April 4, 2020
The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy | #AskErikHammond 38

The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy | #AskErikHammond 38

Set the goals of your
organization as a team, right? You know how much money you want
to make this year as a team. How many cells do you want to have as a team? Share this information. I make it
as public as I can. How many new clients are we bringing on? How many people are we serving right now? How much money are we spending on
ads just to bring business in? Right. I share this information with everybody
so that we’re on the same page. We know what’s going on. They know
that I’m as committed as they are. So you’ve got a you’ve got a point. The direction that you’re going. People point the direction that you’re going. Lead your team there. Show
them how close you’re getting. Show them the steps that need to happen and
show them that you’re in the trenches with them working. They need a leader who’s going to
be able to do the steps and the actions that they’re willing to put forth. 80 percent of your income is made
on 20 percent of your result. To try to increase that 20, 20 percent results
to maybe 30 percent this next quarter and maybe 40 percent the next quarter because it’s going
to allow you to do more and more things. So understanding your past business and what
you’ve done this year and maybe this market’s different than it was last year. What’s up, guys? Welcome back. Thanks again for being here.
First off, happy Thanksgiving. This is Thanksgiving week. No matter when you’re watching this happy
Thanksgiving, hopefully your guys’s holiday is going fantastic. I love this time of the year
when you really just going to get a step back for a moment, look at your business over
the last twelve months and see where you’ve gone and projects where you’re going. Right. I’m huge in a goals, huge industry
and ambitions and really determining where my life is going. So if you haven’t set
your 2020 goals yet, you definitely need to. Even if you’re watching this and it’s six
months into 2020 into the future, set your goals, have a plan, determine
what you’re doing, OK? Because today we’re talking about
the fun topic of sales. This is not something that I love. I will tell you that
I have pushed against sale. I’ve struggled with sales
my whole entire life. But I can tell you that
I’m really good at it. I just don’t like to win it every single day. But I figure I will impart my wisdom on you guys
and share a little bit of how I got into sales and some of the things that I use in
my life to help me close people and help me really understand the objections that they’re giving
and the pain points that they have and how to overcome those hurdles
so that you can get them. Hopefully what they’re looking for. It may not even be your product, right? You may not have the perfect solution to them,
but at least you can now find it and provide it to them. When
you identify what that is. So let’s get into today’s questions. As always, these guys these
questions come from you. So you haven’t had a chance to
submit your question into the show. Send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook
and we’ll be happy to plug this show. Koiki, I can’t talk today. Happy to plug your
question into the show in future months and future week. OK. Ben, I’d like. This is gonna be a rough
show. I can already tell anyway. Question number one, what advice can you
give me to be better at sales? OK. So I got into sales. Like I said, back in college
days 20 years ago or so. And back then, I was doing anything I could make
money because I’m like, I got to go to school full time and I got to pay for it. So what am I gonna do to make money? I can go out and get a full time job because
I had to go to school from like eight till three or four. So I kind of eliminated banks,
but I had the weekends and I had after three o’clock and had a
day off here and there. Right. I would try all sorts of stuff. I would try selling things on eBay, like buying
low, selling high, kind of like the Gary B model. I would go out
and sell door to door. I sold me and I sold alarms. I sold satellites. I sold information. I sold I sold cell phones actually for
a long time before they’re actually even called back. And the flip phone days,
I was fine at the mall. Yeah. So anyway, I sold a lot. And I think one of the things that
I learned is that you have to listen. Right. There’s this huge billboard that I remember seeing
in Utah a long time ago and had these huge ears on the side of the billboard. And then I think it had
one mouth in the middle. Nonmember executive said something along the lines
like we listen more than we speak. And it was for a car dealership because
obviously car dealerships sell a lot of inventory. You come in, you want to test
drive something, you wanted to see what they have. You know, do I want to
talk to I want an SUV. What color do I want? What options I want? And they’re there to listen. Right? Because most
people go there and they like, I want this, this and this. You have it. And then they have to work on the price
and financing and all that kind of stuff. So you sell in real estate. What are some of the things that you can do? Well, you’re gonna have a buyer who
probably wants to be very specific. Right. If you’re a model home agent and you
represent all the homes in a community that a builder. Bill, I just went to a model home this
weekend just to get some pile ideas for a new remodel. And man, the agent
looks bored just sitting there. No offense to you if you’re
one of those new construction agents. It’s very consistent and you get
really good at what you do. But it may be the stepping point
