April 5, 2020
The Art of Startup Finance: Introduction

The Art of Startup Finance: Introduction

Kauffman Founders School, Bill Reichert, The
Art of Startup Finance, Intro, 10/29/2014>>I spent most of my career as an entrepreneur
in Silicon Valley starting up a series of software companies. Then in 1998 I got together
with a few friends and we started Garage Technology Ventures. Garage is a seed‑stage and early‑stage
venture capital firm. We’ve invested in over 150 companies over the years. As a result,
I have met with thousands of entrepreneurs. And I’ve learned a lot over the years about
what it takes to build a successful high‑tech company. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs
put together their financial projections, run their financial reports, and realize that
entrepreneurs could sometimes use some help with startup finance. I’m Bill Reichert and
I startup startups. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be
more than just a visionary. You’ve got to be more than just a product guy. You’ve got
to be a business person. And being a business person means that you pay attention to finance.
That’s what’s going to make the difference to your investors and ultimately change your
life for the better. You need to understand the underlying financial flows of your business.
That’s key to your understanding of how to manage your business. So what we’re going
to do in this series is give you the tools of startup finance to help you manage and
build your company.

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