April 6, 2020
The Best Business Laptop?

The Best Business Laptop?

What’sup guys Matthew Moniz here and welcome
to my review of the Lenovo X1 Carbon. This is the 2018 model and in terms of design
nothing has really changed from last year. But the internals have been updated and a
few other things have been improved to make this business laptop even better. The best thing about Lenovo X1 thinkpads that
they’re made of carbon magnesium so making this product extremely light and also very
great to touch. The material doesn’t feel like metal it actually
feels more like rubber. But it is very comfortable to use especially
when you have your wrists on the deck. This also goes through a bunch of tests the
MIL-STD-810G test. This is a military test that the US uses to
test things like shock, absorption, drop tests, altitude a bunch of stuff, so in terms of
day-to-day use this thing is going to take a lot more of a beating than a regular consumer
business laptop like the Dell XPS 13. In fact, it’s actually even lighter than the
Dell XPS 13 at 2.5 lbs. It’s a little bit thicker! But it’s definitely lighter. When it comes to ports Lenovo did a fantastic
job of including all the ports you need in a business environment. You got 2 USB type-c thunderbolt 3 ports with
4 PCIe lanes, so you can hook up an external GPU, you can hook up a 4k monitor and you
can also power the laptop. You also have proprietary port for an RJ45
cable. So if you want to wire it to the network you
have that option as well. There’s a USB 3.0 port, a full size HDMI port
and on the right side you have another USB 3.0 port, a kensington lock and an audio jack. Plus, if you need extra storage, you have
a microsd card slot that also combos with a sim slot. So you can pop in your sim card in here and
use data while you’re on the go without having to connect to WIFI. Getting inside is super easy, 5 screws and
you’re in. Everything inside of here is not upgradeable
or replaceable except for the NVME SSD. The one in here is 256 GB and is super fast
and does a good job with read and write speeds. There’s a big battery but I don’t like the
fact that there’s only one fan. On the i7 model, I think you need two still
and especially with a thunderbolt 3 port and you’re game on it or lets say you’re going
to run intensive applications for a very long time. I’ll talk to you guys about heat management
later on in the video. The display is one area that Lenovo has improved
a lot. I didn’t review the 2017 model but I did review
the 2016 version back then my biggest complaint was the screen didn’t get bright enough. This year that’s all been solved it gets really
bright 302 nits of brightness so it’s good. Colours are very vibrant, they’re punchy and
the screen is very colour accurate. Getting over 100% SRGB and 78% ARGB. If you don’t want a Full HD model. The 1920 x 1080 version that I have here. They do have a QHD version and also a QHD
version with HDR. I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve heard it
looks fantastic. Another cool thing is that this display rotates
180 degrees, which is a lot more than most traditional clamshell laptops. Lenovo has also including a thing call the
ThinkShutter, which is kind of clever! Insteasd of putting a piece of tape over your
webcam to protect yourself from potential intrusions. This just has a little shutter that goes back
and forth to keep the webcam closed so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Speaking of webcams, this one is HD like the
majority of Ultrabooks on the market. It also looks pretty similar to other webcams
on most Ultrabooks. In fact, if you want the best web cam you’re
going to have to look at the Surface Book 2. That one does a really good job. But this is fine for streaming, the microphone
sounds like this and if you’re a business person you’ll be more than happy for your
conference calls. Sound is definitely one of the weaker points
of this laptop. There’s two speakers on the bottom they get
pretty loud but they sound distorted at max volume and they sound tinny overall. You’re definitely going to want to carry a
pair of headphones with you. But inside is a bunch of far-field microphones,
so you can yell to it across the room, use Cortana and the laptop is going to answer
you. Also, very very soon Lenovo is going to push
out an update enabling Alexa on this. So if you like Amazon and you like Alexa this
thing is going to be able to do it. Now when it comes to keyboard the Lenovo X1
has one of my favourite keyboards on an Ultrabook. I take this keyboard over the majority of
Ultrabook keyboards any day of the week. 1.8 mm of travel distance over 2mm of actuation
force. Hands down one of best and most comfortable
typing experience you can get on an Ultrabook. I also like the trackpad. It’s very accurate this year. My only complaints about it is the size because
there is a trackpoint ball with buttons on top of the trackpad some of that real estate
is lost. Now for those of you out there that use the
trackpoint. I know how important it is. I used to use the trackpoint all the time. You can be so much more precise with it than
you can with the actual trackpad. So I’m glad Lenovo is keeping those on their
keyboards. There’s also 3 levels of back lighting, the
arrow keys are a good size and overall the typing experience is amazing. The review unit that I have here is using
the i7-8550U processor. So that’s the 8th gen Intel Kaby Lake-R refresh. You get two more cores and a lower TDP compared
to last years model. So basically in day-to-day stuff like browsing
the web, using productivity applications like Microsoft and Google Docs. You’re not going to notice that much of a
speed difference. It’s not until you start doing more demanding
things that can utilize those 4-cores like editing in photoshop, edit 4K video if you
have an external GPU connected. That’s when you’ll see those 4-cores come
into play and offer about 40-50 percent speed increase. You can also game on this thing at very very
low settings. So you can play Overwatch on it, Fortnite,
CSGO, you just got to drop settings very low. In terms of heat, this laptop did not do well. I was getting surface temperatures of 50 degrees
celsius comparable ultrabooks using the exact same CPU would only get up to about 40-43
degrees celsius. Also, during my stress test after about 20-25
minutes the laptop would thermal throttle and completely shutdown. CPU temps would hit about 80 degrees celsius
which is also about 15 degrees more than other comparable ultrabooks. Noise is really good I’m getting about 33
decibels when it’s idle and about 35-38 decibels when it’s under full load. So here’s my closing thoughts. The 2018 Lenovo X1 Carbon is still a great
business ultrabook. It has a beautiful screen. It has all the ports you need for a business
environment. One of the best keyboards you can get on an
ultrabook, a good touchpad, it has great security features and of course microsd and sim slot
if you need to be on the road and have some extra storage space. The only thing I don’t like about it is the
sound quality, so you’re going to want to carry some headphones and the overheating. Now the overheating is not a big deal for
most people. People who use this laptop just to browse
the net, stay connected, do presentations. I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s just for the few out there who hook up
an external GPU, maybe want to edit video on this or game for a long period of time. Than I would be a little bit worried. So that pretty much wraps up my review of
the X1 Carbon 2018. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. If you have enjoyed this video feel free to
hit the like button, if you’re new to the channel subscribe and I’ll talk to you in
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100 thoughts on “The Best Business Laptop?