to something else in your future. I know a lot of agents who start out in
one of those model homes and it works really well because you really get to know your scripts and
you figure out what it is you’re doing. But you listen, right, because you only have
five, 10 different options that those buyers combine paint on what colors
and layouts they want. If they don’t want what you have to sell
as a model homemade, that you can’t sell them anything because you don’t have
anything else to offer. But as a normal real estate agent who’s out
there with the whole MLS and everything out there to offer, here’s the trick. You’ve got to listen. You got
to know what they want. You got to ask the right questions. One thing that somebody told me early on
was ask your new clients five hundred questions that you only have to show them five houses. You only ask them five questions in the very
beginning and you’re going to end up showing them five hundred house. So start asking
more questions and really listening to the answers. And don’t just say, you
know, do you want a pool? Yes or no? If they say yes,
I want to pool, be like, great. Tell me more about that. Why
do you want to pool? You know, if you want more of a
hot tub, do you want a warm pool? Do you want a diving pool? Do you want a kidney shaped pool? A square pool? Do you want
to cover over the pool? Are your kids going to want to
swim every single day of the year? Like, do we need a heater
and do we need solar? Do they want more of like an out of the
ground kind of hot tub type pool where you can put jets and have swimming, too,
and all that kind of stuff? Why do you want a pool? Right. And if you listen, they’re going to tell you. That’s the beauty of it. If you ask questions
and you listen twice as much as you speak. You’re gonna get the answers
that you’re looking for. And they’re going to tell you, look,
we want to pool our kids. You know, they love to swim. They want
to be in it all year long. We want to hit it up
on Christmas and have everybody over. I know families who do this. They heat it
up to like ninety degrees on Christmas Eve and everybody comes over and have a blast. Right. If you want that type of a lifestyle,
you’re gonna have to find that type of a pool. Now you get into Resta House. Why do you want to single-story or
do you want a two story? If they say I want a single
story, don’t just say, okay, check. Let’s go find a bunch of single stories. Start asking why? What’s important about a single
story house you write? So that you can age in the house and live
here longer and you not to worry about going up the stairs later. Is it the fact that you
don’t like stairs is the fact that maybe you have an old dog who can’t do stairs and they
want to roam around on the main level and you want to be able to
accommodate this pet of yours? Right. What’s important to you about
having a single level home? So ask all these questions and get detailed
every time you ask a specific question about the home. Right. Do you want
one story or two story? Ask five or six more questions. Deep about that. Why is it important to you
if you aren’t able to find a single story home? Would you consider a two
story home if absolutely not. Do not show them two story homes. And I know everybody says buyers are liars
because they don’t know what they want and they’re gonna buy something that
they said they didn’t want. But for the most part, if you ask the right
questions and you truly get in their head and understand what they’re looking for, your job
is going to be so much easier. Now let’s talk about the selling side. When you’re selling a home,
what do people want? Well, they want to sell the house for the
most amount of money, but the easiest agent, right. They don’t want to
have tons of negotiations. They don’t want to have to go back and forth. They don’t want to know counter
on the price a bunch. They really don’t want to fix up the home. But in the end, that’s how they increase
their value the most in that property. They don’t want to have to
have a bunch of showings. They don’t want to have to
have a bunch of open houses. They really don’t want to move out of the
house and have the house staged, you know, or anything like that. But those are
things that get the household. So you have to sell them on these things
saying, look, your most important thing is what time easiness of offers. You know, somebody with cash, you can close
quick or somebody with finance, you may take forty five days. What’s
more important to you? A higher price or ease of closing? What’s more important to you? A whole bunch of
showings or just one to the right buyer? I know some houses that they
don’t pay, don’t do showings. You just sight unseen. Make an offer. Once you’re under
contract, we’ll go from there. It’s a pain in the butt for a buyer’s agent. But sometimes that happens. So you’ve got to
find out what your clients are looking for in that transaction. Listen. Right. Ask the questions and listen. That’s all it takes. The other side of it is
you’ve got to sell people on needing a real estate agent. A lot of you
guys are going to call physios. Right. You’re gonna call expired. You’re gonna call circle calling. And they may not even think about moving. It might be so far down the road. I’ve heard so many times,
you know what went on. Ask somebody. Are you gonna be selling
your house in the near future? And they say the only way I’m moving out
of this house is in a pine box. Mean they’re gonna die in
the house right now. OK. Well, is there anything else that
might cause you to sell this house? And then they’re going to
give you some answers. Right. But asking more questions, getting
