March 30, 2020
The Biggest Secret in All of Business

The Biggest Secret in All of Business

The Biggest Secret in all of Business. Hi, I’m Brian Pombo, welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. We get together every day
and talk a little bit, go over some real simple concept and then
I send you on your way and today is no different. It’s funny, I don’t know if
you heard that ding that just happened. I have my phone set to alert me every
time that somebody that I’m specifically following goes live and it’s following me. So I’m going live right
now and it’s alerting me. I’ve got to make sure I turn that off
before I do this. Welcome back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming again
from Grants Pass Oregon. Today we’re going to talk about the
biggest secret in all of business and what is the biggest secret? Do
you know what it is? I’ll give you a clue. I thought about it as I picked
up this off of my shelf. This is 108 Proven Split Test Winners. This was put together by
Russell Brunson’s team, over at Click Funnels and they put this
out as kind of an advertisement for their business. But it’s a very brilliant way of doing
it because what it does is it talks about split testing and split testing throughout
your entire funnel on your website. So regardless of whether or not, let
me just look through here, I mean, you know, whether it’s better to have
a large video or a small video. Or whether you’re asking them a three
word survey or a or a four word survey. I mean, just one thing after another as to things
that they ran up against each other. If you’re not sure what a split test is, it’s when you run two things at the same
time and you have enough traffic going through it that you could see
which one’s the winner. The winners of 108 different
tests that they did over time. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean it would
be the same winner in your situation with your market. All markets are different,
but it’s the concept behind it. In some cases they ran some of these
tests over many different markets. So they have a pretty good idea of
certain things that come with human psychology or at least
come with the times. So what is this? Is this
a big book of secrets? It is in a sense, and as marketers we use the term secret
over and over and over and over again. Russell himself has the book, Dotcom Secrets and also, Expert Secrets. I think he’s coming out
with traffic secrets soon. I mean he’s driven that word into
the ground because it’s a hot word. It makes you think that there’s
something that is being kept from you or something that you haven’t been told
or something that very few people know. And once I know it, I’m going
to be special. You know, it comes with the territory when
you think about that word and that is one of the biggest secrets in all
of business is that there really are no true secrets, no secrets that
are worth knowing. Really, it’s all written down. The reason
why I have all these books, the reason why I get other programs
and things of the sort….audio video, anything I can get my hands on
when it fits what I’m looking for, is because there’s no secrets. Is that anybody that’s doing something
out there that’s making a big difference, they eventually tell somebody
it eventually gets recorded
and individually gets disseminated out to the rest of us. There’s no secrets in business. The same principles apply today as apply
to a hundred years ago as applied 500 years ago as will apply in the future
because the principles are always based on things that don’t change. It’s part of the word itself.
Things just do not change. When there are principles, they’re
solid. They’re very clear cut, that’s the big secret. The big secret
is there is no secret, I think Earl Nightingale said that
about The Strangest Secret. He had this famous record called
The Strangest Secret and I think he was one of them that said
that the secret is not a secret. It’s out there. And I’ve had many of my mentors say
the same thing through the years, that you can find out
anything you need to find out. And when it comes to any
changes in your business, if you are looking to
change your marketing up, if you’re looking to stand out more within
with your customers or anybody else, there’s someone out
there that can help you. I know there’s certain areas of
business that I’m not the best at, I’m not the greatest at tech and code
and all this stuff on websites when it comes to really specific things. I’d rather find either find someone
else who can do it for me or learn the secret from somebody else and find a quick
way of doing it. You’re the same way. You just got to realize there’s no
obstacle you’re going to come across that you’re not going to be able to go
over if you have right attitude, you can get through anything. You just have to get really good at
finding who the person is that has the information or has the skill
and put them to work for you. So one of the things I do as a business
strategist is I come in and my main focus has always been business growth. But even going a little bit further
than that and being a little bit more specific, I’m all about helping you to stand
out in front of your customers, in front of the customers
that you want the most. So if you’d like to work with me or I’d
like to find out more about what I do, go to
there’s a little plug for me. Also if you’re in the self-reliance field, meaning that you have products
and services help people
become more self reliant and whatever that means
to go to There’s a video they’re going watch. It gives you an idea of what the Dream
Business Transformation is and why I give them away. Even though I charge
most people in most industries, $600 and above for
their strategy sessions. The Dream Business Transformation
is specifically for those in the self-reliance, so go check
that out. We’ll be back here tomorrow. We’re back
here every day and we’ll see you then. In the meantime, get out there
and let the magic happen.

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