October 14, 2019

99 thoughts on “The greatest TED Talk ever sold – Morgan Spurlock

  1. Maybe put more information into your headline instead of just self aggrandizement. 'Listen to me! It's the greatest ever!'. Right. As if I've never heard that before….. and every time I did, it was bullcrap, so don't mind me if I don't listen to you.

  2. सैटेलाईट तू मार देनां सब को हमारे पास टाईम नहीं हैं अपने हिसाब से समझ गये सैटेलाइट्स और जो बचें हम मारेगें …..खाउंगी

  3. Transparency was a good buzz word when they first used it. It's turned in to code for I'm about to lie to you. If a politician is saying they'll be transparent – BS. I haven't seen one yet that actually followed through on that one – just like most of their promises – empty.

  4. No one wanted to work with him because of what he has done in the past, he is the one who brought out the movie " Supersize me" which made look bad fast food restaurants. Companies knew he will be in behalf of public rather than their companies…

  5. What a wasted opportunity. You could have shared the common messages from your adventures but instead you chose something meaningless. I didn't get the point of what you were trying to prove or achieve sorry🤔🤔😕😐

  6. Next time you get out of your car and Lock and Arm it with a
    H O N K, please think if you would want to hear that inside your house or apartment when you are sleeping. …or for those people who live in heavily trafficked areas or by parking lots whether you would want to listen to that All Day Long. Thank you.

  7. http://www.threelly.com/ Threelly uses state of the art A.I. to analyze videos for key insights: topics, scenes, people, sentiments, and much more.

  8. What is really happening is this TED talk IS "the product placement" thing they wanted to pull off. In the guise of a story of not being able to pull it off and then doing so.The subtle misdirection and manipulation is uncanny if you look closely.The marketing industry is really a wolf in sheep's clothing.He gave the title money away because his pocket is filled with the money he received from all the companies mentioned in the talk.

  9. The comedic value alone is worth the read. The fact that most of yall domt get…is the whole point hes making

  10. I was so expecting "Cool Whip" to have bought the talk. As Matt Patt would say "Not a sponsor. Just a fan!"

  11. brand is blank…ohh and folks seeing each other….🙄

    it is easy to create brands but its hard to point and create good brand.

  12. Love how the lady came out at the end and said, "Ahem. Aren't you forgetting something? I think that money belongs to us."

  13. The title a definate winner👍👍👍 around the middle im thinking ok I got click bated😥😢 but im too far invested to not see where its going to go🙏🙏🙏 It paid off because you went totally outside the box and proved you wont always have insight, safety control statistics and be totally blind to where its going to end but isnt that the joy of living💃🕺🏞 Thanks for thinking different 🐏emc should be offering you stock options to encourge more.

  14. i’m high as a kite right now and i just now figured out what the whole point of this video was after rewatching it

  15. Goodness gracious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Ted talk that was so focused on a single egotistical individual. This Ted talk wasn’t about anything, except how great Morgan Spurlock is.

  16. Howard Stern said negative advertising is just as good as positive advertising because whether you love me or you hate me you are curious as to why?! Therefore if you don't know why you hate me as long as you're curious it therefore becomes positive advertising. Dr Atkins in the same respect made millions on donuts even after his death…. of a heart attack… from obesity…

  17. Spurlock's success on eating McDonalds for month was flawed and biased but he got famous from that doc.

    He succeeded based on lie.

  18. What scared me really badly was when my 8 year old daughter told me she likes the commercials better than any show…..

  19. The whole time I was waiting to be rewarded for clicking on this. The first 14 minutes were treading water…AT BEST. It somewhat came together after that, but now I want to punch this guy in the face for wasting 19 minutes of my life. He's interesting. But ultimately a disconnect and a disrespect for anyone else's time

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