April 2, 2020
The Chinese Consumer: Understanding what they need

The Chinese Consumer: Understanding what they need

From the very beginning of the customer journey when they decide that they are going to come over to the UK you really need to engage with them. What we are seeing is more Chinese spending a longer time and spending more money. You cannot do what you are doing in Germany, Spain, Italy,
France, UK, America and expect it to work in China. The Chinese consumer will be loyal to a UK brand especially those heritage brands that sell a great story and provide a really quality product. They are absolutely also wanting to be able to communicate with brands and use their smartphone and technology in order to make that purchase You need to make sure that you’ve got enough notification, point of sale material around the store to tell them that they accept all of the Chinese payment methods. When Chinese consumers come to the UK they are going to be still looking to pay with their preferred payment methods and those are Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay. Tax-free shopping is absolutely a must to be offering in store. They are expecting it and it’s a way of being able to give a discount to travellers. What’s important is to be able to make that as seamless as possible and as smooth as possible at the cash desk. There are other nuances like, dependant on what you are selling the gifting market is very important for the Chinese tourists and so offer a gift wrapping service. A very good reason why Selfridges and Harrods are so prevalent with Chinese tourists is because of the bag. I think what the Chinese customer is looking for is that personalisation element. Really getting from the brand that you understand that they are just not not just a number within a large market but they’re an individual. Don’t be afraid to show the Chinese your most exclusive goods they are always looking for something which is different. You should be engaging with them not just on OTA’s but through social media through possibly key opinion leaders and bloggers One of the things we do as part of a comms framework
is to look for differentiators to look for what makes that brand different and what will make it resonate because it’s best to
focus on one differentiator than try and be all things to all people and end up literally just amongst the noise that is China. Yep.

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