February 18, 2020

The Best Platform to Teach Online Courses Udemy vs Skillyshare vs Teachable vs Pluralsight

hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation and I got a great one for you today so you know if you don’t know and
obviously I’m assuming that you do because I link it in most of the
description boxes in my on my channel but uh you know I obviously teach on you
to me I teach on a bunch of other platforms so I get this question a lot
from you know not only my students that are looking to get into content creation
but also just people on YouTube and you know people that email me because I’m
always readily emailed with email I think I just made up a word email Abul
so if you if you do have any questions obviously feel free to email me whenever
I’m very available I I’m not always you know I have about 45,000 students
roughly on udemy I’m growing my youtube channel I have a bunch of Instagram
followings so I can be a little bit you know slower to respond nowadays then I
used to be but I still will respond to you within a day or two you know
three max depending on you know what what my schedules like and what I’m
doing but if you have a question feel free to email me and I will definitely
get back to you I love to help people out it’s Jenny my passion to teach so
you can reach me at Brian that’s Brian with a Y just like my name here at BG
media innovation comm and you know I’d love to get back to you and help you out
so feel free to email me but furthermore I get this question a lot you know
what’s the best platform to teach on because there’s a lot of them out there
it’s hard to know which one’s the best now obviously I’m a little bit geared
towards you to me cuz my the majority my phone’s on udemy but you know I’ve tried
them all practically with the exception of Linda and I’m going to refer Linda to
YouTube because I think it’s a great platform so I’m gonna go over a couple
of them there the benefits and the potential drawbacks that they you know
have because ever they all have positives but they all have slight
negatives to but content creation is it definitely definitely a great place to
get started if you’re looking to make a living online now I already have a video
on you know FBI private labeling I have a bunch of videos on that specifically
actually and how that’s a good business model I have videos on CPA marketing and
affiliate marketing social media marketing you know I do a lot of
different stuff like that i also have drop shipping courses if you’re
interested check them out they’re actually linked on my youtube channel so
you can go to my channel and they should be willing to write up here at the top
and there in the description box of a lot of my youtube videos too so check
them out but specifically you know udemy is probably the
best in my opinion because it offers so much there’s about I think last time I
checked there was 15 million people on you Tamizh platform and that could be
trending upwards to about 20 now I’m not sure what their numbers are so for that
reason I think udemy’s the best now the drawback of you to me obviously the
benefit is the amount of students on there the potential you know reach that
you can have and the majority of sales that you can have on udemy and the
marketing that they do you don’t have to really market your courses that much now
obviously I do and that’s hop grow am i following significantly but you to me
will market your courses too and they’ll do it for free you don’t have to pay
them they’re the majority their budget that they spend is on marketing so
that’s a great way to kind of get started into content creation and then
you can kind of hop on other platforms as you go now if you’re interested in
constant creation I obviously have a bunch of courses but content creation
mastermind is a course that I have that will literally teach you the ins and
outs of starting to create courses and creating content and how you can
monetize it so check that out I’ll link that in the description for you but
udemy’s definitely hands down the best in my opinion now there’s no reason that
you can’t hop on multiple platforms but it depends on what platforms you’re
shooting for now next I’m gonna go into is teachable because teachable is a
great platform but you do have to pay a subscription service and they do take a
percentage of your you know your sale so it’s small percentage depending on what
what actually agreed to and what you sign up for teachables great because you
can charge so much more for your course whereas udemy you can only charge you
know you can put your course as high as 200 bucks but you know very rarely do
you ever sell a course for over you know 20 realistically you know they they are
they’re always running like I said they do their own marketing and they’re
always running course promotions and you’re obviously running course
promotions too if you’re familiar with my youtube you know subscriber discount
or promotions that I run you always get my courses for $10 as a Youtube
subscriber so you don’t have to pay 20 you obviously don’t pay 200 but that’s
obviously a drawback of you to me you benefit from the potential reach that
you have because they have about 15 million users using the platform or as
teachable does not you have to do all your own marketing on teachable but you
can charge a lot more so let’s say you have following already on YouTube you
have a following on Instagram and you think that you can market your own
course as well then teachables probably for you but if you don’t have a
following maybe you want to piggyback off udemy’s
following and there 15 million student base and hop on udemy so it depends on
what your what your goals are where you’re starting from it depends on a lot
of different factors I’m just here to outline the benefits and the drawbacks
of each platform for you so you can make an educated decision on which one you
want to start on now if you’re starting on teachable I would stay stick the
teachable and promote it on teachable if you’re starting a you to me don’t use
teachable because if you if you’re charging $10 or $20 or $200 on udemy and
you’re also charging you know $400 on on teachable for a course and students find
that out they’re not gonna like that so you gotta you should pick one or the
other you know high price points or lower price points and then stick to
that so teachable is great but like I said you do have to market your own
courses now the next one obviously outside udemy
is skill sharing I think skill shares a phenomenal business model in a
phenomenal place to get your courses on slightly different than you to me in a
little bit in a couple ways now there aren’t as many students on on any of the
other the other platforms udemy has about 15 million like I said but some of
the other platforms do boast high student basis to just not that high so
skill here is great because it’s slightly different you don’t charge by
the course as you would on teachable or udemy but you you basically you put your
courses up here for free and whoever pays for the the Skillshare premium
service which is $9.99 a month gets to use any of the courses for free so if
you sign up for steal share for $9.99 a month you can literally access any
