April 9, 2020
The EVE Online Experience – Play For Free (Trailer)

The EVE Online Experience – Play For Free (Trailer)

This game… you’re not ready for it. You’re in the middle of this
beautiful sci-fi environment… and you’re seeing intrigue,
the espionage, the alliances form, the power that shifts around,
and it is amazing to watch. Simple actions can have massive effects. You can cooperate with people, compete with them,
make friendships, deceive them, betray them. It’s amazing to think that it’s
all just other players. More players start coming, it just starts this complete cascade of actions
and you don’t know what’s gonna happen. It is a free for all. We´ll get locked up and shot instantly.
People start dying left, right and center. It’s just something you can’t get anywhere else. It’s just a rush like no other. Everybody is on this journey
and writing their own stories. And that is probably the simplest way
I could describe it. Things continue to change and evolve.
It’s awesome, I love it. It’s part of EVE.

100 thoughts on “The EVE Online Experience – Play For Free (Trailer)

  1. космические бои подобно NEXUS но еще и многопользовательская! зачет!

  2. музыку из стеларис взяли, и где ДТ 10% при битвах в космосе с онлайном 2к

  3. man the game has freedom but dont overhype too much with the graphics..

    just tell them to join a null sec mining or gank corp and go nuts

  4. Make PVE content, Make PVE server, then and only then, You will have tons of new players. Your community so great in one way is your disease in other. They wont let you move forward. Look at WOW. Great pvp yes, but there is a story inside, story that grows every new content. I love EVE cause it's beautiful, have great economy, but have no story no, content, no PVE, and have tons of trolls, ganker's and other players that wont let, someone like me have fun. And there you have it, one main reason you wont succeed, in flooding eve with new players. i relay wish you best but it is how it is. The Oder reason is Star Citizen….

  5. Played NPE: Thanks for you to saved the New Eden thou the combat, now, here's your Venture, it's a great mining frigate, hero

  6. I left Eve because I got tired of a new characters popping in and taking out my ship with ease just because they can mount tech one crap and a have a second tech 1 buddy to pick up my stuff in high sec.I am talking about a 2 month old character of training vers a 11-13 year trained character. It was very irritating because of having played since beta on the same account I should be capable to swat just about anything they could do to me with out even trying minus a platoon worth of them. I know you want everyone to experience EvE like they have some kinda power over all but lets make this FARE not shit on you older player base.

  7. I just logged into this again to check on this free to play bit. It is total crap. You can't use items that you have already train ed for. So basically you can log in and just look around which is totally WORTHLESS. I think it is time to bury this game.

  8. I want to. My SciFi, Spaceship obsessed inner nerd wants to. REALLY wants to. But I know this game is intensive as fu… I'm just way too casual and invested elsewhere. STOP TEASING ME.

  9. can the developers, in the next update of eve, make it to where we can grind through the ships through like experience for those who pay for free

  10. Man all these trailers are fucking awesome, but I'm curious – is there anyone that's recorded the more mundane side of Eve? I'm talking about Dilbert style shit that goes on, or like when Superman is bashing the shit out of the bad guy and the soldiers can't really do anything but watch, then you wonder what's going on in their heads haha

  11. I wont play this game till CODE is kick out of high sec.Some noobs(like me) cant afford to have CODE destroy all their mining ships and i saved to buy the permit and they still killed me.

  12. I think concord need to mark all CODE members as permanent criminals in high sec,,btw if you look the player base has dropped since CODE started picking on broke noob miners,they are a threat to new eden and it about time concord does something. #KickCodeOutHighSec

  13. Code makes this game to difficult for noobs to make isk.I will only come back to this game when Code is kicked out of high sec,untill then tons of good games to play.

  14. не ведитесь, только пве на лоу левелах . которое уныло. пвп актуально для платного аккаунта

  15. I tried to get into EVE many years ago, but it was just too challenging and advancement seemed next to impossible. It's a shame because it looks like a really fun game if you can actually understand the gameplay.

  16. Seit anfang an dabei bis vor 2 Jahren mit 4 Accounts. Ich würde heute noch Spielen und vileicht auch mal PvP machen wen man bei diesem Spiel nicht so ätzend Viell Verlieren würde. Da hilft auch keine Versicherung des Schiffes wen die eingebauten Items mehr wert sind als 3 Schiffe. Naja und Mittlerweile dank onigarchen Gören eh ein PayToWin spiel.

  17. and when you lose 7 years of assets because someone dies in the real world having most the permissions locked, then the alliance starts breaking apart and starts taking territory for themselves, you'll see what it means being an eve online player, anyone can look up into the stars, but it takes real courage to conquer them

  18. ты устал? и тебе лень что то делать? так вступай в клуб #ленивойжопы всегда найет развлечение для тебя https://goo.gl/g1mU2O |

  19. All fun and games until you get ganked by James 315 and his cult of followers (Eve would be a better place without them).

  20. A game of thieves and psychopaths, tied to a series of actual murders, robberies and other nice things done to players in real life over something they had said or done in the game, all encouraged by CCP (they have recently gone as far as to condone doxxing and harassing of players, which resulted in a girl committing suicide; and CCP representatives still make jokes about it on stage at the EVEFest, saying it's all in the name of "freedom" and "consistency" and claiming that actually enforcing international law would harm the game). CCP's Tranquility server is to be blocked by internet providers in France and Germany by the end of next year (due to CCP's refusal to cease their criminal activities), which will assuredly kill off the (already decaying) playerbase. I wouldn't waste too much time and money on that ghost ship if I were you.

  21. This trailer is misleading. CCP is totally unable to run its game in big battles. We have been in a battle of more than 5,000 since two hours and we can not do anything.

    CCP is shit.

  22. Point and click flying in 2018. And its not free so u can grind for ships that worth something. Its free to try with crap ships and skills. So EVE u can be epic but u ARE NOT YET.

  23. Earning, spending and losing is so real in this game. Would be better if the flying control makes a bigger difference though. The trailer looks like a fierce air-combat game but it's not.

  24. Play Eve
    Finish all tutorials
    Find wormhole
    Find good stuff in wormhole
    Drifter shows up
    Die in wormhole and lose ship
    return to step 3

  25. video: This game your not ready for it
    me: ok see a later
    video: more player is joining so you join to 😂😂😂

  26. Join in as a Free Alpha account. As an added bonus, you will receive 750,000 Skill Points (SP) to spend on skills however you choose


    I just recently came back to the game after a few year break so I’m pretty much relearning it from scratch myself. We can learn together

    Also looking for buddies in Star Citizen

  27. Free to play that Huge Lie. if want get the Best Gear and to Make the Money in Reasonable amount of time you have Pay. $15 USD For a 30 Days or Grind soo Hard you end Eat sleep and Breath Eve Online

  28. Lets Go gamerz. If ur new to the game like me, lemme know by joining our Creator Support community discord(link on bio)! I intend to make some real relations <3 and a REAL #STARARMY!
    ~Lord Star

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