April 4, 2020

The easiest online business to start with no money in 2020 – J.R. Fisher

the easiest online business is to start
with no money hey I’m J.R. Fisher and in this video
I’m going to show you how you can start online businesses with no money
you don’t need technical experience and it doesn’t matter if you’ve done
anything online in the past and we’re starting right now hey I’ve been selling online since 2009
I’m so millions of dollars worth of digital and physical products and I can
tell you this there’s some things you should do some things you shouldn’t do
but for the future there’s these businesses that you just got to start
online now if you’ve had any experience selling stuff online put it in the
comments below have you started a business have you tried to start a
business or do you already have a successful business put that in the
comments below at the end of this video I’m going to give you a bonus
a $97 ecommerce course absolutely free just for watching this video
now let’s get going I want to show you the best businesses to start online with
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question all the time in my inner circle what business should I start I mean
what’s the best one to make money real fast and which one is not going to cost
me a lot to get started I don’t have a lot of money and I decided to put the
end of this video so you would know the best businesses to start online with no
money number one business to start online is to sell your knowledge that
what do I mean by this everybody has skills they’ve got some
kind of skills from their job and the easiest way to market for online is to
sell the skills that you already have now when I started out I didn’t do that
I could have done that I had a lot of sales and mobility and I had a lot of
sales skills and I had manage people and hired people and all of those are things
that I could have marketed a course but I didn’t know anything about it today I
do sell courses I sell courses on how to make money online because that’s what I
ended up doing I sell courses on how to do
online it’s a lot of different courses but it’s all based on the knowledge that
I’ve gained by selling stuff online then you may be thinking well I haven’t sold
anything online I don’t have anything well you may have skills as an expert
you know maybe you know accounting maybe you know sales maybe you know management
maybe you know hiring people may be either a graphics person whatever it is
the simplest way to make money online is to sell the skills that you already have
you know I had a friend that was really good at photography and he did wedding
photography and he decided to start an online business and he ended up teaching
people how to be wedding photographers how to make money selling their
photography and make money getting paid from taking pictures he ended up making
millions of dollars and ended up selling the company for a pretty good payday all
because he was a photographer who decided to teach people online so maybe
you don’t do photography but maybe you have mighty skills maybe you’re the
person in the family that everybody comes to when it’s time for a party and
you play in that party there’s people that want that knowledge and you can
actually sell it online to what you need to do is kind of brainstorm you want to
sit down and you want to assess all your skills think about all the things you’re
good at maybe you’re good at cooking recipes I don’t know everybody’s good at
something but you want to brainstorm and list all those things now why is this
such a good business to get into well because you don’t have any inventory you
don’t have to take money that actually buy inventory to start in your business
which is cool because a lot of people don’t have that money for investment
you don’t need equipment you know you pretty much just need a computer if
you’ve got a computer you could actually go online you can put your courses on
sites like Kartra which I highly recommend I’ll put a link in the
description below where you can actually get Kartra it’s a membership site but
it’s also a sales page builder it’s a funnel builder it’s an email provider
it’s everything you need all rolled one and if you go to the link below for
Kartra you can actually click on it and you can watch a video there’s no credit
card needed or anything like that just watch the video and it will tell you
what all it does for you now if you decide to sign up for tartre you can get
it for one dollar and actually try it out and see what it does so whatever
your skill is whatever your ability is if you want to have a membership site or
you want to have lessons Kartra’s the way to go then you may want to just be
somebody who is a consultant to other people and you could certainly do that
you can actually sell your time you can talk to people on phone you can talk to
them on skype or webinars you can do any of that now here’s the other cool thing
you can do this whenever you want to do it so maybe you have other commitments
to family or the children or something like that and you can carve out those
hours a day that you want to actually spin selling stuff online which aren’t
gonna be your services the cool thing about selling your services is you don’t
have to wait there is no ramp up time there’s no getting stuff ready or
anything like that you can pretty much be in business in a matter of days now
once you’ve assessed all your skills and you’ve decided you want to sell your