course for free and whoever accesses your course and
uses it you get paid by the minute so it’s slightly different on on Skillshare
because on udemy you get paid by the course and the sale of that course just
like you would on teachable like I said whereas Skillshare you don’t get paid
you don’t charge for this the specific course you get paid a minute share
depending on how many people watch your your your course so if you know and I
think it’s a it’s a the share works somewhat like I think it’s if you’re in
a certain percentile you get a certain percentile of their earnings for that
month so Skillshare earns you know say they have I don’t let’s just run numbers
here just specifically let’s say they have about 30,000 active users and they
all pay a month whatever that is you would earn
a certain percentage of it so actually let’s pull the calculator out really
fast we’re gonna run some numbers here let’s say that they had would I say
thirty thousand users it’s probably a little bit low let’s go let’s go a
hundred thousand users let’s say they have a hundred thousand users they
charge $9.99 a month that is nine hundred and ninety nine dollars nine
hundred ninety nine thousand dollars every month that Skillshare generates no
I think that they keep a certain percentage of that obviously for their
marketing and for to pay their their you know their their salaries and stuff like
that so let’s just divide that by two by two just we’ll just take half off the
top so that leaves us with forty nine four four hundred ninety nine thousand
five hundred dollars to pay out to their their instructors now let’s say that
there’s roughly ten thousand instructors on udemy or I’m sorry on Skillshare but
they all don’t get paid out an equal share so that the people that that have
the most minutes watch these people most likely you see that they have about four
forty eight thousand students here thirty thousand students here depending
on how many minutes they’ve gotten per they’ve allocated throughout the month
is what percentile and what tier they’ll get paid at so these people are probably
earning the most if you only have about three hundred minutes you’re gonna get
paid one of the least I only use Skillshare for about a month because
they keep kicking me off the platform which is something it annoys the hell
out of me but I’m gonna keep trying and I’m going to keep uploading my courses
and eventually it will work they the first time I got kicked off and
be careful with this read their Terms of Service first if you’re gonna upload the
Skillshare not because of anything that what happened just because it’s annoying
to upload all your courses start building a student base and then get
kicked off so they kicked me off the first time because I started uploading
monitor and monetary courses because a lot of the stuff that I do is ecommerce
and you know passive income online but you know I didn’t read their Terms of
Service I didn’t know that so that you know I didn’t I uploaded much courses
that work into the Terms of Service fine okay so I didn’t upload then the second
time they kicked me again for some reason then upload them the third time
they kicked me again for some reason I’ve been slowly honing down I thought I
had it last time but they kicked me again so I’m gonna keep doing it
eventually I’ll cracked the code and I will not get kicked off and I will stay
there and they’ll start building my following
until then obviously I’m mostly on udemy so Skillshare is a great platform even
though they kicked me off in an annoys the hell out of me
you know I’m honest with you I’m transparent with you guys this is a
great platform if you’re looking to get paid you know upload your content to
Skillshare just make sure you read the Terms of Service and you’re not you know
obviously uploading any content that goes against their Terms of Service
so Skillshare is a great one it just pays you slightly differently two more
that I will go into really fast that I don’t know that much about I just
recently applied to Pluralsight and they accepted me so I’m going to be uploading
courses to Pluralsight it’s apparently a really great platform we’re just never
checked it out personally before but I will start getting my content on this
lookout for a video and a review on this in the future as I kind of get more
familiar with it but there’s no reason that if you’re not doing teachable and
you’re doing udemy Skillshare and other ones there’s no reason that you can’t
upload all your content to all of these and then mark it and then you know reap
the benefits of all of them they’re just all slightly different and you have to
understand that so Pluralsight is a great one like I
said keep an eye out for a video coming soon about that and Linda’s also a great
one too and I applied the window about a month ago and they never got back to me
but I’ve heard that it’s a little bit more rigorous and what they accept so
not necessarily what you bring what you bring to the table or something like
that but you know what courses you’re willing to upload because they’re only
looking for specific courses so I will probably apply again if I don’t hear
back to them from them within a couple other week or two and we’ll see that
we’ll try to crack that code I’ve taken courses on Lynda before you know as a
student so I know it’s great but I haven’t cracked it as a instructor yet
so like I said obviously the main ones the top five in my opinion are you to me
Skillshare teachable Linda and Pluralsight now it probably goes this if
I had to rank them I’d go you to me then I’d go Skillshare then I go teachable
then I’d go Pluralsight and then I go Linda for opportunities now this is as a
seller not rating their experience as a learner or a student but if you’re
looking to make money through the monetization of your knowledge and your
courses it goes in that that order so I just want to kind of answer that
question I try to keep it brief but obviously we got a little bit longer
here it’s about 11 minutes of video here as we’re going
but I wanted to really talk about it in depth because I get this question a lot
I make a lot of money doing a lot of different things but one of the best
business models in my opinion is passive income business models and this is
passive in the sense that you only need to invest your initial time initially to
build your course and then once you get it it pretty much sits there and earns
for you for the rest of your life now I’m gonna go into that in depth because
I have an entire course on this like I said that will be linked in the
description for you below so check that out but I wanted to answer that question
cuz I get it a lot so if you guys liked the video and you like the tips in the
video and you want to learn more about this let me know in the comments below
I’m always looking for feedback on you know what you’re looking for and what
you like and and certain things that you’re interested in and want to learn
because I want to teach that’s my genuine Pat that’s my genuine passion so
if you like it obviously like the video comment and subscribe it helps the
channel grow a lot guys and I really appreciate it and I will see you in the
next one

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