April 4, 2020

100 thoughts on “The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing

  1. Wow! Thank you! It’s so simple but not easy, that’s why it will be worth it. Who would have that you need to be social in social media…lol

  2. I could be wrong but won't frequent commenting on other people's post would trigger Instagram suspiciously and you can get shadowbanned?

  3. 6 hours a day will not suit everyone. Certain people need to spend time on other things that will build their business.

    For example if you're an artist and you spent 6 to 10 hours a day replying to people on Instagram… When the hell are you going to make art to post on Instagram?

  4. Great advice. #watchmenaenae lol watch me grow this year and become the best in the next few years. #theillumibuddycompany #royborrego #bakedpandaattire #illumivisionmedia #dabapaloozaent

  5. Gary: Leave a genuine comment
    Everyone: Gary that was an amazing content. I never knew this. 1.80$ is the best. You are it! Aaaa☺️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Gary: OH MY GAWD! What did i just say!!

  6. Gary vee I listen to you talk and stay inspired to keep going with my podcast. I just did a rebrand and hopefully you check it out

  7. I drink the shit out of wine. Why do I need to sing up for Empathy Wines? I have never tasted it, therefore I have no idea if I would like it. Although I FUCKING LOVE YOUR SPIRIT AND ENERGY, I’m serious about my wine. Keep giving the good shit Gary. You are the bomb! ~ Unapologetically me ❤️. PS. Where can I taste your wine!?

  8. I did this and the FIRST ONE said she's been looking for a place like my gym. Her post that commented on was about a forgotten cemetary in our city. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Let's keep this rolling!! Thanks GV!

  9. Thanks so much for this! Ive just started working for myself and I'm 41 so I've just started trying to figure out Instagram. I get most of my business from FB. I started by friending every cute girl in my town and paying for sponsored ads to my target audience. I have been stuck with the Instagram thing on finding local people to market myself to. Appreciate this so much!!

  10. Not only Instagram, but internet marketing in general. I've noticed a lot of times there are questions on YouTube videos that go unanswered. Seems like a great opportunity to help out people in the community by engaging with them (even when it's on someone else's video). Great advice GV as usual.

  11. First : You need to get rid of entitlement , which means knowing that you are fucking nobody.
    Second : If you want attention you need to give attention.
    Thank you #GaryVee .

  12. I love this!! But I hate the new algorithm. My account (@tiffanykunstmann ;)) has great content, but it's so hard to drive traffic to it

  13. This guy is a fucking genious, I’m now starting a clothing brand named, @COOKIEworldwide, check me out or dont 😉

  14. Started trying it by 4:40mins into this video and after 5 minutes I’m already getting results. Gary always putting people on💯

  15. Does this kind of Instagram marketing apply to chiropractic marketing as well? Or is there a separate process you would follow to achieve that?

  16. What were you doing to earn money in 2007 to have 5-6hrs a day free to message on twitter every day for 5yrs? I’m a little confused

  17. Hey. Question about the $1.80 strategy – I been trying to look at popular hashtags to find the 9 photos to comment on but the popular hashtags are flooded with top influencers. It’s hard to find the people ‘with just the 7 comments’ that you try to give attention to. The ones with 4,000 comments aren’t going to notice it. What’s the best way to tackle this?

  18. Wow, this is such a genuine way to grow instead of just following a bunch of people and unfollowing them when they don't follow you back (that drives me crazy and seems so painfully fake). Thanks again for solid advice!

  19. The only working website that really works for me and gives me free likes and followers is SMM EMPIRE, find it on google – Believe me, I have tried other websites as well but in reality none of them really work just like SMM EMPIRE hehe

  20. At the time I’m seeing this, this video had 465k. I’m genuinely surprised because it should have more lol. Only 1.5k comments to smh this is good content. Always.

  21. I would like to know your views on leaving a comment on other's post and then also telling them about your channel/ content? I've seen people do that and even I started doing it as a budding creator.

  22. This is so true!!! Great recommendation, engagement has to be intentional. Shoutout to my hometown Columbia, MD! Lol

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