April 8, 2020
The 5 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Install Right Now!

The 5 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Install Right Now!

If you’ve used WordPress before, you’ll
know about the huge library of plugins that you can use to add functionality to your site
and make things easier to manage and develop. There are plugins that add security, ones
that help you write and design better, and even plugins that make unicorns pop up to
grab your user’s attention! I’m not kidding. Either way, with so many plugins it’s hard
to decide which ones you should be using. So why not let us help you? Here our favourite essential WordPress plugins. Yoast SEO
The first is your fundamental WordPress SEO tool – Yoast SEO. Tried and tested by thousands of users over
the years, Yoast will help you work out what you need to do to optimise your on-page SEO. Metas, readability, backend optimisation and
more, Yoast does just about everything you’ll need to at least get your page ranking somewhere. If you don’t already have Yoast installed,
you need to get on it right now. reSmush.it
Let’s face it; in this day and age, many users have developed a shorter and shorter
attention span and cannot be bothered reading written content. Images are the most efficient and effective
way to communicate with your audience, and it’s no surprise they’re the most dominant
form of content on the internet, right up there with YouTube videos. Memes, infographics, Instagram, Pinterest
and more, the use of images on websites has been growing rapidly. And your website should be no exception. The problem is that if you don’t properly
compress your images your site could become as slow as a lazy Sunday afternoon driver,
which is not something your users want when they’re trying to get somewhere. The more images your site has, the larger
your page becomes, and the longer it will take to load. And the longer your page takes to load the
more chance there is that users will simply leave. Thankfully there are a number of WordPress
plugins you can use to automatically compress the images on your website without losing
quality. Our favourite, reSmush.it, can reduce the
size of your images easily, automatically optimising new images you upload and optimising
all the existing images on your website when you install the plugin. If your website has a lot of images this plugin
is a must, and can make a huge difference to your page load times. W3 Total Cache Another plugin that helps with page optimisation
and speed, W3 Total Cache is designed to optimise your wordpress website’s performance and
reducing loading times. It’s great for improving your SEO just that
little bit more, and making your site’s user experience better. Using W3 Total Cache we’ve seen up to 10x
improvements in site performance. Of course, it can take a lot of tweaking to
get there, but the results are obvious. W3 Total Cache optimises a lot of the technical
aspects of your website to reduce page loading times, like scripts and code. It does a lot of work behind the scenes, and
is great for cleaning if nothing else. String Locator
String Locator is a very handy plugin for those of you with coding knowledge that want
to edit and customise your site’s theme directly, and other technical code sections. If you have been fiddling with your site’s
code to get it looking and working just the way you want it, you need to apply it to the
code itself. Instead of trying to trace back all of the
sources in your browser’s inspector, you can easily search through your themes, plugins
or even WordPress core and be presented with a list of files, the matched text and what
line of the file matched your search. It’s the best way to find which file in
your theme or website is changing what code, and makes it super easy to edit code directly. WP Form
WP Form is a simple drag-and-drop contact form plugin, with included spam protection! With a library of template forms, it takes
minutes to get the perfect contact form tailored for your business to optimise your site for
lead generation. Even better, once someone fills in your form,
you instantly receive a notification with their details so you can convert each and
every lead into a sale. WP Forms is built with performance in mind,
so it won’t slow down your website, and with Mobile-First paramount to modern SEO,
every form created is fully responsive and ready for Desktops, tablets and mobiles! Ensuring that every user can easily contact
you on any device with any questions, queries or enquiries is fundamental for conversions. All of these plugins are super easy to install,
and can be done right from your WordPress dashboard. Each has documentation online about how to
use them, and you can often contact the creators if you need any technical support. While these are all great plugins, there are
a lot of plugins out there and these only just scratch the surface. If you need to accomplish something on your
website, it might be worth checking if there’s a plugin for that. So, get out there and try these on your website
yourself! If you want to see more about WordPress, like
this video and subscribe to our channel! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next

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