services online whether it be a course or whether it be consulting or something
along those lines I would suggest you go into Google and typing in whatever those
skills are find out who is selling skills services like that and then find
out what they’re selling it for find out how their advertising find out what
their sales pages look like what the web pages look like and get some ideas from
them because the best way to learn how to do something is from somebody who’s
already done it and been successful at it now if you want to use Clark true
that’s the best way to go because you don’t even have to have a website
however if you do want to have a website go with something like WordPress
WordPress is awesome because you’re gonna get actual free website by doing
that you don’t have to pay for WordPress you can just build a WordPress website
the only thing you have to pay for is the domain name and the actual hosting
of that particular website now if you want a really good deal on a
domain name I can get you one for free if you go with hosting with Bluehost now
Bluehost is the main provider for WordPress and if you look down in the
description I’m gonna put a link down there and if you click on it and go to
Bluehost you can actually get your domain for free as long as you just pay
for hosting now the number two best business to have online is an affiliate
business now what exactly is an affiliate business an affiliate business
is where you’re actually selling other people’s products now a product can be a
physical product or it could be a digital product now if you’re selling
affiliate products and let’s say it’s a physical product you could do something
like Amazon the amazon has affiliate links and you can use those in your
blogs or your social posts and when somebody clicks on that particular link
and they go and buy that product you actually get paid you don’t have to buy
the product you don’t have to have inventory you don’t have to mail out the
product you have to do any of that Amazon will do everything and they will
pay you a percentage of what that person spent now if they don’t exactly buy that
product but if they use the link to go to Amazon they buy other products you’ll
actually get paid all the other products too which is pretty cool stuff so you
can actually do it that way the next way you can do it is to sell digital
products now a great place to sell digital products is Clickbank Clickbank
is awesome there’s thousands and thousands of different courses there and
items you can sell that are all digital and you don’t have to do anything these
people have already made these products they’ve already made these courses
they’ve already made the sales pages the landing pages they’ve already come up
with emails all you have to do is actually market that product and a lot
of these products on Clickbank that can pay anywhere from 50% some of them go as
high as 90% and all you have to do is get that link out there when somebody
clicks on that particular link and they buy the product you
hey affiliate marketing is awesome the next way you can make money online is
through drop shipping now Aliexpress is a website that you can go to that’s
mostly Chinese manufacturers but you can actually sell products on your site on
your pages you can actually connect them to your website through a platform like
Shopify now Shopify is a software you can use called over low and what happens
is when somebody buys on your Shopify site it automatically sends the order to
that personal Aliexpress that could be in China and they will actually ship out
the product to your customer all you have to do is approve that sale and that
shipment goes direct to your customer a lot of times these products on
Aliexpress can cost you like from one to five dollars and you could be selling
them for fifteen twenty thirty dollars and you could quadruple your money just
by offering these products through drop shipping now we also own a survival food
company and my survival food company we do drop shipping we do drop shipping for
tons of sites out there and I think we do drop shipping for Walmart our
products are actually on Walmart’s website so what what the websites do is
they actually list our product on the site and then when somebody comes and
buys that product they send that order to us and they put that water on our
site and the difference between what they charge and what we charge them is
their profit they didn’t have to buy any inventory they didn’t have to ship any
products they didn’t have to worry about any customer service and we take care of
the shipping that goes out to the customer so that’s how drop shipping
model works now the next way you can make money online is through actual pay
sites what a pay site is is something like upwork.com rev.com guru.com let’s
look at a few of those and let me kind of tell you how those things work okay
the first sign I want to talk about is true Lancer combat true answer it is a
freelance marketplace of professional freelancers there’s all kinds of
different talents their employers can freelance projects on true answer and
get quotes for free true Lancer provides payment security to the freelancers and
work satisfaction guarantee to the employers by using a security deposit a
present true Lancer has registered freelancers from all over the globe
including mostly really from India Pakistan USA Bangladesh Philippines
