April 4, 2020
The BEST PLATFORM for your content | W&G

The BEST PLATFORM for your content | W&G

Hey everyone, it is Matt Williams from Williams
and Grey and welcome to this episode of brandYOU. In this episode we are going
to look at what is the best platform for you and your content. Hey everyone and
welcome to today’s video. So, question we get asked all the time by our clients
what is the best platform for me? What’s the best platform for you to kind of get
your content out onto and for you to start building an audience on. Now there are a
few conventions with this but actually do you know what? I would say in terms of
us being Digital Growth Hackers, I would throw that convention to the wind
personally, places where people have told us that we wouldn’t be able to grow an
audience or kind of even grow an audience where we could convert people and make
sales to actually just haven’t turned out to be true. So the conventions you
know we are in a place where if you’re in a creative, primarily creative, led
industry places like Instagram, Pinterest which is one that people don’t seem to
be leveraging very much in terms of platform disposition, you know, people
don’t really think about Pinterest as somewhere to go but actually it’s an
incredibly powerful search engine, it’s an incredibly powerful marketing
platform if you get your marketing right. It’s not about selling on this platform,
it’s about building brand awareness, building brand equity, making people
aware of who you are the products, and services you provide and actually how
you can create a solution to their problem. So Pinterest is one of those, you
know, Instagram is the one that everyone goes to but you know what there’s so
much noise on Instagram there’s so much competition on Instagram then actually
yes by all means it’s somewhere where you need to build a following BUT
Pinterest alongside Instagram may be the place for you. Now, everybody really
should have a Facebook profile – a Facebook business page as a bare
minimum so that people can get in touch with you, they can interact with you, and
one of the other great things about Facebook is that not only does it allow
us now to upload video and images, have polls and all this sort of thing, it
allows interactivity with other people but also it has a greater authority
score with Google and means that you will be indexed fairly quickly so
anything that you put on there that you make publicly available will get indexed
fairly quickly, it means you’ll be able to get found, and that whole known, liked, and trusted to become known by joining that platform and getting yourself out
there is really important. Outside of that I would say
business-to-business, LinkedIn is probably THE number one place for
business-to-business to kind of engage if that’s what you do
primarily. It is an incredible platform, an incredible tool, particularly once you
get established on the platform you start to generate some articles on there, you know, if you start to leverage video onto LinkedIn another very powerful kind
of thing that’s gonna stop people scrolling through their feeds, you know,
while they’re on the toilet I think it’s something like 92% of people now go
through these social platforms whilst they’re on the toilet, if you can stop people by
putting a video on the LinkedIn feed particularly with a couple of
little tips on that we’ll discuss these in detail in a future video, but having
subtitles on your LinkedIn videos in particular with a progress bar that
shows along the bottom from start to finish of your video, very simple to
execute, we will bring you a video over the next couple of weeks that shows you
exactly how to perform that – but it stops people scrolling, it’s gonna make people
notice your content, that then is gonna suck them into your ecosystem hopefully
and make them aware of you and and bring them to you.
So that’s LinkedIn, incredible business-to-business tool but I would
say it’s not just about business-to-business on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is also a great place for you to network in general, do some personal
networking and some business networking and as always with this the key behind
it is to provide value. Deliver value up front, give away more value than you
expect to receive from other people, never has this been more true than on
LinkedIn, you know, we’ve all seen it if you’re on LinkedIn, if you join LinkedIn and
you’ll see it definitely, you’ll put a post on or someone will put a post on
and people spam that post with comments about “oooh
this is great! Come and check out our services” NOT the way to do things guys,
as with all of these the best way to interact to people is to go on there and
deliver value, if you see a post that you think is interesting but you’ve got
something else to add then provide a bit of positive feedback. Go in there and say
this is great but have you thought about putting a progress bar across the bottom?
Have you thought about putting subtitles in that will stop people from scrolling
past and make your content stand out even more? You’ve then given a piece of
advice, given some value to that person and hopefully they’re then going to
connect with you they’re gonna get to know, like, and trust you and become part
of your ecosystem. The best one outside of that, the best platform, I would say, is
YouTube. That’s why we’re on YouTube because we believe in the platform, it
allows you to put out your long-form content, it’s a place where people will
go and spend their time. That leads us on to our primary kind of content platform
which is YouTube – at the moment. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in
the world it’s a place where people tend to go for long-form content, for answers
to questions and the beauty, I would say, of YouTube is that you can create your
pillar content and notice there’s a theme relief through all of this we keep
talking about pillar content because it’s so important for us as small
business owners, as entrepreneurs, as startups to grasp this concept of making
one long-form piece of content for us we put that out onto YouTube and then
we break that content down into smaller pieces of content from our Youtube
content to be used all over the internet. YouTube’s one of those places now, you
know, it’s kind of taken over from television. People are watching more of
YouTube than they are of traditional television now, people are going to
YouTube as a platform where they’re starting to get to know people, they’re
starting to engage with those authoritative people, those
experts and I hate using that word but ultimately that’s what it’s all about
and it really is a great place for you to start to grow your personal brand
and to start to develop that authority and to own the first page of Google
searches, so if you have enough YouTube videos out there that people are
starting to like, people are starting to watch then it really is one of those
places where people will get to know, like, and trust you then they’ll come
across to your website, they’ll get into your ecosystem and at some point they
will buy something from you. That is what it is all about ultimately. So YouTube is
an incredible platform for getting your long-form content out there. It’s the
place I would say that you need to be if you’re going to be anywhere but as we
appreciate not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. That’s something
that you’re gonna have to work on, it’s something that you’re gonna have to
practice, it’s something you’re gonna have to get used to if you want to grow a personal
brand which is going to change your life, it’s gonna transform your business, and
really take you to the next level. There are lots of other platforms as well out
there, we see things coming and going all the time. Snapchat shouldn’t be
underestimated even for those people who think that their audience is
too old, they aren’t suitable for snapchat,
Snapchat is one of those places where if you’re not on snapchat you’re not
accessing seventy odd percent of the demographic of the world if you like so
an incredible marketing tool. As is at the moment, if you’re watching this as it
goes live, platforms like Tik Tok certainly worth experimenting with, go on
and look at the kind of content that’s out there and start to think cleverly
about how you could use it to build your personal brand, how you could use that to
get yourself in front of more people who yes might not necessarily potentially be
your target market at the moment but at least you can start to build a culture,
you can start to build a following, you can start to get people to be aware of
who you are and the services that you deliver. So, there we go, a quick wrap-up
really of the main platforms, which one’s kind of work for which demographics,
which ones work for which psychographics. We’ll dive into these more on an
individual basis as we kind of move forwards throughout the channel but
a bit of an overview to get you thinking about things one of the ones that we see
a lot of people shy away from is LinkedIn. Get yourself on LinkedIn straight away! Start to build a network of people who
are at least in your industry. If not go on LinkedIn, find
myself and the team here you know you can follow what we do and I’m not saying
go and copy what we’re doing but you can certainly start to use what we’re doing
as a model, as a blueprint to get yourself out there to start to build
your personal brand each day, just start making content, getting yourself out
there, start learning about it if nothing else even if you’re not ready to
implement yet so that ultimately when you are ready to go you can build it
really quickly and explode onto the scene. I hope that was useful, if you have
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got comment all of the time. I’ve been Matt Williams, now get out
there and brand yourself.

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