  1. Hi Mathew, i need your advice, i have OMEN Laptop – 17-an053nr and i want to use a 144hz 1ms external display, would it work? Would i get the the 144hz 1ms if plugged in the mini dp?

  2. I like X1 Carbon, but why the HELL they placed the cooling exhaust in such an awkward location in this model too?! If you a right-handed person (the absolute majority of the population – studies suggest, that as much as 70–95% are right-handed) and you are using a mouse with it – the exhaust blows hot air at your right hand all the time, this is maybe not to bad, when it it cold, but when it is warm to hot, it's very unpleasant and makes you take an unnatural hand placement.

  3. Can't believe it. you're the only one who mentioned the overheating issue that I'm experiencing, which offsets all the good things this laptop has.

  4. To all people talking about Lenovo spying on you and being alarmed of the Chinese: Lenovo didn't spy on anybody and the data never left the US, it was a third-party company called Superfish located in Palo Alto to scrap browsing habits for ad purposes (so basically Americans spying Americans to sell them stuff). The computers affected were part of the consumer (cheap) line (Yoga, Miix, Flex, etc) not the business ones (ThinkPad).

    I'm not saying it wasn't a terrible mistake, a disastrous situation even and Lenovo was indeed very negligent but it's not like they were spying for the Chinese government like some people might think and it that software didn't enter most business environments, if anything Superfish (again, American company in American soil) must be fined to obliteration. Lenovo has been fined already, I don't know about Superfish.

  5. Great review but there is no need for gaming when working! MS Office, Chrome and watching videos for information are the basics. Of course email, printing, etc. This seems to be a fine work laptop!

  6. I want this machine but nervous about fan noise and sound. I noticed on my past Lenovo that tinny sound goes away when you shut off sound effects and then sound is clear and good. Is that true with this machine? Mobile Tech Review talks about fan coming on often and audibly, have you found this to be true just creating docs, watching movies and YouTube? Thanks in advance for your response.

  7. I bought one of these and I love it. Thin, light, feels so solidly built. It has the best keyboard and the best screen if you get the hdr. Only thing I dislike is the fingerprint reader it's kind of ass.

  8. I love Lenovo! Their ThinkPad range is iconic! I this thing had a gtx 1050 or 1050ti and better cooling, it would be the perfect all rounder.

  9. Great review Matthew, and beautifully shot! Been using IBM/Lenovo since the '90's. Built like a tank and bulletproof. That 2018 X1 is a beautiful notebook. My only problem is that my main business notebook is a 6 year old Lenovo Thinkpad T430s with 16gb/256 SSD.

    It still flies and does everything I need it to do, including Lightroom. I'm not a PC gamer (console here!) so that's not an issue.

    My take-along notebook is a mid-2013 MacBook Air 11.6", bought used for $375. It does the job for what I need on the road.

