April 1, 2020
The future of eCommerce – In a nutshell

The future of eCommerce – In a nutshell

The future of eCommerce,
In a nutshell. Mobile technology is fundamentally changing
the way we do business. Both in eCommerce and the high street retail.
In 2012 mobile Commerce grew by a staggering 300%
With 80% of the 7 million smartphone and tablet owners in the UK shopping online
This means if you are selling online then simply having a responsive design won’t do
You need mobile specific version or an App, Because if customers can’t easily buy from
you then your competitors will get the sell. Over 50% of people admit to using their mobile
for comparison shopping or reading product reviews,
or standing in high street shops. Other technologies will be driving change
in the next few years. Many smartphones already have near field communication
or or nef capabilities, Which allows contactless payment systems.
Just by tapping your mobile against a terminal payments happen automatically.
Much like swiping an oyster card on the London Underground.
Retailers in the UK have been slow to respond to this but we are now seeing the technology
roll out. Building on the technology is the virtual
wallet, for example the Apple Passbook,
which stores information from loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes, gift tokens and
special offer coupons. So when you buy your ticket on your phone,
instead of arriving at the theatre with paper tickets that have been sent in the post you’ll
have the information in your virtual wallet on your mobile device.
One huge advantage for the business is the cost savings,
instead of the theatre printing tickets which have to be put in an envelope, addressed,
stamped and posted the information is immediately available to the customer.
With little effort or cost. And there are many other benefits for businesses.
The future of eCommerce is mobile and the future is happening right now.

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