February 20, 2020
The 9 Essential Steps to Using Video for Sales Growth

The 9 Essential Steps to Using Video for Sales Growth

sale 50% off site-wide hey I’m Ruben
from Dubb, the video sharing platform for business since we started we have helped
thousands of people in sales marketing and other fields communicate ideas more
effectively with video we have also used video to drive our own growth along the
way we have discovered 9 essential tips and tricks for using video to drive
sales these tips will help you boost sales hit aggressive growth goals and do
so all with a limited budget first it was this shriek then it was the paper
then it was online now video was just content that people need met step 1 make
it personal connection with your prospects making a personal connection
with your prospects can sound like a daunting task it’s important to make
videos that speak to the gatekeepers decision-makers and evangelists start by
creating webcam videos of yourself to let people get to know you on a personal
level address their pain points and their goals and show that you can relate
always followup with actionable solutions provide value from the
beginning and do not be too aggressive that turns people off when I connect
with someone on the phone they’ve already opened a couple of emails from
me wow that’s actually you um I’ve seen this a couple years ideo Xand so I feel
like I know you already it’s like me being in a thousand different places at
once making introductions time actually do connect with them that leads already
warmed up and have this impression of me is like this kind of celebrity builds
you up as your own brand that’s the power of video step 2
know your competition what are your competitions offerings how do they
compete a complete understanding of the competitive landscape can help guide the
videos that you create it’s effective to share screen recordings to show the
value of your product or service that being said don’t be too focused on
beating the competition on features and price it’s always better to show value
based on commitment and customer service proving with words and actions how much
you actually value the client don’t want to get into that field where you’re
doing this head-to-head comparison feature by feature when you do it get
hit with a question from someone they’re like well did you
that your competitor does this knowledgeable of your competition and
your answers really quick comes right out here like yeah thank you God but you
know we do this step3 communicate your value proposition clearly video is a
powerful communication tool but long-winded videos can cause disinterest
and boredom boost engagement by spending the time to refine your value
proposition with a focus on maximizing clarity growth process what is the
biggest mistake that they can make they don’t know how to talk about their
product I guess mistakes you haven’t a great product and you have a great team
and you don’t have to distill it develop the product but you’re not developing
the brand narrative use multiple videos to test different variations and get
feedback from colleagues and friends instead of reading a long list of
features speak from your heart and communicate the top level benefits it
didn’t having a kind of clear concise value profits it’s really beneficial
when you have a little bit more personalization so if you’re able to
kind of tailor your value prop based on the conversation you’ve had with someone
that’s really gonna have I think the highest chance of connecting with them
and they’re gonna feel like ok you speaking directly to me step 4 the gold
is found in the follow-up send different types of videos on specific channels to
followup with previous communication don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a
response from your first follow-up persistence on all channels will set you
apart so I was talking this business owners this guy must like him on
LinkedIn reached out to him with a video he’s
like yeah no you know I’m not interested but then he opened his email and there
was another video from the same guy with a different message and it just kind of
blew him away he’s like wow this guy’s on all channels with video I know who he
is now I know what he looks like invested into both that guy’s product
and are look don’t be afraid to prospect on all channel make sure you always
bring value to the prospect do your research and connect with them on a
personal level video follow-ups are great for a one-to-one basis but here’s
a more nuanced strategy for b2b if you haven’t heard from an important lead
that you connected with on email create a general video on LinkedIn and mention
them in the comments this creates an opt-in environment where your contact
then makes the decision to pick up the conversation and if they don’t respond
to you at least you have an asset on LinkedIn that other people can see step
5 scale face to face connections it’s not
always easy to meet people face to face if you can meet in person then let them
see your lifestyle by publishing videos to your purse
channels that document your life in an accessible way make videos of you with
your team members family at work and doing real life stuff this allows people
to connect with you on a personal level not a buyer to seller level that
personal connection leads to sales and word-of-mouth marketing for your
business step 6 create social content that gets
people’s attention make sure to cultivate a broader
audience building an audience creates opportunities for the acquisition and
nurturing of prospects – conversions tutorial videos can show that you are
knowledgeable and that you’re not afraid to share your insights it’s helpful to
position yourself as a consultant a guide and advocate become a teacher as
much as possible show them what is changing in their industry and share
emerging and established best practices step 7 provides social proof sharing
video testimonials is a proven method of increasing conversions video creates a
human connection that texts testimonials cannot provide when your audience
watches a video that showcases users who have succeeded with the help of your
solution that builds trust intrigue and fear of missing out use dubs reply with
video feature to easily gather video testimonials with dub it’s easy to
enable video replies directly from a video landing page your recipients don’t
even need to install anything one-click and they can record a video testimonial
directly from their webcam or phone professionally produced testimonials are
nice to have but they don’t always feel as personal start with testimonials your
clients can record themselves this creates an authentic context which
