March 30, 2020
The Ecommerce Journey – Land of Confusion with Phyllis Khare

The Ecommerce Journey – Land of Confusion with Phyllis Khare

I think this is a magical place that I
would very much like to visit… Welcome to episode
12056 or Episode 3 depending on how you look at it. For those of you
who are confused about my episode numbers go check out my episode 1 or 12,054
and I explain it all there. I’d like to take you on a little ecommerce journey
that I’ve been on for a very long time. I am very frustrated in this ecommerce
journey I’m on. I used to make physical products back in the day and then it
moved all online to online courses and our School – Social Media Manager School -is that you know taken off and it’s really awesome but now I feel an urge
that creative urge to get back into the e-commerce space and make stuff! And I’m actually kind of really enjoying making stuff again. Now when I say stuff I mean
all the things – the shoes, the shirts, the leggings, the linens, the shower curtains,
the mugs, the plates, the tote bags, the statement bags, the beautiful silk
scarves, the cashmere scarves, the flip-flops, the hoodies, the cards, the cups, the mugs, the plates (I think I said that twice) 🙂 the glassware… I actually started this ecommerce journey back when there are only a couple of sites where you could create your own custom designs. And those would have been CafePress and Zazzle – remember Zazzle? They’re
both still around and they’re both still functioning. I still have product there.
When I dove back into this ecommerce making of the stuff space I thought – you
know – the industry had figured a few things out. I was really quite wrong
about this. There are now more places but there is no one place where you can
create all the things. If you want to create shoes you have to use rageon or
a bucketfeet – if you want to create linens or fabric you have to go to spoonflower if you want to make amazing scarves made out of model and cashmere and silk and things like that you have to go to VIDA and if you want to make a t-shirt – uh
geez – you have so many options of where to go. VIDA, CafePress, Zazzle rageon, society6, Threadless, teespring, Spreadshirt, red bubble, tea republic and
APLIIQ, designed by humans, cargoh, STORENVY, artfire, sunfrog, Ript, tealaunch, printful and don’t get me started on all the places
you can go online to create your own custom jewelry! I mean it’s just
ridiculous and then of course you can have a Shopify store or an Amazon merch
account or an Etsy store and which of these have integrations with Shopify or
WooCommerce I mean it can get very confusing for someone just now jumping
into this space. I just want one dropship interface that can create all this stuff
that I can show on one storefront. That’s all I want. It doesn’t exist at the
moment and I have tried to find it and it just doesn’t work. Right now if I have
a Shopify account I can’t put my VIDA scarves in there
because VIDA doesn’t have an app that integrates with Shopify. Now Threadless
is kind of upping its game recently and adding a lot of things because I think
they realize that somebody’s got to step up and be this one place where everyone
can custom design all the things. Do you feel my pain yet? Now that I’ve explained
my pain my amazing pain about not being able to find a one place where I can put
all the things – in the next episode I’m going to talk about the platforms and
how even the platforms are confusing and which one you should use. So I’m going to
take you on this ecommerce journey I’ve been on for a while and
kind of show you the mess that it is right now and see if I can’t sort it out –
and you can follow along with me and you can sort it out too. Please Like Share and
Comment in any particular order I don’t mind but I’d love if you would Share
this with people who are also on this journey. ok back to work

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  1. I totally feel your pain, and I'm excited to go on the journey with you to see what solutions are out there!

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