April 4, 2020
The benefits of PPC ad localisation

The benefits of PPC ad localisation

You want to run a PPC campaign in a new language. So, you might consider ad translation as a quick and easy way to get your ads live. But that will produce low quality ads that might not be relevant for your target market, yet you don’t necessarily have the time or
budget to create them all from scratch, and in some cases that might not even always be necessary. This is where ad localisation can help. It’s the perfect middle ground between translation and creation. With ad localisation, one of our native specialists can take your English ad and localise it for your target market. This involves changing the language and also making sure that the messaging, tone and style are all adapted for the target market’s local culture in order for it to be as appealing and effective as possible. It will also take into account elements like calls-to-action which aren’t always the same across markets. By using a native specialist to localise your existing English ads, the process ensures higher quality and cultural relevance than a straight translation, and is faster and cheaper than creating ads from scratch. The result is a batch of localised ads suitable and adapted for your target audience and they should perform better and result in higher click-through rates and conversions. We always want to help clients reach their international audiences more effectively, so if you’re looking for someone to help localise your next PPC campaign, then why not let us help!

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