Kenya Indonesia bid man Sri Lanka and Nepal the service categories include IT
programming graphic design and multimedia but there’s also writing a
translation there’s data entry and administration finance and accounting
sales and marketing customer support in the service social media and SEO not to
leave out mobile application and many others so you probably fit into one of
these categories I’d like the traditional freelance
marketplaces true answer has a buy and sell service section now what this is is
anything you can think of as an ecommerce store for freelance services
and marketplace to hire freelancers clients can post projects for
freelancers to buy from existing fixed services listed by registered users
posting a project is free doesn’t cost you anything for freelance service
buyers for freelancers true Lancer comm charges a percentage from their earnings
based on the membership which is free and both paid the next one I want to
talk about is hot glance calm now hot glance is a website where companies and
skilled professionals find quality work there’s no barriers to connect no waste
of time just more quality work ha plants is a website where companies and skilled
professionals optimize their workload no barriers to connect no waste of time
just more quality work the main vision
is summarized by the following sentences no bidding wars no barriers to be
contacted no waste of time just quality work they always make decisions based on
the best interest of the users and this attracts the best of them which in turn
brings in clients who are looking for quality work the next one I’d want to
discuss is cert ze e bark a.com now this is a micro job site where freelancers
specializing in various different fields come together and present their skills
to be used and employed by those who need them the micro jobs usually are
anywhere from as little as three dollars to as much as two hundred dollars and
that’s kind of the sweet spot what they do is they charge the seller for all
orders successfully completed they charge a commission of ten percent
there’s no waiting period and you get your work today and you get paid today
you can make money sharing zerk with your friends too because you can make up
to a 10 percent commission on every sale for life that’s crazy you can promote
your affiliate link in forums blogs articles etc their affiliate program
pays you when your visitors by a search service if you refer a user using your
affiliate link and they purchase your own services you’ll get 100 percent of
that value the next one is code stunts code starts as an IT outsourcing
platform that connects people with qualified independent professionals in
the business of software development design and consultation whether it’s
mobile application development to web design code stunts will connect you with
talented freelance software developers who can help you on your ongoing or a
new software projects near the most efficient way so this allows you to make
money really quickly and it brings in really high-quality employers you can
also track the work progress in real time they have a collaboration forum
that you can log into you can monitor development status assigned tasks
and transfer large files and high speeds by using the decentralized cloud storage
system now they say they always have the lowest
price international freelancing has always been hard to do due to the high
platform commissions and money transfer fees code stunts removes this barrier by
free bank transfers no service providers which can only price their effort
without worrying about the expenses so there’s all kinds of ways you can make
money online from selling your own services directly to the end-user to
selling other people’s products to you know using one of these sites where you
can do work and jobs are already there there’s really no excuse not to make
money online and these are some of the best ways to start none of these ways
are gonna cost you a lot of money you’re not gonna have to invest in anything to
get started so really there’s no excuse for you not to make money you could go
to a site like up work or Fiverr and you could you could do voiceover work if you
can talk you can make money online you can actually just do voiceover work for
people and make money there’s spots on there where people want you to record
their phone messages on there you could do that you can review products on there
there’s so many things you can do without spending any money and you can
immediately make money online and I like the freedom of it because all of these
particular things I’m suggesting to you not only work and they’ve been around
and they’re proven models but you can do it when you want to do it if somebody
send you a job and you’re busy in the morning do it in the afternoon do it on
the weekend just let them know when that job’s gonna be finished and everything
will be good so I hope you enjoyed this video I’ve gone through a lot of ways to
make money online and I want to give you one more but it’s a course it’s a $97
course but you can get it absolutely free all you have to do is go down into
the description and there’s a link and you click that link you can go and
you can watch my video course it’ll help you make even more money now do me a
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really appreciate you watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one

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