April 2, 2020
The Challenge for CMOs

The Challenge for CMOs

CMO’s today have often been compared to CTO’s. They have massive integration challenges. They’ve bought disparate pieces of technology
over many, many decades. More importantly, none of these technologies
can continuously carry on the conversation. I think what’s broken is the gap between marketing
technology and advertising technology. In that world, marketers have to play either
on one side of the fence, which is their own domain or another side of the fence which
is the open, paid and earned market. Unfortunately, there’s no connection between
the two. Most brands have been working within silos
to date. There was a solution for insights or modeling
business intelligence, which existed separate from what was happening in the marketing and
media space. The challenge is, what’s the binding technology
that brings all of those silos together into a single connected experience. That’s where Signal comes in.

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