  10. You didn't say the screen size or the panel type. This is the first video I watched on the product and I would have appreciated these key details.

  11. That's awesome I will get getting Alexa on this baby. Since I'm basically glued to my workstation that's a great fit for me.

  12. hi, Mathew i need your suggestions regarding the best laptop for students, with 8GB RAM, under $650. No need for dedicated GPU. I'll be waiting

  13. I am truly appreciate what Lenovo have done on the 6th ThinkPad X1 carbon. The 2018 X1 carbon is definitely one of the best business laptop on the market.

  14. 8 GB soldered to the motherboard? It's so 2017. Sure it performs most of the tasks smoothly but hooking up an external GPU for gaming at 8GB RAM…..For 2018 sure but not afterwards.

  15. I have been using X1 carbon 5th for a year. Now I'm in market for 15inch laptop that is portable. I want this to be ThinkPad as well due to such good experience with current one. So it will be either T580 or P52s. I don't know which one would be better. P52s is slightly considered to be cheaper since it comes with dGPU while dGPU is an option for T580.

  16. Awesome review! I just ordered my x1 Carbon. One question though: Did you have thermal issues, fan always on, etc. when plugged into the charger? I heard this is not an issue when using the battery. However, other people have complained that the fan is constantly running when plugged in to charger. Did you get this similar problem?

  17. Thank you Matthew I should listen to you next time. Here’s what happened I bought this laptop in April 17 and after I receive it ; everything was amazing I mean the design the keyboards was great. However, when I started browsing on Google Chrome or updating my windows the fan go very loud and the temperature reaches 95° which is unacceptable. Finally, I decide to return the device today and I called Lenovo to process the refund.

    So be careful throttling is a serious issue on this device !!

  18. ThinkPad design is just outdated, what's spacial in that one?. I don't think this is the right choice in 2018 in the age of HP spectre, zenbook 3, Yoga 920, dell XPS, LG gram and many other predetors! 😒

  19. I recommend you ((personally)) and everyone to buy the MacBook Pro 2017 base model 😊 : As the system of this company in it’s products ((scientifically)) worths the extra amount of money it adds ((unlike other companies)) and is characterized by having the best quality , safety and keeping abreast to all fields of life ((unlike other companies which concentrate on one side and neglect the other sides)) ((That is the scientific proof for me)) 😊😊😊

  20. I find it strange if someone who wants to game heavily on a laptop would buy this one. I mean it's an ultrabook man not an msi overpowered gaming laptop.

  21. Do you know who makes the 256GB SSD? I'm currently waiting on mine to arrive and wondering if it'll have a Samsung drive like the larger drives.

  22. Not enough business specific highlights made about this laptop, webcam for conference calling not enough.

  23. in India I can provide this laptop at
    Contact:- 7972988649

  24. Hello Matthew, what would you do? Would you recommend getting the i7-8650 for the X1 Carbon 6th gen? Concerned about thermals and throlling. Was thinking about undervolting it and using higher grade thermal paste. What would you do?

  25. I think the trackpoint was useful back then because it was an era when trackpad is godlike awful, with today's glass and macbook like trackpad, i don't think we need one of those anymore

  26. The review great! But you showed that the laptop is not worth its price and there are better ultrabooks. The only advantage of the laptop is the materials used for the case and additional connectivity ports.

  27. just do't buy the Lenovo OLED Screen, mine last 13 months. And It will cost $600 to replace it. LENOVO didn't cove it with the warranty, because It is over 12 months. I paid almost US $2,500.00 for this Laptop.

  28. Excellent review. I love mine. Got it at Costco. Runs like a work horse which is what I expected. I had a surface pro 3 and honestly hated it after 6 months. Got hot all the time and the stand just sucked. Going from that to this is like night and day. I am self employed and needed a machine I can rely on…this has not let me down after 4 months of intense business use. Even editing videos with camtasia has been remarkable. Very happy.

  29. What laptop should I buy for graphic design, 3d design, photo editing? I need a laptop that can handle proffesional artistic creation.

  30. x1 piqued my interest but when you mentioned about the overheating issue, i was kinda put off. Perhaps i would survey for other similar ultrabooks such as the dell xps 13. great review video by the way

  31. The fact that it gets hot the hot air get out on the right side of the laptop is a real deal breaker for me, because I often use an external mouse 😄.

  32. The lid can’t fully closed, extreme heat when charging, the rubber coating came off fast, that’s the best business laptop

  33. You can not use LTE on this model. The one you have is missing the LTE modem just like most versions of this laptop.

  34. I used to game on a laptop. It would get so hot my finger tips would fry.. Its a phobia now,if it gets over heaten its a big no from me. Will check the dell

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