ten times profit on your. You spend the spend really isn’t a question and it’s about your bottom line it cost of doing business index of the same is true for a lot of that with a broken water brick and mortar store so you wanna comes in and you know they can browse to see what they can approach and an associate so she will be a search function you can associate the nasty hi i’m looking for a piano what the. Specific pacific light bulbs red where is pacific size t-shirt you know when they we would you have i know we don’t we have something else so you don’t we can associate from the business so this is a very similar to your employees can automate it. Search assistant that’s what did that who’re recommend something cool search it for you not much more economical kosta in a real person what if you want you can employees open up the chatbot recommend something first wife but you know this is automation then it cost much less than planned the person i was when was broken what because people where i can visualize and definitely with those who did the same with young for a person to be a switch from another store sport assistant will you do the same bs of cost money. Remove course of business. Rap for the day i think delete cover what am i think anyone who is still listening and will understand that this is a big topic and soul as i mentioned at the beginning of the podcast and video that where can i break this one up in two sections in so we will be tackling other topics i relate to magenta open source into a gentle commerce and and how to stripes with either some of the functionality available with you there are things. Add a stroke. And will certainly be trying to bring in some additional guests receive additional points for feedback i welcome your feedback and certainly look forward to incorporating some of that into something future episodes so we do thank you for listening again and we hope to see some of you when a few weeks and magenta imagine i just skip it.

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