more specific, helping them understand the value of what you bring to this relationship. That’s super important. Most people look at
roles and agents as a commodity. They think that we’re all the same. That we do the same thing. That, you know, million dollar house. Hundred thousand or else. There’s really no
difference in what the agent does. We know that’s not true. But for
the most part, most homeowners do. They don’t value guys as
much as you should be. And so you’ve got to sell
yourself on what you do. Right. You’ve got to bring your
best game to the offer. You’ve got to show them how you stand out
as an agent, how you help people sell your house. Are their houses for 30,
40, 50 thousand dollars more. How you sell it faster than the
typical days on market on the MLS. How you do it, how you get multiple offers
on the house instead of just a single offer like a lot agents do. What is it
that you do that’s different than anybody else? How can you stand out? Those are the things
that are going to help you sell your services. So again, listen, provide more value
and answer the questions that they’re looking for. Right. If they ask you, you know,
what are you gonna do different than all the other agents that I
interviewed for this job? Well, you better have
something that’s different. You better bring some A-game to this and
offer something that no other agents are. If stagings, a big thing for this house and
it’s super dated, maybe you have to pay for staging, right? Maybe you have to come in
and bring in interior designer to move the French around and make it look amazing. And nobody else is willing to do that. They just want to get those pictures up on
the MLS and start taking the buyer leads. That’s usually a priority. And most agents to
have you unit stand out and offer that client something that nobody else is doing. Don’t just hold the open house. Don’t just get your house on the MLS. Don’t just take a bunch of photos. Make that house shine. Show them how they’re you’re
gonna make them more money. Show them how you can do it quicker, how
you can make this massive burden in their life going on right now, selling their house. Easier than anybody else can. And that’s how you can win.
So how do you beat ourselves? Ask questions. The last thing I would bring up
to this point is to know your objection, handlers. So you’re gonna get responses when you’re
calling people to say, no, we’re good or you know what? We were for sale by owner. And the reason why is because we don’t want
to pay a real estate commission or maybe it’s an expired listing. And they say, you know
what, we had it listed for three months. The agent couldn’t sell it. I think we’re just going to live in it for
the next couple years and see if the market will come up to where we want. Right. They’re overpriced. You know, there’s a
bunch of things you’re going to get. No. The objections you’re going to get when
you’re calling, when you’re out there be generating when you’re meeting with clients, when
you’re at their doorstep, trying to pitch them on listing their house with you. What are the objections that
you’re going to get? Practice the responses I had. I talked about this in the day. Actually, I
had a sort I’m looking for a captain unaccountability, accountability partner, a script partner
every single morning on my way to work for thirty forty five minutes, we
would go back and forth on our objection handlers, on our scripts, on our Facebook calls
and our expired calls every single day for 30 minutes. That became two and a
half hours of practice every single week. I thought I got so good at what I did
plus that and making a whole bunch of calls. Thousands and thousands and
thousands of calls later. I became really good at
calling people really good. On the phone and real estate. And that’s how
we found so much success in our business, honestly, is because of practicing, knowing
the objections, training, role playing, all that kind of stuff. We’ve built out a whole
sales team that was on the phone every single day because I just made it my my goal in
life to be good at this one thing selling. So when you have that much effort and you
put that much energy into it and learn the trade better than anybody else,
it’s a standout, right? Learn how to handle the objections
that you’re going to get. No. The scripts that you’re going to use, don’t
just try to mumble through it and figure out what you’re going to say
when he gets that moment. Put the scripts on your wall and
your phone call if you need it. You know, go through those dialogues, practice
on your spouse if you need to. Every time I teach a class, whether it’s live
or on a webinar or anything like that, I actually go through the whole presentation of my
wife, have her work out all the spelling errors that I have in
there, all the little kinks. Is there anything that didn’t work? Because anything that didn’t make sense that I
tried to explain it just have somebody to bounce you things off of you. It can I have them, I guess,
can be super helpful for you. Anyway, that’s my suggestion for
how to get better selves. Just keep practicing. Keep understand what your
clients are looking for and keep listening. OK. Question number two,
in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Who are you grateful for? You know what? I brought up my wife for a
second there, and I am super grateful for her. She motivates me. She pushes me. She drives me. She encourages me. She’s the biggest support to me in my life. And I totally appreciate her. So if she ever chooses the washes, which I
don’t know that she doesn’t know, she watches some of our content. But
I appreciate her so much. She takes care of our kids. She pushes me and business. She gets me excited about anything. She pushes me to try new things that