creates an emotional impact social proof could come in main forms it could be
some oils it could be used cases it could be trust badges it could just be
simply people using your product or service figure out ways to capture that
proof in video format and let other people see it the results will be
staggering step 8 close deals once they have committed to
trying out your product or service create a clear path to the finish line
create a video that confidently asks them to close the deal rely on videos
early and your funnel to build up those relationships that’s before the deals
closed there’s another really valuable offer video have a great conversation
with someone recap that in a video and send it to them because then they can
share that with the ultimate decision makers anyone else who might have some
input on that decision when creating your bottom of funnel videos don’t be
afraid to go for the ask be mindful of people’s time make your videos concise
and easily digestible boost conversions by adding a call-to-action to your video
landing page this will allow prospects to fill out a form pay online or even
sign a contract step 9 make your clients evangelists once you have seen lift to
your sales from using video your process is still not complete get your users to
create videos using your product and encourage them to share those videos on
social media your best marketers are your clients get them to fall in love
with your product fall in love with you and evangelize its value that you
provide to other people make your clients evangelists by offering
incentives for them to share videos on how they get value from your offerings
this builds a network of people who are passionate about your product and are
willing to share their experiences with the world I hope you can use these tips
to use video to boost your sales and build excitement around you and your
brand and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels to get more videos like
this one and if you can understand why the
psychology of why they buy you can predict when and spell by so I’m here
with Jessie who’s a very accomplished writer and professor writing as well let
you do your own intro no that’s perfect for sales people who are marketers were
branching builders I mean what isn’t just actionable tips that you can
provide to us and we can start doing today without spending a lot of money
yeah absolutely you need updates in daily updates of something new this
product that I have something new is coming something new has happened and
that new thing doesn’t have to be a whole new hardware or software program
it’s just a small thing we’ve added a different color we brought one person
onto the team that is an expert in this so just showing that you care enough to
not be stagnant you’re not trying to be static because you know that your
customers aren’t stagnant how do we incorporate the human touch so rather
making a video for your brand and just putting slogans and just putting like a
bunch of words and pictures and facts yeah that’s helpful but if you can even
just have one person saying those things that wouldn’t touch is really going to
up the human factor which is really gonna play in the psychology of making
sales plain to the ego what what do you mean by that playing to the ego playing
to the ego is when you are trying to get a customer you should be trying to play
to their ego so somehow you’re making them feel like they’re keeping a promise
where they are helping the world or they’re donating the charity so what
they are buying is somehow also making them feel good as a person so it’s not
just the emotional connection to what they want personally but it’s a greater
emotional something outside of themselves that
makes them feel like they could say to another person well when I bought these
shoes they donated another pair of shoes to somebody else
ego has this connotation of being this like arrogant bad thing but the truth is
we all need a little affirmation from time to time that it’s not just about us
it’s about other people so when we buy something we like to feel that we are
helping someone else by doing that scarcity the scarcity principle as I’m
sure you know as a marketer is the idea that the more limited edition or
exclusive something is the more people will feel compelled to buy it because
they think it’s a scarce resource yes you’re aware of the tragedy of the
Commons I’ve read that before yeah so the
tragedy of the Commons is mostly an economics term but is also
sustainability term er it applies to everything in life is the idea that
let’s say we have two cows and we have three families living in one community
first time he goes in and say oh I got to think of my family I can’t think of
these others so they take one cow for themselves
rather than working together there was a fear of the scarcity of the resource and
so they took it for themselves and not thinking about how it would impact
others so that’s a tragedy of the Commons but scarcity principle plays
into that this fear that something is scarce so you grab it before it can go
away so if you can somehow make your product seem a limited edition exclusive
or scarce there’s only one left of these hurry before it runs out the chances of
somebody yeah there’s a lot of integration by ecommerce experiences
where they show that limits of problem-solving so you got a show that
you understand their pain point you don’t just say I understand your pain
you literally show this what’s wrong right – step 1 step 2 step
3 I fully understand what’s the problem what problem exactly are you trying to
acknowledge and address lay that out show them food I know how frustrating it
was when you couldn’t do this on your phone it sucked when you didn’t have
emoji show how frustrating was for you and then show exactly how you fix that
because again that’s gonna make them feel like you understood me I can trust
you so be a problem solver sometimes companies will only point out the
problem so Oh this was missing and this was a problem
by our product but they don’t say exactly how their product will fix the
problem so that’s usually the missing connection good you talking about
scarcity we talk about human touch you talk about problem solving being honest
I know there was a lot but there’s so much behind what makes someone decide to
buy and if you can understand why the psychology why they buy you can predict
when and if they’ll buy so using video for sales is actually
really easy all you have to do is get one of these cameras and put some film
in it and just hit record

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