I may not have ever considered before. And I appreciate that about her. In addition to her, I appreciate
business partners that I’ve had. I appreciate. Like I said before, role-play partners who
get me on the phone, even when I don’t want to be on the phone, they encourage me
to try harder and to do new things as well. I really appreciate and I’m grateful for my
team and all that they do for us. We have video editors and podcast editors
and writers and email campaign writers and social media marketers and just this
amazing staff of awesomeness over here. And I appreciate you guys. And I know that
you guys are going to watch this video because we got to edit it and we got to distribute
it and we got to put it all out there. When you do, I should just know
that I appreciate you guys so much. So that’s so I’m grateful
for that in my family. They are awesome and
I appreciate their support. So if you’re in a situation where you don’t
have a supportive family and figure out how to support them because we need support,
then they’re going to support you. When you put them first in your life,
they’re gonna put you first in your life. That’s one thing I can tell you for sure. So there you have it. Question number three, when you’re put into a
position of leadership, I like this one. How do you change the culture
of the organization for the better? Because it is really saying is when you’re put
into a position of leadership, how do you change it and get them to do what you want? Not in a Hitler kind of way, but more
of a like we’re trying to accomplish great things. Right. I’ve let a lot of teams I’ve had
a lot of businesses with multiple people in it. And one thing I can tell you
is that you lead by example. I’ve come back from Tony Robbins events. I’ve come back from workshops and boot camps
and courses that have taught me amazing things. And I want to share that information with my
team and I want to get them on the same level. Right. Like,
we’re all pretty close. Even then, I’ll go to some of them. I’m up here and now I want
them to come up here with me. So I’ve got to lead by example. I’ve got to teach the things that I want
them to learn and do in their own life. So some of the things that we do around
here, we have a book club every single month. We read a book together, we talk about it. We pontificate about the things
that come up in it. Usually they’re a hundred and fifty
to two hundred plus page books. Some of us raynham really
quick and consume them. Some of us need a little bit more pushing. You know who you are, guys,
but read the books together. Let the group pick which books
you’re gonna really should be. Book business books. It
should be sales books. It should be development books, basically like
self-improvement books that are going to help you guys find books are
gonna help rally you guys together. Every time I go to an event, I come
back and I teach my team what I learned. Right. So if I went to a Tony Robbins event
for four days, I come back and I share the things I learned. Sometimes there might be 50, 60
things and it might take awhile for us to go through them. But I try to
download my group on everything that I’ve done. When I had my real estate team in Utah for a
while, it was mostly a bunch of guys on the phone and a property manager
and a brunch team. I’ll tell you that because we were dealing
with some tough situations and those guys were super willing to learn and open minded and
able to just absorb a lot of information. I remember role playing with them and we would
go through sales training and I was a huge into sales back then, just trying to learn
as much as I possibly could about getting better at sales. And that’s I appreciate. Question number one. But I would I would
encourage them and share my information with them. So you have to lead by example. You have to do what you
want them to be right. You can’t be the dictator out there saying, do
this, do this, do this, and you’re not willing to do it yourself. So if you want people
to be on time for work, you better be on time for work. If you want people to
get better at sales, you better get better ourselves. If you want people to role play
in your team, you better oplan your team. If you want people to read
books, you better be reading books. You have to do the things that you want your
team to do first and then they’re going to follow. So figure out the direction that
you want your organization to go. Set the goals of your organization as a team. Right. You know how much money you want
to make this year as a team? How many cells do you want to have as a team? Share this information. I make it
as public as I can. How many new clients are? Bringing on, you
know, how many people are we serving right now? How much money are we spending
on ads just to bring business in? Right. I share this information. Everybody, so that we’re on the same page. We know what’s going on. They know
that I’m as committed as they are. So you’ve got a you’ve got a point. The direction that you’re going that way. Point the direction that you’re going. Lead your team there. Show
them how close you’re getting. Show them the steps that need to happen. And show them that you’re in
the trenches with them working. They need a leader who’s going to be able
to do the steps and the actions that they’re willing to put forth. So
it’s coach number three. Last one as we wrap this up. Question number four. I know
he just doesn’t want to. These are great questions. I want to
move people towards real estate investing. How do I do that? OK. So it’s coming from over a decade of
real estate investing and getting into flips and wholesaling and rental properties and passive
income and all that great stuff. That’s really what’s got my
start in real estate. And just got me where I am today. I think for a big part of it. So I love real estate investing. I love the fact that you can take
some money and make it into more money. I love the fact that you can have
no real estate experience and quickly learn from sources and from other people. And having mentors how to do great things
can turn that into an amazing lifestyle that you can enjoy forever. So when I first got started in real estate,
the things that I was passionate about was construction, because that’s where
I came from. It came from a construction background. I like turning old things and new things. So I got into flipping. We basically take
these beat down on and habitable houses and within 2, 3, 4 weeks we turn them
and they’d be these amazing, beautiful homes with everything. Brand new new electric,
new plumbing, new Tracy kitchens. We’d move walls. We put
on new roofs, new windows. It was just craziness for
three or four weeks. And then we had a happy
homeowner and we’d move on. Right. We’d sell the house
and take our profit. We’ll move on to the next one,
the next one the next month. As I got more passion about real
estate, I got into owning rental properties. And that was exciting, too. It took a lot longer. Like it was not a not as exciting as
flipping because within three weeks you could make 20, 30, 40, 50 plus
thousand dollars on a flip. And I’m talking like Utah real estate prices. You’re not California. But in rental properties, you
buy a piece of property and you might cash flow like 50 bucks every 30 days. So super boring. But when you look at the long term and what
a decade can do for real estate, that’s when it gets really exciting. I’ve had properties that
are more than doubled in 10 years. And that’s what’s fun about.
Real estate is more patient. You are. The more money you can make. And I think that answer this question is how
do you get people excited about real estate? Talk to them about their goals. Right. Again, ask questions. It’s not that hard. Ask people. You know what? You live in this house
for 10 years and you work full time. This is talking to your prospective clients or
past clients or people that you’ve worked with. You’ve lived your off all the time. You’ve got this great job. What do you do when you retire? Where’s your money going to go? What type of. This is my best friend or one of
my friends pet best questions that he asks. What type of a cash on cash
return are you expecting at retirement? Meaning if I have one hundred thousand dollars
in the bank, which is not enough money. By the way, what are you expecting that money to do
when you retire at 65 or 60 or 40 or whatever age you decide to retire? What do you expect in that
money to do for you? What’s the expected our
life return on investment? And have him just get the gears turning? And if they’re like, you know what,
I want to make 20 percent. Well, how in the world they make 20 percent? What are you going to do to get 20 percent? And then maybe like. Way out there? Impossible. Maybe the you know what? I just want total percent or I 6 percent or
maybe just 2 percent would work if they have a low number like 2 or 3 percent. What if I could get you more percent? Or what if there is an opportunity for
you to make more money on your investment? And obviously you need to know what you’re doing
and you’re not going to become a I can’t think of a term and I’m not going to go away. You’ve got to you have to know your numbers. You’ve got what you’re talking about. You need to be confident.
What you’re talking about. Right. And have some great examples. And the thing is, is you’re not trying to
get your clients into trouble and have them by a shady deals or investments. You’re trying to help them open their eyes,
see what’s possible with real estate, meaning that if I was going to go buy
it and I’m just using easy numbers here. You guys can add a zero to this if
you need to make the math work for you. But let’s say I was going to go buy a
$100000 property as a second property, not a second home, but a second property
as an investment property. I would typically need to put down about 20
to 25 percent depending where your credit is. Right. And so if I was going to go put
in 20 percent on one hundred thousand our house, that would be yet $20000. So what is my twenty thousand
dollars going to do for me. I go put them in the bank. Right. That’s going to make me. Point 0 0 5 percent. Know like that off I put it in the stock market
or some like that might make me like 2 to 5, 6, 10 percent somewhere in there. You might have some C.D.. You know, some other options out there. But typically it’s going to make
like 2 to 5 percent. But if I go put that into a hundred thousand
of our property, I’m going to have an eighty thousand dollar loan, which is probably going to
cost me about four ish hundred dollars per month for to £450. HLA is insurance and all the other
little applicable things that happened to you. Right. Let’s just call it five hundred
dollars to be fair, because my property management, all that in there. So if I have it
at all hours, I might be able to rent this hundred thousand dollar home for maybe eight
hundred, maybe a thousand dollars a month. Let’s just call it a thousand dollars. I know that’s really high, but I
want to make the math easy for. Yes. If all along if I said OK,
you’re going to invest twenty thousand dollars, you’re going to go get a loan and you’re gonna be
paying $5 a month in a mortgage, you’re gonna be making $500 a month. How much money is that per year? Well, you’re gonna be making $5 a month. Time still payments at six thousand dollars. How long does it take you
to get your money back? Beginning six thousand dollars
to put down 20. Basically three and a half years, right? Somewhere around there, three years is eighteen
thousand dollars and maybe a couple of months later. Three and a half years. You get back all your money. Now, what happens over three years? Does the property stay the same? Does it go down in value or does it increase? Who knows? It could do all of those. But over a period of
time, all real estate appreciate. Unless there’s some natural disaster by you and your
house is taken out by a tornado or a hurricane or an earthquake or fire. Some like that. And you don’t have insurance. Hopefully have insurance on these properties. Your house is going to increase in value. So not only do you get cash flow, you
get all your original investment back, but now you have appreciation, too. And I have no idea
what depreciation is gonna be for you. It’s gonna be different in Florida than it’s gonna
be in New York and it’s gonna be different in California as well. Everywhere is different. I’ve had properties, though, in
a matter of five or six years that have doubled in value from
a hundred thousand to $200. Yes, that can happen in the right markets. It’s probably gonna happen in
this market right now. But it’s happened in the last decade. So realize that you get cash flow, you
get appreciation, you get all these great things with that $20000. However, if I were to go put
that money in the bank right. And may make my 5, 10 percent. If I had 10 percent, that would only
be $2000 per year that I’m making. And it is just on my twenty
thousand, not on my hundred thousand. Our investment you see now real estate investing
can be such a magical experience when you do it right. You don’t have to go
by every piece of real estate you find. You don’t even have to buy an
apartment complex or much at all. You can just buy a family, a single
family house, a $100000 piece of property. Right. Do your numbers, know your math, work
through the equation and help your clients understand the benefit of it. And the beauty of working with real estate
investors is that they buy multiple times. Right. The average buyer right now in are
the average homeowner in San Diego County sells their home once every 13 years. So if I’m brand new in real estate,
I sell my first client a house. I have the will wait 13 years
for them to ever do anything again. But if I convert that client into a
real estate investor, they’re probably going to buy at least once a year, if not more often, and
maybe even like every three or four years if they turn and they only buy
a few pieces of property. But still, that’s better than
once every 13 years. So work with your clients. Get to know who they are. Ask them questions. Right? Ask them about their life. Ask them about their work employment,
their income, their financial goals. You are the real estate agent here. Real estate investing is a form of investing. It’s a form of retirement. Why not bring it up right? Why not be the expert
of everything in your field? Now be careful because you
can get yourself into trouble. There’s a lot of red flags and
things you need to be worried about. But know what you’re looking at. Read books, go to seminars. Find old dudes who are 70, 80 years old
and have so much information to share because they’ve been doing it for 30, 40 years and
they can tell you everything to be aware of and to look out for and to focus on. And they’re going to help you. Hope your clients buying more real estate. So that’s my story. I love real estate investing. I know that it can be a form of
massive wealth for us here in the United States. I know that it
can create endless opportunities. And I know that you can leverage your money. You can leverage other people’s moneys. You can partner with people together. You can leverage debt. Meaningly going to get a
mortgage on that $80000. Some debt is great debt. If you fail, follow Grant Cardone. He talks a ton about getting into real estate
debt and what partners can do for you. I think the last transaction he bought was
something like three or four hundred million dollars where he teamed up into a bunch of
people together and went out and bought a massive apartment complex sitting down in Florida
or Georgia or somewhere down there. So because to have your clients become repeat
clients, the more they buy, the more money you make, right. The more money you make, the
more money you should be putting into real estate investing. So that’s the
end of my show today. Guys, so get better at sales. Talk about we’re grateful for
this week at Thanksgiving. Go out and serve somebody. Find a way to give back you some of
that awesome commission money that you’re making to give back to people in need. That’s my goal for this year, is to give
back more people, help them with things that they struggle with. Give a percentage of everything
that we make right to somebody who needs it more than I do.
And be a great leader. Right. You guys are the
leader of your business. You have an impactful opportunity to to change
your business, to change your life and to change those lives of those you work with and
then help your clients for how to get into real estate investing. And if they’re not there,
if you’re not there, you said, right. You can drink your own Kool-Aid to sell it. So figure that out. Anyway, guys, American
and I appreciate you being here, appreciate the willingness to learn, educate, to
be better at your trade. Keep going, keep pushing. Keep try and keep doing these
things, guys, and keep showing up. Appreciate it. Enjoy your fantastic holidays. And we will see you, I think, in December. Make it a great one.

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